From Tommy McClain’s Mom and Dad on his birthday

purple tommy IMG_40232489335493

Tommy was an amazing and unique person.

Growing up Tommy was always being silly. He was adventurous. Played sports in school. He was a typical boy. Loved to play hot wheels, ride his bike, swim, skateboard, play video games, hang out with his friends.

He started drawing when he was young. He drew whatever came to mind, cars, aliens, flowers, monsters, whatever, and drew them with talent. He used to attend Sierra Art Trails with his grandpa every year. I have home-made cards he made for me, from his heart. Family was very important to him. He was always honest and up front with me. As a parent, I may not have always liked what he had to tell me, but I knew I could always count on him to tell me the truth. If he was the one who accidently broke the toy, he confessed.

In middle school he wrote a life skills paper, put a lot of effort into it. He was given a profession and had to build his “life” around it. He was given auto mechanic.

He wrote the typical, wife, kids, animals but he chose to live in Iowa. Lush, green, and full of farmland. To me he wasn’t far off from that choice, moving to Humboldt. He loved nature. The mountains, trees, the greenery. He wanted to make Northern California, Oregon, or Washington his home. He told me he would, set his mind to it, and he was on his way into adulthood making a life for himself in Eureka.

There’s a saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The saying fits Tommy. He was shy but outspoken. I heard someone say because he grew up in Fresno, his favorite color must have been red, when in fact he loved all colors. The brighter, the better. He would ask me to buy him plain t-shirts in all colors, blue, green, yellow, teal, and even purple. For a while we were convinced his favorite color was purple. I used to worry he would get teased, but he was so confident, if he did get teased it never bothered him. I don’t think anyone did anyways. His friends loved him too much. They knew they could always count on Tommy to be there for them, just like we knew Tommy would be there for us.

We see constant reminders of him, and miss all the tomorrows we will never have with him.

Jeanne Barragan Tommy’s Mom

Tommy's dad speaks

young tommy

Tommy and James Bowman



5 thoughts on “From Tommy McClain’s Mom and Dad on his birthday

  1. Thanks for allowing for some dignity for Tommy and his family

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  2. We thought of you with love today.
    But that is nothing new.
    We thought about you yesterday
    and the days before that too.
    We think of you in silence.
    We often speak your name.
    Now all we have is memories.
    And your picture in a frame.
    Your memory is our keepsake.
    With which we’ll never part.
    God has you in his keeping.
    We have you in our heart.

    We love you Tommy,
    Happy Birthday
    Tommy James McClain
    You would have been 23 today

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  3. Thank you to the TE and Tommy’s family for sharing with us these fond memories.

    If only there had been a video of the shooting and planting of a fake gun, then the officers involved may have been in handcuffs just like the officer in South Carolina.

    Cop apologists that don’t believe officers lie, plant evidence and cover for each other are wrong. Just watch the video. I would be willing to bet that the officers in Eureka acted in much the same way, only for some reasons there’s no video from there own cars that show what happened to Tommy before, during, and after the killing.

    Shame on you Chief Mills. And shame on the officers who helped cover up the truth.

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  4. Amen to that. Hiding behind a badge and the blue wall of censorship is not going to go uncovered much longer.

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