The City of Eureka has another chance to do the right thing; will they F’ it up yet again?


Occupied Wiyot land

Agenda item 12 is yet another opportunity for this community to partially begin to make up for past horrific and egregious acts committed by Eureka’s earliest Anglo residents.

agenda summary

One year ago the Mayor and the City Council went along with the incompetent legal advice of the City Attorney; either as an excuse or because they were just as ignorant, and refused to apologize to the Wiyot People.

Wiyot letter

So here we are a year later and we have a couple of new Council Members. Will they seize this opportunity to do the right thing? Setting up an ad hoc committee could be the first step in the right direction or this Council could really step up and just direct the City Manger to make it happen.

We will be paying close attention to this.



8 thoughts on “The City of Eureka has another chance to do the right thing; will they F’ it up yet again?

  1. I liked Mayor Jager’s original letter of apology. Let us hope the ECC does the right thing.

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  2. It’s time to take a positive move in the right direction Eureka. I have no doubt that the Wiyot people would be the best stewards of the land. I agree with Carol, it’s time for the ECC to do the right thing.

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  3. I guess my question is: Is the City of Eureka to contemplate giving all or just some of the island… And… How much will the tribe be expected to pay for it?

    The history (of the Wiyot taking back their island) is basically the tribe held a bunch of bake sales to buy an acre or two then the city gave back gratis the rest of the land on that side of the island.

    Will the Wiyot be expected to pay for some or all of the rest of the island?

    For the record… My sense of social justice is it was always THEIR island to begin with: We took it unfair and unsquare and the tribe should have the whole thing back (minus the relatively small private parcels) and the money they spent on the original purchase.

    No doubt the Civil Liabilities (real or imagined) will prevent that approach.

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  4. Sounds like it could be a defining moment in the political careers of both Arroyo and Bergel.


  5. With 900 new homes approved for development in Samoa, a casino nearby might relieve a little of the traffic funneling into Eureka.


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