Lose your son, too bad, claim denied. Then Mills adds insult to injury.

Not surprisingly, at last night’s Eureka City Council meeting the Council members rejected the claims from the McClain family for the wrongful death of Tommy McClain.  Many members of the public came forward to speak, and made clear that the tragic death of Tommy was not only a tragedy, but that the city should accept responsibility and try to make things right with Tommy’s family.  The council was silent….

This was the perfect opportunity for the newly elected members Arroyo and Bergel to differentiate themselves from the unsavory actions of the previous council but alas, it was just silence and business as usual.

Chief Mills basically gave everyone his middle finger by sending Captain Stephens tocop middle figure speak to the council about strengthening community relations with EPD.  Sounds like a joke, right?  Nope, it’s not a joke.  Stupid insensitivity or calculated move, for whatever reasons, Chief Mills thought that it would be real good idea for the orchestrator of the McClain killing to “educate” the Council on how EPD was taking steps to better community relations. You’ll remember Mills in a demonstration of support, promoted Stephens shortly after the death of Tommy McClain.

At the very end of the meeting, Captain Stephens explained what the “thin blue line” represents.  His explanation didn’t include officers covering up crimes for each other.  No, in Captain Stephens mind the “thin blue line” represents the barrier between good and evil.  Cops (the blue line) are good.  The black line below the cops represents “the evil forces” who would victimize all of us if not kept down.  The line on top represents the “good people” of Eureka.
It’s pretty clear that Mills mindset is the same as Captain Stephens mindset.  Their view is that there are evil forces at work in Eureka.  Homeless, drug using, “non-conformist” folks are evil and are ruining the way of life for the good people of Eureka.
It’s obvious that a line in the sand has been drawn by EPD.  There is good and evil in this town.  If you don’t fully support all of Chief Mills policies you are a part of the evil permeating throughout Eureka. Civilian Review board?   No freaking way.
The point was simple and clear.  EPD makes a negligent mistake and kills an innocent young man…..too bad.  The public wants to comment about the death….go ahead.  In the end, Mills makes sure the responsible officer will have the last word and the last laugh.

thin blue line


25 thoughts on “Lose your son, too bad, claim denied. Then Mills adds insult to injury.

  1. That’s pretty cold blooded, Mills. I hope more of the public starts seeing you for who really you are

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    • ^ seriously… I’m about to print some bumper stickers. “Mills Kills!”


    • I’m pretty sure Mills is just trying to save face, but wouldn’t it be better if he could just come out admit his officers were wrong. But it’s like there lying about it now. It’s takes I big person to come out and admit that they were wrong, don’t we all learn that growing up?!!! So as grownups we understand it’s better to tell the truth then to lie….. I bet that dead kid Tommy could have told them that himself


  2. Despicable. Hey Natalie how could you be part of that?


    • Strange that Arroyo keeps getting called out for her inaction, but Bergel gets a pass. Besides…..what made anyone think Arroyo would be “tough” on any of the hard issues?


  3. Reminds me of Dubya Bush. You are either with us or against us in the war on terror…why did San Diego let him go?

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  4. One can’t help but wonder how this would have played out had it happened in a ‘nice’ part of town. Did I mention Mills lives in Arcata?

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  5. unlawfull activities involving replic or simulated firearms 13.63.020
    Every person who, except in self-defense, in the presence of an other person, draws, exhibits or brandishes replica firearm, or who simulates a firearm in a rude, angry or threatening manner, or who in any manner unlawfully uses the same in any fight or quarrel and causes the victim to reasonably believe that the person is actually in possession of an operable firearm, is guilty of committing a misdemeanor.


    • That kid was killed because he committed a misdemeanor that Bull


    • Penal Code 141

      (b) Any peace officer who knowingly, willfully, and intentionally alters, modifies, plants, places, manufactures, conceals, or moves any physical matter, with specific intent that the action will result in a person being charged with a crime or with the specific intent that the physical matter will be wrongfully produced as genuine or true upon any trial, proceeding, or inquiry whatever, is guilty of a felony punishable by two, three, or five years in the state prison.

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      • How does this penal code apply to this case?


      • Speaking about that, correct me if I’m wrong. But I remember. The weapon had no clip no BB’s so then why is Mills holding up a photo with the clip attached. That was in Oct. the DA didn’t make his decision untell the end of Nov.
        Isn’t that altering evidence.

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  6. This is par for the course in Eureka, leadership doesn’t happen, instead the city attorney (Nancy Delaney) denies all responsibility, in spite of the facts. Deny, deny, deny till you die!!! It’s the deep involvement in secret societies like the Masonic Lodge, Jesuit and Luciferiean money that keeps these ignorant people on the payroll. If Chief Mills was trying to show impartiality by making this criminal officer clean up the mess he created it was wasted effort. No courage either way sir.


  7. IF Cap’t Stephens actually explained, in public, that the “thin blue line” (EPD) is the protector of the good from the evil, as stated/implied in this post without quotes, then he as much as said that Tommy McClain was evil. EPD didn’t shoot a good man, did they?
    I would hope that plaintiffs give him the chance to expand upon that thinness concept a bit more during the coming lawsuit.

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    • Indeed Milt…well said…

      The lawn order folks, the police proxy army said he was a thug, wore a flat brim hat, threw gang signs, bla bla bla hip hop culture, was drunk, was from Oakland and all manner of twists and turns to imply he was black with white skin/and or undeserving of fair treatment or sympathy…and that it was his parents fault etc.

      Evil apparently includes GMOB and shopping cart hostage takers too.
      GWOB have a pass, for now.

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      • I don’t see it being his parents fault at all
        He had a job- no criminal record- no warrants
        drivers license- no out standing tickets- no child support/ no children- wasn’t a thief- because if he was he would have been on drugs- or had a job
        Throughout all this, I haven’t once head some one say anything bad about the kid
        Except the comments of people that had no clue who he was………….

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    • The TE had it right, even without quotes. The presentation is online now. Just go to Eureka’s website to check it out for yourself.

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  8. Califorina PC 417 caring a concealed firearm
    Excuted from PC 417 – pellet guns- BB guns
    Cal. Law air guns- pellet guns-BB guns are not considered firearms

    It’s realy sad. That the police can aggressively confront a person at gun point with in sec. Shoot and kill you. With out probable cause to believe that a crime has been committed. BLA BLA BLA That hole set up was based on assumption
    Assumption” is evidence in its self based on nothing.
    And nobody think the broke their policies…. WTF

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  9. Thousands of traffic accidents occur each day, typically with two drivers vehemently denying responsibility until an officer arrives to assess blame.

    Any psychologist can confirm that we are a dysfunctional blame/deny culture.

    Everybody does it, including law enforcement. Only a judge and jury are able to sort it out.

    Most of the time.

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  10. Today KRFH News covered the 2 lawsuits against the city, listen here:


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