USH versus HSU: The serfs rise up against the overlords

It has always been a great benefit for the community to have a University located here. The problems have always stemmed from the State Administrators who have run it. They have generally been oblivious and insensitive to their impacts on the community. So it doesn’t surprise us that they would treat their own the same way.

The occupation/demonstration was a great first step, now the hard part, negotiating with the intractable HSU administration. We wish you great success with the struggle.

Here is the Unified Students story it their own words;

While much of the focus surrounding this developing act of protest has centered around issues of Native American Education, Unified Students of Humboldt is a coalition of concerned students of Color and their allies, committed to promoting direct dialogue between students and administration to represent all pertinent perspectives. Support from the wider Humboldt and Tribal communities whom the University serves reveals a latent desire for involvement in local education from the larger community.

List of Demands

HSU has the opportunity to set a precedent for which the entire CSU system may follow and better the course of education for all. Participate and negotiate in open dialogue regarding these demands in the presence of a mediator.

jacquelyn  bolman

Reinstate and secure Dr. Jacquelyn Bolman’s position as Director of INRSEP!


Unified Students of Humboldt Demands:

  1. Reinstate and secure Dr. Jacquelyn Bolman’s position as Director of INRSEP.
  2. We demand a full and effective participation in the hiring process and the protection of staff and faculty.

2a. Students, Faculty and Staff have a unique discernment on their prospective programs. They must have an effective voice in any changes in their structure, employees and funding.

  • Hire and retain more People of Color. We demand full effective participation in a transparent hiring process for HSU staff, faculty and administration. We as students demand equal voting power on hiring, promotion, tenure committees and dismissal procedures in selecting and dismissing HSU staff, faculty and administration in order to ensure greater diversity at HSU. Adopt a ⅓ students, ⅓ faculty, ⅓ administration model for these procedures. Faculty, Staff and Students who operate and participate in programs should be the ultimate say in the fate of their programs. (Implement immediately)
  • Honor instead of retaliating against HSU staff and faculty who support students of color and our advocates. We demand these rights for our faculty and staff under the Whistleblower Protection Act of 1989 and Educational Code 66301 (Section F) to protect their first Amendment rights.

(Implement Immediately)

  1. Indian Tribes have a unique government to government relationship with the United States. They must have an effective voice in any changes that happens to Native Programs at Humboldt State University.
  • Acknowledge to Native American Tribes their inherent and legal rights to being involved with their Tribal Member’s education. Adopt a ¼ Native Leaders, ¼ Native Students, ¼ Faculty, ¼ Administration model for the equal voting power on hiring, promotion, tenure committees and dismissal procedures in selecting and dismissing Native HSU staff, faculty and administration in order to ensure greater diversity at HSU. (Implement immediately)
  • Engage in a coalition regarding interrelation and education with the local Tribal Communities to better understand the population HSU serves. (Implement immediately)
  • The currently named “Bolman Forum,” as a symbolic gesture for our residency, it is not the “BSS Forum” and is for the Indigenous Community. The Indigenous Community will be in charge of approving and booking the classes and events in Bolman Forum in ensure priority to Indigenous education and activities. The Indigenous Community will decide on the final name of the space. (Implement immediately)
  1. Fully fund our Diversity Programs.
  • Reallocate the $40,000 promised to be restored by President Richmond to the INRSEP Program in a meeting last May. (Implement by April 2015)
  • Approve the Native American Tax to help secure and fund our programs. (Implement by April 2015)
  • Approve grants and scholarships for marginalized students including the Undocu Scholarship and decrease the current 40 percentage withdraw for administration affairs from these scholarships. (Implement by April 2015)
  • Students should be given a clear and easy choice (email sent directly to their HSU account) to be able to opt out of the athletic portion of the IRA fee (Spring 2015: 6.1+ units =$262.41/semester, 0-6 units = $156.51) and to opt in the same amount of money into a (to be created) diversity program portion of the IRA fee (including but not limited to ITEPP and INRSEP).
  1. Encourage and approve of expression from the student population regarding cultural issues.
  • Secure a place for the “mural project” to occur on campus and immediately allow the fruition of this process to take place. (Implement immediately)
  • Approve the Native American Alumni Association. (Implement immediately)
  • Free speech on campus should not be accessible on campus in one designated place for one hour a day. Consult with the student population on campus to create more freedom of expression. (Implement Immediately)
  • Support more experiences for students to provide visions of student success and task forces from the bottom up, not from the top down. Provide resources for students to implement these experiences with grant money and program funding.
  1. Support Higher Education for Indigenous Students by expanding our Indigenous Programs and Departments.
  • Maintain and support programs with cross major advisors including ITEPP and INRSEP, secure their positions and funding. (Implement immediately)
  • Fully Staff our programs, INRSEP and ITEPP, granting both programs 3 full time and permanent positions. (Implement by April 2015)
  • Honor the 2004 Strategic Plan and fully staff the Native American Studies Department. Grant the department 5 full time, permanent positions. Return mismanaged funds to the Native American Studies Department from the Anthropology Department. (Implement Immediately)
  • We demand that the programs in which RISS has appropriated should be moved back into their respective Colleges, this includes ITEPP to the College Professional Studies and INRSEP to the College of Natural Resources. (Implement immediately)
  1. Integrate Indigenous Education into the HSU Student Curriculum, HSU Hiring Practices and Student Orientation Process.
  • Incorporate cross sectional access for degree requirements that involve studies surrounding people of color. One example of many; Black History and Native American Studies is American History and should meet curriculum criteria for History Majors and Minors. (Implement by Fall 2015)
  • Approve an infrastructure to incorporate Indigenous education into the curriculum of any educator at HSU that desires it designed by the Native American Campus Community and Programs. (Implement immediately)
  • Give administration and HSU students the ability to learn about the local Indigenous history. Introduce cultural sensitivity and education during the Humboldt Orientation Program process among other employee training processes. (Implement by Fall 2015)
  1. Support Higher Education for Students of Color and Fight Educational Segregation on Campus.
  • Dissolve RISS or transform it to embrace our educational excellence. The color segregation programs, RISS, is a cultural based system rather than educational based. Students of Color do not want to be “retained” we want tools and mentors to aide us achieve higher education. (Implement immediately)
  • Hold the current Director of RISS, accountable for the academic, emotional, and economic damage caused to our Peoples. ODI and RISS should be the strongest allies for People of Color. Instead RISS has contributed to massive degradation of programs designed to serve people of color. The Directors should be held accountable to their responsibilities for the populations they serve by the populations they serve. Positions of power are a privilege, students will have the ability to remove those who do not serve them successfully. (Implement immediately.)
  • Approve and secure a position for a Native American recruiter to outreach to Tribal Nations across the United States to increase the Native American student population. Aide in increasing the Native Population on campus. (Implement by April 2015)
  1. Honor past and present agreements made between HSU and the community. Subject administration to an accountability process if negotiations are not met.
  • Honor the commitments made to the community throughout the years. In particular, the 2004 strategic plan and WASC report. (Implement immediately)
  • Negotiations that are made between us must be honored. Participate in co-collaborating an infrastructure to retain self-accountability to uphold these agreements. (Implement upon completion of negotiations.)
  • Student and community action have been instrumental to the acknowledgement of the many issues of social justice on this campus. Agreements between HSU, students and community must be upheld. It should not require those affected by broken administrative promises to take residency in a classroom for 22 days and counting to make this clear. Release any kind of academic or legal ramifications for all those affiliated with the Unified Students Humboldt. (Implement immediately.)


