Small Town Takes a Huge First Step Forward in real Public Safety

Pay attention Eureka this is just what we need!

body cam

The City of Rio Dell announced that the City Council unanimously voted to have the police department “proceed with purchasing and equipping city police vehicles and officers with camera systems”. Not only did they authorize the purchase of car video systems, the council moved forward with making Rio Dell the only local police agency in Humboldt to actively roll out the use of Body Cameras. Wow! Great Job Rio Dell, you have raised the bar for law enforcement.

Now this might seem like a strange statement, but Rio Dell, which in general has a pretty conservative electorate, can now call itself “The most progressive police department in Humboldt.”

Currently the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department and the Eureka Police Department are facing millions of dollars in claims from lawsuits. These departments have the highest local budgets. The HCSO and EPD get the most media coverage, and the majority of negative community backlash. However, both agencies have continued to evade transparency or scrutiny regarding their departments. Both agencies have given lip service to obtaining more video coverage of officers’ activities. Both agencies have successfully evaded equipping all officers with personal body cameras.

Now the time for excuses is gone. More video surveillance of police activities should help with creating more transparent departments, along with lowering civil liability. HCSO and EPD; if the humble town of Rio Dell can implement a forward thinking policy regarding body cams, then there’s no reason you can’t do the same. It’s time to be proactive for once, instead of waiting for the public to demand this level of accountability.


14 thoughts on “Small Town Takes a Huge First Step Forward in real Public Safety

  1. The city council needs to make this happen. They can use Measure Q $ that’s what its for “Public Safety”

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  2. “I want the truth.” “You can’t handle the truth.” That is how the cops see this issue. Sad. If the city is dumped from insurance and goes bankrupt, then the council might see fit to get these cameras. Or CPT Stephens and his “tyranny of evil men” outlook will continue to carry the day. The wide gaping hole between the cops and the populace is bigger than the grand canyon.

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  3. Great way of leading by example Rio Dell. Your actions will make it very difficult for the large organizations to continue ducking this issue. Thanks and good work!

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  4. Does anyone elses comments get moderated before released?


  5. It’s not every day that I get to sincerely say “good job Rio Dell,” but today I can…

    Good job Rio Dell!

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    • Yes, a good step!

      …and we want to know if they can turn them off and what happens if they do turn them off or avoid them (like the woman sergeant did in the ‘beat the Indian grandfather senseless and break his neck’ video.

      They should not be able to turn these off, enforced and with punishments from suspension without pay to firing, even jail time for turning them off while engaging in police activity with a citizen especially (tampering with evidence)…and mandatory at the time drug testing for police involved in any shooting or beating…just like many many employees with dangerous and large responsibilities have to do routinely!!

      As a citizen of our fair city I do not want to be paying out for these types of abuses we have seen.

      I do not want to live in a city where the citizens are afraid of their public safety employees.

      I do not want to live in a city where good public safety employees are driven off or coerced into bad behavior by bad public safety employees, where the hiring practices select for the bad employees, where the bad employees are covered for by management.

      Police officers should not be exempt from this need and demand.

      I am sure there are many good police officers that would have no trouble complying with any of that.

      They have nothing to hide.

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  6. ‘Ferguson Shows How a Police Force Can Turn Into a Plundering Collection Agency’

    The Ferguson Solution:

    There it is folks, what I have been babbling about that happens in many small towns in the good old usa. I see this as really tempting to the city here.. as it is in many places….a way to keep politically difficult, cough, tax assessments down and get revenue.

    Fines, Fees, and Asset Forfeitures.

    Washington Post did a previous expose on the asset seizure gig:

    ‘Stop and Seize.’

    With weed forfeitures coming to a close this will be the next go to for the power structure to Self Fund…at the expense of all those too weak, tired, and poor to fight back, and those already dependent on the govt and those with income from outside:

    you know…the usual:

    poor blacks


    ethnic minorities

    poor whites

    poor natives

    old people on low fixed incomes

    mentally challenged

    prison record: parolees and probationers

    retired pensioners



    I may have missed a few.

    You can be sure the Right People will not.

    Watch for this.

    I see it this trend in the odd proposed GMOB and shopping cart nonsense which sounds a lot like the jaywalking tickets that get written in the poor parts of town (‘that’s where all the crime is, it has to pay for the extra costs…bla bla bla…’) .

    Extra traffic tickets: lowering the speed limits?…same! …a revenue producing shift if there is a correspondent surge in tickets written and with little latitude given by the officer and the courts: the Fix will be In.

    Watch for any and all of this.

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  7. I don’t see how anything is going to Change there are several EPD officers still working on the force that have been in involved in different kills through out the decade. Nothing ever happens to them, and they continue to “PROTECT US”
    But they protect us on their own terms. You think you have rights, think again
    Mills him self has stated publicly that it’s just best to go along with the police until they figure out what’s going on. You think with all the training they have gotten they wouldn’t be making these mistakes.


  8. Ferndale has outfitted their police with cameras already; but no one in the media noticed.


  9. More on the Ferguson Solution:

    from NPR:

    Ferguson being over their heinous debtors prison schemes.

    In a new challenge to police practices in Ferguson, Mo., a group of civil rights lawyers is suing the city over the way people are jailed when they fail to pay fines for traffic tickets and other minor offenses.
    The lawsuit, filed Sunday night on the eve of the six-month anniversary of the police shooting of Michael Brown, alleges that the city violates the Constitution by jailing people without adequately considering whether they were indigent and, as a result, unable to pay.

    The suit is filed on behalf of 11 plaintiffs who say they were too poor to pay but were then jailed — sometimes for two weeks or more.

    NPR got an advance look at the lawsuit, filed by lawyers from Equal Justice Under Law, ArchCity Defenders and the Saint Louis University School of Law. It charges that Ferguson officials “have built a municipal scheme designed to brutalize, to punish, and to profit.”

    Good to know “it can’t happen here.”

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