Maggie Fleming: The “Revolution Starts Now”

Maggie DA

District Attorney Maggie Fleming was on Talkshop recently, and gave quite an impressive interview.  If you take out host Brian Papstein’s buffoonery, it was actually one of the best and most informative interviews we’ve had in a while.  We would encourage readers to listen to the full interview here:

In the interview, the DA outlined her views on the presumed future legalization of marijuana.  She made it clear that she didn’t support a patchwork of propositions or county rules on the marijuana industry.  Instead, she believed that the best way to go forward with legalization was through the state legislature.  She said,

“I think the hope is that with proper regulations it will reduce the amount of environmental crimes. Also, hopefully if there’s stabilization, with the actual cultivation, processing and moving of it (marijuana), it will drop the level of violence that’s associated with it…

The biggest concern is if it’s done again by proposition, or it’s done county by county, then we’re going to have a lot of problems associated with it…..”

Papstein asked the new DA what would be her biggest wish for the county, if she could have anything or change anything.  Generally, you would hear a DA talk about bigger budgets for law enforcement and more prisons.  Fleming went in a different direction:

“I would think, more treatment for mental health and substance abuse folks.  I think it would have a huge impact on their lives and our lives….

A lot of people end up in the criminal justice system and we’re not really equipped to deal with those needs.  I think, no matter what happens as far as the outcome of criminal cases, we need to find a solution for the day that they leave the jail and where they’re going to go….

Part of our problem too, because we’re so rural the services we do have, which are limited, are concentrated in Eureka.  You talk to folks in Hoopa, or Willow Creek, or Garberville or Orick and it’s impossible for those people to access services.”

Wow.  Maggie Fleming has impressed us with her vision for the department.  We are excited and hopeful to see what she can really accomplish.



4 thoughts on “Maggie Fleming: The “Revolution Starts Now”

  1. Calls for more resources and therapy for mental illness and addiction? Nicely done. Hopefully the new DA can help accomplish some movement in these areas. It’ll be an uphill battle given the current BOS.

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  2. How can anyone stand that clown Papstein?
    Getting passed that goofball Fleming comes across as a realist particularly on weed. I didn’t vote for her but she’s won me over.

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  3. Tuluwat Examiner, two compliments in a row!

    Good post. Maggie is making a difference.


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