Hey Matthew, you’re right; Rob Arkley is Humboldt’s “Humanitarian of the year”

east bay

this Arkley building (now gone) was home to Eureka’s drive thru drug depot and flop house. Just one of his many fine accomplishments.

We read Matthew Owens “Broken windows” opinion piece in the Lost Coast Outpost yesterday. Ol’ Matthew real got us thinkin’ about his mentor. It struck us; we’ve been slackin’ it when it comes to giving Robin Arkley his full due of respect in one area; that’s allowing trespassers to camp free of charge on all on his unimproved properties.

We can already hear you asking what the heck we’re talking about. Arkley doesn’t support giving handouts or “catering” to the houseless in Humboldt, right? Wrong. Oh ya, he sounds all gruff and mean when speaks in public about the houseless, but he’s just trying to cover up what a big softy he is. When you take away government owned land and look at the land owned by the Arkleys or one of their many LLC’s, you’ll realize they are one of the top suppliers of land where people feel safe to set up camp.

foot of t

Arkley property near the foot of T street

Let’s go through some of the fine area’s he has supplied for years. First off, his Samoa property. People might remember that little chunk of land, since it’s where a heinous crossbow murder took place several years ago. There are acres of open land which have become quite the town for the houseless around Eureka. In fact, on any given day one can drive down the road and see the open and inviting land.

marina center mowed

this picture is a couple years old, now the brush is 6 to 8 foot high providing lots of privacy

The next fine property that Robin has provided, free of charge to the houseless, is the famous Balloon Tract. Still the future home of the Marina Center (whatever that’s morphed into), this acreage has provided space for houseless people for over a decade. In fact, just down from the Eureka Rescue Mission is Arkleys version of a “Mission”. His version is an abandoned railroad building. Yes, when you’re driving down Second or First Streets, east of Commercial Street, take a look at the area containing all the old abandoned trains with graffiti on the side. Right next to those trains is an old building with….wait for it…….Broken Windows!

That building has housed many people over the years, and Rob & Cherie must really enjoy providing the service. Otherwise, he would have torn the building down!

As you travel the length of the Balloon Tract you’ll find it hard to see all the campers. The grass is regularly so high in the area, that only a person’s hair could be seen if they were standing at full height. That lack of taking care of his large properties is another way that Robin boldly declares, “Come sleep here. We have tall grass, holes in our fences, and broken windows to boot. Security National welcomes you!”

Of course, staying on these properties does come with some drawbacks. For instance, one of Robin’s properties on the 300 block of Broadway caught fire numerous times. Robin was willing to keep the skeleton of the building intact. After all, it was one of the county’s best drive thru drug depots! But the darn “Guberment” (City of Eureka) got in the way and demolished the building instead. Robin probably figured that was just another way the “liberals” could come after him, by demolishing this rat trap drug distribution center and regular flop house.


SO in the end, we have to hand it to Mr. Arkley. He is the king of private houseless land in Humboldt. However, it would be nice if he could provide some dumpsters and most important, some portable-toilets. After all, as conscientious as he is about protecting the environment, you would think he wouldn’t want human fecal matter and urine ruining right into the bay, right?


31 thoughts on “Hey Matthew, you’re right; Rob Arkley is Humboldt’s “Humanitarian of the year”

  1. Now you see? There ARE times with the Tuluwat Examiner and Matt Owen see eye to eye!

    Koombaya Baby!

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  2. Let’s all nominate Mr. Arkley for fancy homeless solution awards. Sooner or later he might win something.

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  3. Broken windows,
    And empty hallways.
    A pale dead moon in a sky streaked with grey.
    Human kindness is overflowin’
    And I think it’s going to rain today

    Neil Diamond

    (First thing that came to mind when I read Matthew in a Muddle’s info-mercial)

    Great post TE.

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  4. Has anyone taken a look at our budgets and found out how much we pay in our taxes to Arkley properties. The old Eureka Reporter building is A’s, no? There is another building named “Arkley” on 2nd and D which seems to have County employees in it. Not taxpayer-supported but progressive supported Co-op is Arkley’s, no?

    What other properties are our taxes help to pay for Security National’s overhead? Do we know? It would be interesting to find out what makes his building so appealing to our County Supervisors.

    I like the tag snark btw

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    • A county employee making accusations that county supervisors are getting kickbacks from Arkley? Pretty bold…..

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      • Thanks for the compliment JW. But I wasn’t speaking of kickbacks, so I don’t deserve the love.

        What I am speaking about is more subtle. It’s a game of the wealthy decrying government when their real argument is simply, we’d like government to favor us rather than the little guy.

        But they can’t say that out loud or else the country would be as politically blue as it was in 1936.

        So what we’ll get is folks like Rex Bohn decrying government as a thing but then backing the most regressive of taxes (the type of tax that Fred will have to pay, not a Louisianan or even a Floridian). We will get a Supervisor who touts her Democratic credentials from the tippy-top of a property-rights lobbying organization.

        Supervisors don’t need kickbacks, their salary, while not that of a county MD, is certainly doin’ just fine.

        Now, if we were speaking about the ECC and the meager stipend they were afforded…

        Luckily we have HCDCC endorsed candidates running that show now, so it’s not something I’m concerned about.

