Responsible pet stewardship: A couple of noteworthy LTE’s in TS

These LTE’s really got our attention:
cat and dog

No responsible dog owner should sic pet on other pets

By Marilyn Field

Last Sunday night, here in Eureka, my young grandson’s cat was gravely torn up in his own front yard. This was done by a large dog whose owner makes a show out of training his dogs to “get the kitty.” There was a guardian angel out there at the time because my grandson was in bed. If my grandson had been playing in his own front yard, where he would have been if he hadn’t gone to bed, he would have tried to save his cat. Picture what would have happened then. Would it have been the cat or my grandson that was ripped apart?

My daughter confronted the dog’s owner at the time of the attack. The owner’s reaction showed he didn’t care. This man has a Facebook page where he brags about training his dogs to “get the kitty.” I know this because I checked out his Facebook page and several YouTube videos where he actually has the stupidity to show how he urges his dog to “get the kitty.”

I have owned dogs and cats over the years and they have lived together and have been friends. It takes a not-toobright owner to train his dogs to attack cats. History has shown that torturing animals can be a precursor to committing unspeakable acts against other human beings. This grown man obviously loves his dogs as shown in his legions of YouTube videos and Facebook postings. The dogs are innocent victims in this because they only try to please their owner by following his commands — which I assume he rewards them for. This man walks his dogs without a leash, even though his neighbors have warned him many times not to do so. He is still walking them without a leash! One of his dogs was witnessed killing one of his neighbor’s cats last year, by the way! How many more cats are missing in their neighborhood because of this man?

My goals in writing this, which I hope will be published, are to: 1) Warn the people of Eureka that he walks his dogs regularly without a leash; 2) To put our citizens on notice to watch out for him and to make sure your children and cats are not anywhere around him; 3) To alert the Eureka City Police, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and Animal Control that he is out there so they can keep him on their radar, and lastly; 4) To do everything in my power to see that this man will not be able to own a dog by law.

The fear and anguish that have happened to my family as the result of this cannot be described. Will my grandson ever be safe, along with the other small children in his neighborhood as long as this man is allowed to own and walk his dogs? This man is a bully and needs to be stopped. He is a “legend in his own mind!”

Fortunately this story has a positive ending. My grand cat, after hundreds of dollars spent at the vet, will hopefully live, but right now he has tubes in his body, and many wounds to heal before we know.

Marilyn Field resides in Eureka.


Animal cruelty is illegal and immoral

Animal cruelty is enraging and appalling. After reading Marilyn Field’s “My Word” (“No responsible dog owner should sic pet on other pets,” Times-Standard,) I would be moved to report this dog owner to law enforcement and press for charges of Animal Cruelty.

No one should be afraid in their neighborhood to allow their children or their pets to be out on their own property because of an idiot who routinely and willfully breaks the law. Someone should officially report this dog owner to the police. Make a video of him walking his dog without a leash and also refer to his Facebook page as evidence of his cruelty and belligerence of the law.

Other people have had their cats killed and this lady’s cat was gravely injured and she has spent hundreds of dollars on veterinary care for the cat because of this cruel and arrogant dog owner.

Perhaps even someone could circulate a petition amongst the neighbors to consolidate a complaint against this offending dog owner.

He should not be allowed to continue threatening the safety of people’s pets or their children. This cruelty to cats should not be allowed to continue. It is illegal and immoral.

I have reported animal cruelty to cats to law enforcement before which were investigated and further action would have been taken had I been able to identify the perpetrator of the acts. This guy should pay for his cruelty.

Michael Wood, Fortuna


9 thoughts on “Responsible pet stewardship: A couple of noteworthy LTE’s in TS

  1. Did anyone witness this with their own eyes? Because eureka is riddled with raccoons that hurt kitties very badly.
    Your selfish fears of “what if” is all I can hear in this post.
    Walking a dog with out a leash is not a crime. It is not your business to say who is better fit to care for an animal. If this was a real issue why is it not in the news!? If this is a real fear why didn’t law enforcement show up and cite the owner and his dog!? Are you just afraid of the owner and his dog so this is how your choosing to communicate? I have cats and dogs. My neighbors have cats and dogs. The only thing that is in my power is to protect my OWN cats and dogs. And how often do read about dogs attacking the neighbor children? Oh never? Ya that’s right because it’s always the family pet that attacks the child.


    • Sarah:

      Did you actually read this Letter to the Editor?

      “My daughter confronted the dog’s owner at the time of the attack. The owner’s reaction showed he didn’t care. This man has a Facebook page where he brags about training his dogs to ‘get the kitty.’ ” — From the Letter to the Editor

      For the rest of your response… I’m having a hard time figuring out what is your point.

      Let me simplify for you. A dog needs to be under control. It doesn’t matter if the dog is on or off leash the human has to be in control. If the human is not in control, the human is responsible for what the dog does.

      And if the human actually commands the dog’s horrific behavior then the human is even more responsible (to the extent of criminal liability).

      In most places, when a dog kills a cat (or other dog, or child), the owner is responsible whether or not the owner is present at the attack.

      As to your question, “If this was a real issue then why is it not in the news!?” The answer is: It is now.

      Perhaps you just expressed yourself poorly and might want to try again to inform us of your point of view.

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    • In many jurisdictions walking dogs off leash is unlawful. Fyi

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  2. Perhaps another tool to use is force this monster to pay the vet bills. You can use Small Claims Court (no attorneys allowed).

    Since you have his Facebook page you must know his name. I can’t speak for other communities but in Fortuna a dog attack on a cat is taken very seriously and the owner could wind up being fined and having the animal euthanized.

    It’s cruel on the dog… I agree the dog is just trying to please a mentally ill master (I’d rather euthanize the master, actually) but this must be seen as unacceptable behavior and needs to be stopped.

    I also agree that the “get the kitty” behavior is likely to escalate into something even more horrible.

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    • Mola: Fortuna PD should be able to issue a citation to the dog owner, since the cat owner says the cat was in her own yard. Unfortunately, cat owners whose cats are attacked on someone else’s property are NOT covered; cat owners can be held responsible, the same as dog owners, for allowing their pet to enter/damage other neighboring properties. Just because a cat owner allows their cat to “roam free” or be “an outside kitty”, does not mean that they are not responsible for their cat while it is loose.

      In this case, FPD should be called.


  3. I suggest you be more specific… like, where does he live, what does he look like, his name, etc. do you have a picture?

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  4. I never objected to the occasional front page coverage of starving horses and abandoned dog litters, except for the complete media self-censorship on the way this county treats local disadvantaged children, (25% reported to be living in poverty in the U.S.).

    Local agencies always cry poverty when confronted with the right thing to do for kids, the poor, the addicted, mentally ill, unemployed, homeless, hungry, and abused human beings, and yet, the only fund-raising second-hand shops are for the dogs.

    There’s little public outcry as the police in one rural city shoot more civilians in one year than in the entire European Union.

    The irony, ignorance and absurdity is blinding…if only it were ever thus reported.


  5. Hope he doesn’t take his dog to Prairie Creek off leash. I don’t think his dog could ‘get the kitties’ up there…..

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