EPD takes a step backwards and it’s a good thing!

The Examiner is very critical of the Eureka Police Department particularly its management, with good reason. However, when EPD takes some positive action, we would be remiss to not bring attention to their work. This past week, EPD arrested 9 bullet holes stop signpeople in relation to a targeted gang sweep. Some of the names are regulars in the local court system, and they are just the type of criminal to keep on committing crimes if they feel they have a free reign because the cops are busy harassing kids on bikes and the homeless.


We are very glad to see the City of Eureka take this positive step. Not too long ago, we sent an open letter to the left of center members of the Eureka City Council. Here is a portion of the letter, which highlights one of the areas we thought would be helpful to stem the tide of rising violent crime:

1) There needs to be a concerted effort to address gang members and violent parolees/probationers. Gang sweeps and probation/parole sweeps that are publicized, and routine. EPD should use their resources to make it clear that those that have shown a proclivity to violence aren’t welcome in the city. Just a few years ago, mug shots of gangsters and parolees were a regular occurrence in EPD press releases. Those arrests were publicized and dangerous felons knew that proactive policing, gang sweeps, and consistent attention in the media was making it hard for them to operate in Eureka. Chief Mills has gone away from that style of policing, but has it been effective? No. The proof is in the pudding. Just a few years ago using these type of targeted enforcement on violent criminals had the effect of…………lowering violent crime. The data is there, and that is at the very least a good start.


Good job on this particular operation EPD, keep it up.  Thank you to whoever might have read our letter and taken the advice. Whether it was the council, or the chief, we’re just glad to see that at least a small step has been taken toward a more positive and proactive policing model. Shopping carts and bike laws won’t fix Eureka’s problems, but proactively enforcing laws against ga byngs and other dangerous criminals will.


7 thoughts on “EPD takes a step backwards and it’s a good thing!

  1. Indeed, correct priorities.

    Was it 53 people the EPD said accounted for some huge % of police attentions?
    Posting their pictures may be encouraging them.

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  2. Don’t believe everything (anything) EPD says. I know one of the faces they posted, and she is not violent or a gang person.

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  3. Not perfect, but a step in the right direction.


  4. Howeverrrrr….. What they fail to state is that one certain issued PO (probation officer) gave false information regarding Prop. 47 and led his client to beleive he was home free and the the DA had paperwork in hand to drop his non-violent crime charges down…. and when that certain PO realized he fucked up he issued a warrent and had 17 deep raid this persons house while they were at their 6 yr olds desk doing schoolwork with him…… YES, a knock at the front door would have save you guys lots of time!!!! oh yeah, and Money too 🙂


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