The full Media blackout on the original $10 Million Dollar claim against Eureka continues


Stelzig Jr; Still a LEO, still getting paid.

The Examiner has received numerous inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the death of Daren Borges and the ensuing $10 million dollar claim against Eureka for wrongful death. Details have been pretty scant. No media, besides this blog, has ever seen fit to mention this major case against the city. No media has questioned what is going on with Officer Stelzig Jr., who continues to show up and collect a paycheck. The lack of interest from the local media is shocking and disturbing, to say the least.

However, we have been given some very reliable information from a local justice watcher and not yet out in the public domain. Namely, that the District Attorney’s Office, under Paul Gallegos, opened investigation as to whether there was any criminal wrong doing by Officer Stelzig Jr., in regards to the death. As of yet, no decision has been reached at the DA’s Office.

Why was this case, which was apparently started under the Gallegos’ regime and never completed, passed on to Maggie Fleming? Is the case that complex, or are there more issues to be investigated? The DA’s office was pretty quick to come to a decision when Tommy McClain was killed. But Daren Borges died months before the killing of Tommy. So what’s going on here?

There are more questions than answers in this mysterious case. However, the $10 Million Dollar question is: “What will ‘Law and Order’ Maggie decide?”. On another note, is the media EVER going to look into this case? Thad G., Ryan B., Hank S., Dan S…….. yeah we’re talkin’ to you


25 thoughts on “The full Media blackout on the original $10 Million Dollar claim against Eureka continues

  1. Why does the local media keep giving Mills a pass on everything? This guy is turning out to be the worst Chief Eurekas ever seen.


  2. I guess there worried they will get shot


  3. Sad that after the railroading of Garr by Tyson and “his peoples” that we are now down to this level at EPD. But isn’t that what they all wanted to have happen. So it’s truly that group, that people need to be reminded of that have brought this to our city.


  4. If and when this judgment gets paid out it won’t even affect the officers city budget at all. Because most of them including the Chief, don’t even live in Eureka


  5. Judgments against the cops haven’t affected officers’ budgets in the past; can’t imagine it would now. They’ll just cry and strong arm the locals to pay higher taxes and donate more money to cops through Rex Bohnhead’s Eureka Police Association.

    That “Association” was created during the EPD’s killing spree between 2005 and 2007. That Association steals money from the public, too. Back in its first year or so, a Harley that was BOUGHT WITH PUBLIC MONEY for the Eureka cops, was AUCTIONED TO THE PUBLIC for the Eureka cops, as if it was a private donation put up for auction. So, the public paid twice! The late Bill Holmes watched that Eureka Police Association closely when it began, and put that info together.

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    • The EPOA was around for almost 20 years before 2005. Your assertion that it was created because of shootings is incorrect. It was created as a bargaining unit.


  6. Not to quibble, but the motorcycle was purchased by the public and was auctioned to a member of the public. The public didn’t pay twice and the funds from the sale didn’t go into a private pocket. You have to keep your criticism honest if you want credibility.

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    • Verbena doesn’t care about credibility


    • Wrong and oldplainjane- at least understand what I said before you decide to disagree. Just to address one inaccuracy: Rex Bohner’s Eureka Police Association claims to be INDEPENDENT from the police department. SO, how can a group claim it is independent from the cops (which is a joke anyway) then auction off a motorcycle to MAKE MONEY for the cops when the cops gave the PUBLICLY BOUGHT motorcycle to the Association to sell- for them?! And on top of that, the PUBLIC then (without being asked) bought NEW fancy bikes (motorcycles) for the EPD. The Assoc also said it would not put placards up, and yet went around to every Eureka business asking (how intimidating) if they could hang their posters in the windows. YES, this was DURING a murder spree by EPD.

      Anyway, the story that these comments are to is about Stelzig, trained by macho thug, Eureka Officer Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez, who caused the DEATH of yet another resident.



      • Who would you call if you heard a robber breaking into your house in the wee hours, Verbena?

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      • Given her well known attitude towards cops, is it any wonder they wouldn’t help her poor, petite self change that woman’s tire? They probably laughed their assess off the rest of the day. I’m surprised they didn’t take a picture and circulate among the rest of the department.


      • I’m not trying to pick on you, Verbena; but I believe we need a police force because there are bad people in the world. I believe we are more likely to have a police force that is held accountable by the people when we refrain from exaggerating their misdeeds and lose credibility with the people who need to hold them accountable – John and Jane Citizen.

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      • Well said OPJ. I couldn’t agree more. F the police comments, mixed with exaggerations, makes for very poor credibility when calling for police reform. Reform is needed, not complete anarchy.

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  7. Maggie Fleming’s first cop endorsement was by EPOA. She will never go after a cop ever. That is why they wanted her.


  8. I wouldn’t mind if ANY local media source grew the cajones to get Flemming on record, even if it’s “no comment”.


    Thank you again TE.

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  9. Those of you who claim I am exaggerating about the police fail the credibility test.