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  5. From a former TE post:

    “When talking about the first impressions being back in town, Rob complained about people not cleaning their gutters or mowing lawns. He also complained about unkempt sidewalks in front of businesses:

    “Oh, the grass, weeds, wow wow wow. And, you know, that’s so easy to fix. I don’t get it.”

    Obviously Mr. Arkley must want to leave his properties as magnets for transients. Otherwise, it would be “so easy to fix”.

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  6. It is odd that you would fight his developments on the properties, then once defeating his proposals that would improve the local economy, and remove the blight from vacant property, you turn around and criticize him for the same blighted properties he tried to improve. What a bunch of hypocrites! No wonder Tuluwat is never a contender of serious reporting or discussion.

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    • This is a good political argument that will win hearts, minds and votes – on the right. What it misses is the inherent feudal nature of our current economy.

      This is exasperated by Arkley’s public persona as a self-imposed caricature of a free market ideologue. Arkley’s economic philosophy – one that he will proudly expound upon with Brian on KINS is Dickensian.

      “Money makes money, money hires money makers, this is morally justified, and oh, btw, there should not be a public or private safety net for those who fail to play and win the money game. That’s on them. and they should take the first bus out of town.”

      “And this is OK b/c I get it. You guys need Humboldt’s top aristocratic family’s help and we are here for you. For one we have built you this amazing cultural theater, we provide and name after ourselves rental facilities around town and if those darn government folks from the Harbor Commission to the Coastal Commission to boogiemen (and women?) like the DHHS would just get out of the way and let us and our Chamber of Commerce tell you how money….

      “…at the very least we’d have taken care of the darn blight problem TE keeps going on about. And then, with this momentum, if we could stop those of Betty’s ilk and the Obama-rific folks at DHHS…well we’d finally be able to enjoy “A Christmas Carol” in all it’s splendor at the theater we’ve deigned to bequeath to you. ”

      “And, btw, you are welcome. It’s our pleasure to serve you. Honestly. Don’t forget the rental checks due by the 5th at the latest.”

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    • EC the troll is back! Nooooo. From his or her comment:

      “No wonder Tuluwat is never a contender of serious reporting or discussion.”

      The fact that you’ve come back to comment tells me you don’t believe your own words. However, please feel free not to come back. Thank you and good day

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      • ‘never a contender’ compared to what?
        It’s a blog ec…not a newspaper.

        Poor TE, this must be tough, being criticized like this, I hope you’re holding up ok?

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  7. No, Eureka does not have to do what we’re told.

    Big box developments do not improve rural economies.

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    • It would be a much needed improvement over what Eureka has now! All the naysayers predictions haven’t happened when Costco and Walmart set up shop.
      You want to complain about the blight, the lack of cleanup, the lack of jobs, the growing homeless population, etc. Yet, every proposal to improve these properties and assist with cleanup, you reject and protest.
      Make up your minds! Do you want an improved economy and overall, an improved city, or just more gloom, blight, crime, and homeless?
      If you won’t allow development, then where do you propose to get the funding to make the improvements you DO want to see happen? More taxes? We all know who’s pockets will be lined with more taxes!


      • Still have time to comment? I thought you were writing your masters thesis…..

        Oh wait, maybe you lied about that too. I’m shocked.

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      • Sorry JP, but I’ve already obtained my M.S.; I am writing my PhD. papers. Please, get things straight before commenting.
        On the other hand, you simply proved my point with your comments. You don’t really want the changes/improvements that you constantly scream out about; you simply want to criticize anyone that makes a proposal for positive change.
        Maybe, if you would actually submit your thoughts on what should be done to improve Eureka, we could all assist you in promoting your proposals. Come up with something other than criticism; be proactive and constructive.
        So far, you, and the rest of TE, are viewed as nothing other than whiners without a plan.


      • JP:

        Please don’t feed this troll. He got drunk on attention with his little scam and now he wants more.

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      • Maybe his PhD thesis is “how to tell the biggest whopper you can think up and still get an entire town to believe it”.


      • You’re right, of course. Thank you for the intervention. I will do my best not to feed the troll.

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      • JP:

        Gosh… Now I feel like a fuddy-duddy.

        You boys stay away from that neighbor kid… he smells funny!”

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  8. ” I am writing my PhD. papers. Please, get things straight before commenting”

    Sure you are. I believe that “fact” about as much as I believed your claims of having millions of dollars in donations for your fake group.

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    • Give him some credit, that was a pretty good prank he pulled. The timing was off tho’ It would have been World Class if the punch line would have been “April Fools.”

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      • Thanks for the pat on the back; getting the entire City of Eureka worked up was actually fairly easy. Once the council started commenting on the whole ‘Eureka Citizen’ proposals, everything fell into place. LoCO and TE helped things along by publishing the direct email address; thanks for that, over 11K emails were received.
        It would have been too easily spotted if I had tried to schedule an April Fools day reveal; in the long run, it worked just fine.


    • He’s writing a PHD paper al right as in Piled High & Deep that seems to be the only thing faintly resembling anything having to d
      o with a PHD!!!!


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