A Giant Umbrella of “Decolonizing HSU.”

This is a vision.

Within the vision we have Demands (approximately 9)

Under these 9 demands are 26 points that support the demands that help to support the vision.

Each of these points have pages of condensed research and data that back up the demands and points.

This research includes the Vine Deloria Report, 2004 Strategic Plan, WASC report and other resources and reports.


Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation are people who want crops without ploughing the ground… The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.

Frederick Douglass

Media contact: Unified Students of Humboldt




17 thoughts on “USH versus HSU: The serfs rise up against the overlords

  1. While there are some good ideas here. It will be a sad day if HSU were to implement the majority of these ideas.


  2. The “demands” listed here by these students make me proud to be a human being. I am absolutely, 100% in support of this action.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. If the reason for Dr. Bolman’s firing was made public, the students might not have been so supportative. C’mon TE, put your “inside” sources to work. If I could find it out, you surely can.


  4. Think about it: working at a state university, in the most liberal state in the country. That would normally describe a “job for life”. Now imagine what you would have to do to not only get fired, but escorted out and the locks on the office changed. And all the while not a peep about a lawsuit for unjust termination….


  5. “You should reveal what you believe are the facts instead of just implying them. Otherwise stop the innuendo.”

    Priceless coming from the TE, where 99 percent of their posts are just that.


  6. Examples “too funny”? How about just 10% of them?

    People know few facts because HSU, like most of our “public institutions”, is largely unaccountable to the public.

    If journalists could do their job, they would report on a fraction of the hundreds of wrongful termination cases filed at the local and District courts, or the 99.9% of arbitration cases HSU always loses.

    Tenure and due process rights are completely meaningless.

    When faculty, staff or student employees decide to publicly criticize their institution’s leadership they are fired. HSU President McCrone eliminated the entire Education Department because he didn’t like the teachers. Their rights ignored, only one teacher held-out for over a decade fighting state-sponsored lawyers. Carolyn Anderson eventually won reinstatement and lost pay in a sealed settlement.

    HSU’s new Athletic Director Dan Collen didn’t like popular 25-year track coach Dave Wells, so Collen fired him. This was the only settlement ever made public in the HSU Lumberjack. Wells took his $250,000 of public money and began his local property management business. Not a bad retirement gig that includes PERS.

    For decades, secret settlements have protected incompetent administrators.

    USH only needed to make one demand in addition to reinstatement:

    Like the professors, all future HSU administrators must hold advanced degrees in their fields…instead of ZERO!

    The incompetent, unprofessional, uneducated, overpaid executives at HSU manage by the only tool they know.

    Fear and favor.

    Backed by taxpayer-funded attorneys and “no-fault” settlements.

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  7. I have long wondered why the nursing school was ended. Do we not need nurses here, and would it not be a wise investment to train them here? I believe that is another example of misdirected administration.

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