Ouch! …..Potential $20,000,000 Million dollar Liability. Thanks Chief Mills!

Tommy McClain was gunned down by the Eureka Police Department this past September. EPD has put their spin on what took place, and so far that has been the only narrative that held any weight. From the DA’s office, to the kangaroo “shooting review board”, all of the local government workers have tried to give EPD a pass on this killing. Well now Tommy’s family gets to tell their side of things. Over the next several years this case will play out in civil court. If it isn’t settled beforehand, the public will get to see what the families investigation found. We’re confident it will show how the horrible decisions of EPD led to this preventable tragedy.

gavel and $

But that’s not the first $10 million dollar lawsuit under Chief Mill’s reign. It’s the second. As reported only by the Examiner, the family of Daren Borges is suing EPD for wrongful death, in eerily similar circumstances to the Martin Cotton case. From the lawsuit:

“Officer Michael D. Stelzig Jr detained and arrested Daren Borges (“Decedent”) without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, used negligent tactics and unreasonable force toward him, denied, delayed, and failed to summon medical assistance for him…”

This isn’t just news, it’s unprecedented in the history of Eureka. $20+ million dollars in lawsuits stemming from actions taken while Mills was in charge. Wow. We guess the phrase “charging forward”, which was so recently coined by EPD, is referring to “charging more tax payer money” in the form of lawyers fees, judgements and settlements. This is your “new”, “forward thinking” police department Eureka. Pretty sad, huh? Even sadder is that Stelzig Jr. is still getting paid. At least Mills hasn’t promoted him……………………………………yet!


24 thoughts on “Ouch! …..Potential $20,000,000 Million dollar Liability. Thanks Chief Mills!

  1. Damn what mess Mills is responsible for


  2. Why’s that Stelzig idiot still collecting a pay check?


  3. Well not as much attention on the Borges/Stelzig case, but there is one difference. Linfoot is back on regular duty. Stelzig is not. That means even the corrupt kangaroo court EPD must feel there is something really wrong. I don’t think the DAs office has formally weighed in on a charging decision and EPD apparently hasn’t cleared him. That is why he is still collecting a check. I think there must be something to this. Also, the days of Eureka being a member of RMIF (Redwood Municipal Insurance Fund) are numbered. I thought they would drop them aft the Nancy Delany Martin Cotton debacle. They are a drain on all of the other cities. They will bankrupt the fund. Then these families can start taking assets, like city buildings and vehicles. The city will not meet its obligations. Trust me this is an unending doom and crisis.


  4. And keep in mind, with the Martin Cotton case, the lawyers for the City of Eureka (the wretched Nancy Delaney and her pet, Nick Kloeppel- both of Mitchell, Brisso, Delaney, and Vrieze) got thousands of dollars in lawyers fees for YEARS to fight Martin’s young daughter and father’s lawsuit. Then, after Eureka Officer Justin Winkle, Eureka Officer Adam Laird, and Eureka Officer Gary Whitmer were found liable AND punitive damages were levied against them (“they acted with wantonness, recklessness, or maliciousness”), Delaney wanted to appeal whether Martin’s family could be awarded money for the PAIN AND SUFFERING that these officers caused Martin, leading to his death. The court required a $5 million dollar bond for the City to even file the appeal. And they did it! (and still ended up paying, rightfully so, the Cotton family) So, City thugs murder residents, the City pays crooks like Delaney tons of money to defend the murders, and takes many millions more than what the lawsuit demands from the people of the City- to try and save face. Or maybe just to have Delaney live high on the hog, while most Eurekans suffer. On top of that, the cops who murder get salaries up in the 100 thousand dollar a year area. The rotten, mean behavior, the losses of life they cause, the trauma they inflict every day- these are the worst problems. The money is an additional (and real) affront and theft from the very community they terrorize.

    Folks might remember that Mills, several months ago, trying to pass Measure Q, presented pie charts and lists about where City money comes from and for what. Two things to point out: 1) most City money comes from sales tax and 2) Mills conveniently “left out” (and acknowledged it verbally) the monies that the City spends on lawsuits against the police, and liabilities period. As if that is just chump change. How convenient.

    I support lawsuits against the City for wrongful death, excessive force, civil rights violations etc. Too bad the City government and the cops themselves are so cemented in the police state, that they won’t stop supporting and inflicting those wrongs.

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  5. You discribe Delaney pretty well except I would add arrogant and incompetent. That whole firm is all about the money not the client or the public.


  6. If the families got verdicts for even half what they’re asking, it would be monumental.


    • The Cottons did. It is monumental, but the “special” people of Eureka did not seem to notice much. As long as “their Chief” (then, Murl ‘bag man’ Harpham) says to ignore what his officers did. No help publicizing the truth from the local media either. If the beating to death of a vulnerable young man by police received half as much attention and outrage by the locals as the killing of the Priest a couple years ago, THAT would be monumental. Somehow here the so-called progressives have decided that when cops murder people, we should throw more money at them.


      • Cotton’s young daughter, Siehna, was awarded in 2011$1,250,000 for the pain and suffering inflicted on Cotton and $2,750,000 for wrongful death.

        The jury also found that the conduct of Eureka Police Officers Justin Winkle, Gary Whitmer and Adam Laird “shocked the conscience” and thereby awarded Martin Cotton Sr. $500,000.

