There’s a racial divide in the state over Cannabis legalization? Who knew?

Apparently if you’re a middle aged Latino or Asian Republican, you’re probably not in favor of Cannabis legalization according the latest Public Policy Institute of California State wide survey. That’s one of many interesting conclusions.

The survey leads us to conclude if you’ve ever tried Cannabis, you’ll become converted to a supporter by a two to one margin. But we guess we always suspected that anyway.

poll weed

Voters in California legalized medical marijuana in 1996, but 14 years later voted against recreational use, 53.5% to 46.5%. Since then, polling has shown that public support for legalizing pot has grown, reaching 53% in a March survey by the Public Policy Institute of California — a record high in the organization’s surveys.


As advocates for legalizing marijuana again consider putting the issue on the ballot, support for legalization is at its highest point since PPIC began asking this question in May 2010. Today ,

53 percent of residents say marijuana should be legal and 45 percent say it should not. Slim majorities supported legalization in October 2014 (51%) and September 2013 (52%). Among likely voters, 55 percent favor legalization. About three-quarters of adults(74%) who have tried marijuana say it should be legal, while only a third (35%) who have never tried it favor legalization


Residents aged 18 to 34 (61%) are more likely than older adults to say marijuana use should be legal (47% age 35 to 54, 52% age 55 and older). Most adults without children under18 (59%) favor legalization


Most parents with children (54%) are opposed. If marijuana were legal, 53 percent of adults say it would not bother them if a store or business selling it opened up in their neighborhood, while 44 percent say it would. Most parents (54%) would be bothered.



One thought on “There’s a racial divide in the state over Cannabis legalization? Who knew?

  1. Only people who have tried it have a qualified opinion. I remember the first time I tried it (a few years ago) I was a little disappointed because it wasn’t at all as intense or mind altering as I had expected given all the hype about it, not much more than nicotine or caffeine; but in the opposite direction. It was fun and relaxing without the loss of control or danger of overdose associated with all other drugs, including alcohol. It isn’t problem-free, but neither is milk. There is a reason it is one of the oldest, if not oldest, cultivated plant, carried by migrants around the world. It is valued for its fiber strength as well as healing properties in almost every culture. The laws prohibiting it are not based on science or logic, but prejudice and authoritarianism and should be revoked making it a drug for adults to use if they desire.

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