Will the real Chief Mills Please Stand Up?

mills at elks

John Chiv captures the good ol’ boys at the Elks

Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills has been very clear with his position on violent crime in Eureka: “Violent crime is down in Eureka”. Not only that, he’s made it clear that if you aren’t involved in criminal activity, you shouldn’t worry about being violently attacked.


However, Chief Mills had some slip-ups at this last City Council meeting. We assume he was so focused on explaining how his kangaroo court was sooo transparent (Shooting Review Board made up of current or former city employees). He spent a lot of time talking about how much work (a few hours taken place on 1 day) went into this board, which found that officers followed policy. That might have been why he forgot his talking points and let some truth come out. In the world of politics they call that a “gaffe”.

brady at elks

Brady gives Chiv a big ol’ grin at the Elks


Marian Brady, “Democrat” council woman and recent attendee of the Humboldt Republican Women luncheon asked Chief Mills whether “drugs” was a major problem in Eureka (duh!). Chief Mills responded by telling a story about how just the night before the meeting, an officer dealt with a traffic collision. The person who caused the collision, a convicted felon, was found to be in possession of a loaded handgun in his pocket. Mills said, “This is a regular occurrence in our city. There are a lot of firearms…..we confront this regularly. For a city this size we get a lot of guns.”

Wow. Thank goodness that we have been told about how many armed violent people there are in this town. It’s also nice that EPD keeps us up to date with this type of activity with thier regular press releases. What a minute….that’s not what’s happening at all. EPD puts out very few press releases about violent crime and the only way to hear about these type of anecdotal stories is to wait for the EPD reports to the council (which doesn’t happen all that often).

The spin master let some truth slip regarding violent crime. He also let some truth slip about EPD’s “transparent” internal affairs process. He provided the nationwide stats, which showed that on average 25% of citizen complaints result in an “exonerated” finding for the officer (meaning the officer did everything correctly). Since 2008, EPD has “exonerated” 73% of officers. That’s about 300% more than the national average. Did anyone on the council ask why? Nope. The “Teflon Chief” didn’t even have to dodge questions about this very questionable statistic.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say the quote again, “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” Thanks for reinforcing our view Eureka.


10 thoughts on “Will the real Chief Mills Please Stand Up?

  1. Looks like the new council doesn’t have any balls. But then again…they’re all girls, so I guess that makes sense.


  2. It seems this Chief has done very well with telling council members what they want to hear. At one point, Natalie asked him about a possible review of all officer shootings over the past 10 years. Mills told her he was “still working” on it, and was looking for funding.

    Is he actually serious about the review? Probably not. But it sounds good and will keep Natalie happy, so why not throw it out there!


    • Well, as long as a bunch of cops and former cops do the review, AND he can get $$$ for setting it up, SURE!! But it won’t be a review, just another PR stunt. If Natalie wants a review of all officer shootings over the past 10 years, she would not ask the Chief, but actual experts and non-cop affiliated people. Good luck getting all the info to actually do a review (police statements, etc), unless the Chief hands it over because he really wants a true review by people other than his cronies.


  3. Ooops!..or did he mispeak and say it bass ackwards?..ahh, geez, good catch TE.


  4. Good to see M. Brady representing


  5. I’m pretty sure Chief Mills stood up when he got the news EPD is getting slapped with yet another 10 million dollar lawsuit for wrongful death. Doesn’t look that great since both killings occurred during his time as Chief.

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  6. After what heap-big Chief Mills said about Eureka I find that I am in complete agreement with Johnny Cash and Kenny Rodgers on the issue:

    Don’t take your guns or love to town.


  7. Regarding Brady’s question about drugs… sounds like a diversion or blame the victim maneuver to draw attention away from a MURDER BY POLICE. Also, guns are not the same as drugs (as many Eurekan old timers would certainly argue.), so Mills’ response was … nonresponsive. And said to further the diversion and create more prejudice. It seems the gov in this town clearly does not want things to get better.


  8. Any one can go in to the police and ask for a officers I.I.U file.
    It’s public information


    • Personnel files of police have long been kept from the public. Then, in 2006, the CA Supreme Court, in a case called Copley Press v. Superior Court, further SEALED and kept hidden personnel records of cops from everyone else.


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