Happy to Birthday to us

Bret HarteJust over a year ago, a group of us were sitting down at our favorite watering hole. These weekly meetings had been going on for some time, and our group was beginning to get disheartened. Watching the political pendulum swing and bring with it a conservative, development backed majority to both the Eureka City Council and the Board of Supervisors had been wearing down the group’s ability to look toward a positive future.

What were we to do? Donate huge sums of cash to the candidates they support? Not likely, since our group didn’t include people with a lot of disposable income. Protest? Write letters to the editor condemning the Brady Bunch and the BOS gang of four? All possibilities were discussed. But alas, the group wasn’t excited about these options and wasn’t convinced they would make a big difference.

One of our group made a very poignant observation; “If the Humboldt Herald was still going, these folks would have a lot to answer for.” With that, the collective light bulb went on. Humboldt was lacking a progressive source of information that spoke truth to the moneyed interests.

With that, our group was off and running toward operating a blog. Of course, the road was a little bumpy. None of us were professional writers, and no one had ever run a blog. With gumption, elbow grease and a little duct tape the Tuluwat Examiner was created. Today marks our first year!

We’ve seen some signs that things locally are improving, even if the improvements are coming at a snail’s pace. For instance, Eureka has an all female, left of center majority on the City Council.

DINO Virginia Bass is no longer a member of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (the Examiner would like to believe we had a small part in that).

Heartfelt and sometimes intelligent conversations are now taking place regarding addressing the huge lack of services for the county’s house less population.

Mayor Jager is no longer using city resources to further his religious evangelism.

For a while, our group was blessed with the very humorous, well written and intelligent posts from our much respected ally Mola:42. We were not only thankful for his contributions, but we laughed our asses off whenever we got to read his posts. We miss picking out zany pictures to go with them. Thanks again for all your help, Mola.

Things haven’t been all milk and honey, though. While initially excited about a new Police Chief for Eureka, from out of the area, his actions and the department’s continuation of doing things the “same as always” has left us disappointed and saddened. Tommy McClain was gunned down in his front yard, and the Chief has done everything possible to keep the public in the dark regarding the tragedy. Violent crime is up, and last year’s murder statistics plainly show that you are more likely to be murdered in Eureka than in Los Angeles. Are we hopeful for some improvement with the police? A little, as long as the progressive Eureka City Council makes clear, that things need to change at EPD.

Our blog couldn’t have made through the year without the absolutely wonderful readers and fans. Your comments have (minus a few trolls) been thought provoking and intelligent. The tips from community members and insiders working for the City, County and in other areas have given us the ability to bring forward posts that no other media is covering locally. Thank you.

The Examiner staff is very happy pleased with the work that has been accomplished so far, and we are looking forward to doing much more. Although in the beginning we expected to have hundreds of comments, we’re actually very happy with the high quality of comments we do get. The vast majority of our viewers don’t comment, but having thousands of daily regular readers that visit our site, tells us that we are fulfilling an important role.

Thank you readers, we hope to continue questioning those in power and moving forward progressive ideas and shedding some light on the hidden areas of power in Humboldt.


30 thoughts on “Happy to Birthday to us

  1. Happy Birthday! Glad to have you around :). Keep up the good work!!!

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  2. Happy Birthday!

    For the next year, can you start to publish more in-depth researched articles? Publishing half-truths, and passing them off as fact, has given TE a poor reputation beyond just your little group.


  3. Don’t back off, keep pushin’ for justice and fairness

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  4. Here is the following prediction. Next year TE will be celebrating its 2nd Birthday, and EC will have disappeared off of the face of the earth, and will have been exposed for the fraud it was.

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  5. Only a year? I thought you’d been around longer than that!
    Good Job and Happy Birthday. :o)

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  6. Will the public ever get the privilege of knowing the identities of those who post here? Isn’t that essential to public discourse? Publicly and openly standing by your views?

    There is something precious about the self-congratulatory tone of a blog whose authors won’t even *put their own names* on their work. The complete lack of self-awareness here is really something.