    I don’t need to exaggerate- I’ve watched, experienced, listened to testimonies, studied, and I pay attention! The truth is uglier than you seem to imagine (or want to believe, in your apparently sheltered privilege), so you shoot the messenger.

    We do not benefit from these police, who I would argue are some of the “bad people” OPJ says exist in the world. It’s a bad SYSTEM, the U.S. police state. Police in the U.S. were not created to protect and serve- never has been their purpose, despite all the PR claiming otherwise (the “protect and serve” meme came along as a PR move many decades after the first police in the U.S.).

    Responsibility to each other and to the Earth is what results in justice, safety, and harmony, NOT wanton violence, adrenaline addictions with weapons, no accountability to anyone, historical racism and classism, and serving only the interests of those who exploit for profit.

    We can do better.


    • Verbana:

      I guess my problem with this discussion is the desire to paint an entire diverse group of people with the same broad brush.

      It happens in race and class relations… and it is happening here.

      My experience… Sheltered or not… Is that many cops are truly fine people. Also, some cops are creeps and some cops are a danger to themselves and/or others.

      That is the nature of being human. It isn’t right to hate all cops because you met bad cops. Just as it isn’t right to hate all black people because you met bad black people.

      As to your other points about accountability and making an effort to hire the kind of people who are not into policing for the ego rush… I could not agree more.

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      • and I have also documented and attested to good behavior of some officer’s and also expereienced less than good cops as well.

        And then there’s this:
        ..a CIA type black site Chicago police use on local detained, not yet arrested people. Violating two constitutional protections, flagrantly.


        And then there’s this, a seeming thuggish tendency, and maybe now a seeming tendency to finally start talking about it publicly now that we , at least a little while…can do so. In this case three white people were brought there, so now finally white people can begin to ‘get’ what the blacks have been saying…and, it’s not news to blacks.

        And then also now we have this:
        Police tasering an old man who was probably too slow in reacting to their shoving him around.

        It makes it hard to defend the good cops with stuff like this going on.

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      • Absolutely Mola. There are so many officers who are not only motivated to help people, but who are able to do a lot of good in their profession. Eureka Police Officer Howden comes to mind when I think of truly great local officers. Chief Soderberg from HSU has also been a huge asset to our local police. The list can keep going.

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      • There is a difference between the nature of a human and the nature of a bureaucratic system. The nature of a system based on obedience, power, and bureaucratic, hierarchical structure greatly (and negatively) effects the behavior of the humans within it. See Milgram’s Experiment and the Stanford Prison Experiment. These experiments demonstrate that the police structure removes the humanity from the jailer/cop/torturer. Bureaucratic systems don’t have empathy. Bureaucratic structures, while they involve humans, are very different than race-identified or class identified “groups”. (In fact, the attempt to make the parallel was somewhat offensive to me). When a system controls the interactions, the results are like the Milgram Experiment or the Stanford Prison Experiment. Even when cops/guards don’t WISH to be mean, they will follow directions/orders- even if it harms others. Control and containment, the primary purposes of the police, are anti-thetical to freedom and dangerous foundations for anyone who decides to become part of the power structure to control and contain. Loss of humanity, conformity to an inherently oppressive structure, and corruption result.


  10. Lynne Soderberg? Do you know her involvement in the murder of Cheri Moore when she was with EPD? (one example of Soderberg’s behavior) She made sure the de-escalation that was about to happen with Cheri would escalate into murder by SWAT. That was right before she switched police departments. Watch the Coroner’s Inquest about the EPD killing Cheri Moore. HSU seems to like to hire cops thrown out by other Departments- look at Delmar Thompkins- fired from Oakland PD for beating people up, hired by HSU to continue the same behavior (which he has).

    “Good” is all relative. If you or I watched (and got paid to assist or watch) people get beat up, killed, stolen from, held down, etc, and we just stood there or helped out, or kept quiet about what really happened, we would be WRONG. When cops do it, the bar is so low, many just figure, “Well, they could have done worse.”

    The “Blue Wall of Silence” is not something I made up. (or the Green for prison guards)

    If someone was a KKK member or a Nazi Party member, but was not one of the most violent in the groups, are they “good” Party members? Of course, there are degrees of thugishness, but cloaking oneself in the U.S. Police system (even with initial good intentions), is inevitably problematic. Once again, to all who have not, watch the Stanford Prison Experiment. And learn your history. And as my good friend and comrade, the late Bill Holmes, would always say, “Have a peaceful day.”


    • The stanford police experiment is almost laughable. A 6 day exercise with a bunch of middle classed, priveledged hippies from 44 years ago. Put men in dresses with no underwear and wonder why they “sit differently”? LMAO. And purposely give the guards sunglasses designed from those worn in “Cool Hand Luke”? This wasn’t a “simulation” of actual conditions. It was creating conditions in hope of getting a desired result. By all means, if you need a good laugh, read this !


  11. Wow….verbena equates the police dept. to the Nazi party and the KKK. Fortunately for her, she has a like minded blog to spew her hate.


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