        In addition the jury awarded punitive damages for which the officers will be personally liable. Laird and Winkle were ordered to pay $30,000 each while Whitmer is on the hook for $15,000.

        The family’s attorney Vicki Sarmiento said Cotton, 26, died from blunt force trauma to the head and would have survived with medical attention. Cotton died after being taken to the Humboldt County jail after an altercation with police and others at the Eureka Rescue Mission.

        Eureka Mayor Frank Jager was coroner at the time of Cotton’s death and initially tried to blame it on an overdose of LSD.

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  7. I suggest the people along with the City Council members any government that has to do with changing the way things work in Humboldt get together in turn things around to where the Eureka Police Department would be held liable themselves to pay out of their own pockets and pay checks I bet the killings would stop then hit him in the pocket where it hurts instead of making the taxpayers pay for their mistakes


  8. Even the punitive damages levied against EPD’s Justin Winkle, Adam Laird, and Gary Whitmer- which are supposed to be paid out of their own pockets- was paid by us.

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  9. For change to take place, the language of change must always precede it and become ubiquitous, hence, the self-censorship by knowledgeable and lettered officials too afraid to appear as “advocates” for anything beyond their own careers.

    Everyone that knows something about the uncomfortable realities within their community have obligations to speak-out and act as a friction to change course.

    Without people like Verbena, where’s the collective memory? The GD “public media” treats each new wrongful killing as if it were the only one!

    Please keep reminding us and the media!

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  10. Another thing– EPD’s Joshu Siipola, besides being a rude, abusive thug most of the time, would have also been in the Martin Cotton trial because he participated in the unthinkable beating that killed Martin. But, Siipola got out of the civil trial because he WENT BACK TO AFGHANISTAN to war on the people there. EPD’s Siipola was one of the cops Mills chose for his Community Shooting Review Board. Outrageous.

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    • Are you saying that Siipola somehow volunteered for duty in a war zone just to get out of town? It’s his job……defending your right to spew lies and bullshit. Put the pipe down for a while.


      • I’m saying it’s bullshit for Siipola who proves himself to be violent (much of the time!) and who participated in the fatal beating of Martin Cotton, and who only got out of litigation about it because he left the country (to GO BACK to a war that does NOTHING to protect mine or your rights),is a bad choice for a so-called Community Shooting Review Board.

        I’ve seen plenty of aggression from Eureka Officer Joshua Siipola, but I’ll share this just this one experience. My friend and I (both of us petite women) were helping an elderly woman on Spring Stree who’s tire almost fell off her vehicle. We had seen her car veer onto the sidewalk and almost hit some young moms. We learned after she stopped (and we did too) that her tire was about to fall off and she lost control of the vehicle. My friend and I got a jack out of our trunk and were changing it the tire to a spare. The woman was trying to get to work- she was very freaked out about the almost-accident. Siipola and another unhelpful thug came over and began questioning us, my friend on the ground TURNING THE LUG WRENCH! The old woman told him that we were helping, and in what I thought was a very vulnerable-sounding way, pleaded, “Can you help, Officers?” Siipola thought it more macho or something to ignore the woman and ask us again what we were doing.We just looked at him like he was clueless. The woman asked again if they could help. Eureka Officer Siipola and his cop buddy left without offering the woman any assistance, much less any consolation. What a guy.

        I do not believe that people coming back from war should become cops.Historic numbers of new veterans are committing suicide. Maybe returning vets should get counseling, places to live, the education they were probably promised, and support- not more weapons and the power to do whatever their battlefield mind decides to do to people.

        I actually don’t smoke anything but tobacco, “Just Watchin'”, but maybe you should try some marijuana. Then, maybe you won’t be ‘just watchin’. You could get more motivated to be active in seeking social justice (as has been found to be the case with high school age people who smoke pot), and learn that U.S. imperialism does not protect us. Struggling for true justice protects our rights, and it is the only thing that ever has.

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  11. Chief Mills thinks that’s the officers followed there protocol

    Use of force
    Shot placement. 308.5.5

    The head and the neck could not be intentionally targeted when deadly force is not reasonably Justified

    I don’t think so Mills


  12. Clearly, hiring practices are a primary problem within law enforcement.

    Combat veterans and terrified rookies have no place on a small town civilian police force, especially considering their performance nationwide.


    • With all the gun totin, drug dealin thugs you have running your city, it’s hardly a typical “small town”. Andy and Barney wouldn’t cut it.


      • Andy and Barney were not gun totin, drug dealin thugs, but the EPD are.

        You are probably of the mindset that keeps everyone in poverty and despair- give all the resources to the police, don’t do anything for the people, and expect things to get better. FAIL.

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      • The Andy and Barney reference went right over your head in your effort to denigrate the EPD. Guess you can’t let an opportunity go by.


  13. “Don’t do anything for the people”?

    They’ll tell you that they spent a fortune helping those folks out of their flop house and into temporary shelter before being sued by the “ungrateful beneficiaries”.

    When that’s the only mainstream narrative, it becomes the general understanding and alternatives that are proven more effective, whether in law enforcement or housing the homeless, are discarded.

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    • What about the speed that some were posting on loco to discredit Tommy? WTF was that about. RIP Brings us to tears. There are no words.


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