Unified Students of Humboldt make some measured progress

ARCATA, CA–The mood in the room was positive last Wednesday, when HSU administrators met with members of Unified Students of Humboldt, the group responsible for the recent residency of the Bolman Forum at HSU.

“These are good conversations we are having. In these meetings with students, we are developing trust, getting to understand the issues, and making forward progress,” said Humboldt State University President Lisa Rossbacher.

Please read the attached document for a resolution of shared agreements reached between HSU administration and Unified Students during their talks. Another meeting is scheduled for early next week.

Interviews will not be given until the conclusion of Spring semester. Please expect a joint statement to be released in early May that will announce further agreements between the parties.


Joint Statement 04.01.2015

Members of the Unified Students of Humboldt and Humboldt State University administration are glad to share the following resolutions with our university community

Items upon which we have closure: Use of the forum

  1. We have resolved that there is a need to reform policies regarding the use of the Forum:
    1. We have agreed to insure priority of use for the indigenous student and community organizations
    2. An additional protocol has been drafted to conduct reviews of any other requests for use of the

Tribal involvement in university education

  1. We have resolved that there is a need to create President’s Native American Advisory
    1. We are in the process of developing guidelines for the formation and goals of the aforementioned
      1. This is to be achieved through extensive consultation with Tribal community and other stakeholders.
    2. We have resolved that there is a need to create a Native American Alumni
      1. This is to be achieved through consultation with Native faculty, staff, and
    3. “Thanksgiving Break” is to be changed to “Fall Break” on all academic calendars and documents as a statement on the importance of cultural sensitivity in the
    4. The administration has invited students to create and submit proposals regarding policies of Free Speech on



All parties present at today’s mediation feel it imperative to express our satisfaction with both the climate and the productivity during and surrounding these meetings. These meetings have served as a venue to participate in very important dialogues which have been previously neglected. We look forward to continuing positive collaboration between students, administration, faculty, and staff. We hope this sets precedent for more transparency as well as student success and self-­‐determination.



Media contact:

Humboldt State University: 707-826-3390

Unified Students of Humboldt: 707-440-9310, www.facebook.com/unitedstudentsofhumboldt



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