    • Donald Sells:

      Are you REALLY Donald Sells? I haven’t the foggiest. I have never met you. You could be some one spoofing the real Donald Sells, if there is one.

      So, in the end, how does that make your contribution any better than anyone else’s?

      It’s WHAT we talk about here that matters… not who is doing the talking.

      Okay… you win. My real name is Zorg Zifflemeister Jr. Happy?

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      • Thank you for responding.

        Do you honestly think it’s just some trivial, meaningless point that the people behind this blog don’t sign their names to their work? Try running that by pretty much anyone who works in journalism – anyone – in print or blog. In fact, write the current chair of Journalism at HSU – whoever that is (I have no idea) – and run this idea by them. Get back to me with their response.

        Signing one’s name to a public statement provides a means of holding people accountable for their words. When someone puts their own, real name to their words (like I’m doing here), that person assumes the responsibility (if they really are interested in public debate) of answering for their views, whether that takes the form of providing evidence in support of their views (in the form of information – stats, studies, etc.) or elaborating them further, beyond the relatively limited space of a blog post. That is why it matters. And, I mean this in the nicest possible way, you should KNOW this already.

        The T’wat’s organizers don’t do this (i.e., give their own names) precisely because they *don’t* want their views to be publicly challenged. They lack basic confidence in (and any real support for) much of what they publish, and they know people will question, or force them to verify, much of the misleading, poorly written, vitriol they claim to be so useful for the community. They would rather spew their badly conceived, verbal diarrhea from the safety of their homes than ever have to defend their choices in public. In other words, they won’t do what the police chief, Mills, has to do every time someone asks him about his decisions.

        Here’s an example: the blog posted some absurd comparison between the recent indictment of the NYPD cop who shot an unarmed man and the death of that kid Maclean. The writers stated something like “there are clear connections between the two cases”. None of the promised “similarities” ever materialized. Oh, both men were shot by police. That’s the similarity.

        I teach reading, writing, and thinking to hundreds of undergraduates: this shit wouldn’t pass a basic composition course. Students in my classes would be embarrassed to submit the kind of shit-sandwhich this blog serves up on a daily basis. Completely intellectually dishonest.

        THAT is why the bloggers won’t publicly stand by their words. And that’s why they don’t deserve to be taken seriously. In fact, LOCO doesn’t really deserve to be taken seriously either, since they link to this site as if readers are getting some kind of insight about anything at all. After reading some of the stuff written by LOCO bloggers, I suspect they are also running this pile as well.

        Yes, that is who I am. I was born and raised in Eureka. And that isn’t your real name, so everything I’ve just said about why this matters is probably lost on you. Thanks for giving me the chance to elaborate on my first comment.


    • Boooo, anonymous poster under the handle of Donald Sells. The Examiner isn’t selling ad space, they don’t claim to be real reporters, and they run an anonymous blog. Nuff said.

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      • Isn’t that interesting. Are you speaking for them? I wonder if the creators of this site would agree with you that they aren’t attempting to inform the public as journalism seeks to do.

        And don’t they always try to shit on, well, *real reporters*, like that Greenson guy.

        JP: Put brain in gear first. Then type.


      • Donald Sells….you’re assuming that JP isn’t one of the blog organizers. I’d bet that all four are regular commenters. Come on out of the shadows gentlemen !


      • Donald Sells:

        Way to harsh the Happy Birthday buzz.

        JP is correct that the Tuluwat Examiner has never ever EVER claimed journalistic status.

        Did I already say never?

        You want to use your real name so people can contact you and get further information and exchange of views? If you are into that sort of thing… good for you.

        Me, I say what I have to say here. You want more… just ask. Here. But the last thing I want is my Email bursting at the seams and my telephone ringing off the hook because some loon-toon (or a whole pack of them) decides I need to be convinced of their viewpoint no matter what.

        If the Tuluwat Examiner were making specific accusations about a person’s criminal activities then yes… a name to back up the accusation is a necessity.

        But that is not what the Tuluwat Examiner does. It provides information and invites people to comment.

        For instance; you used that privilege to question equating the NY incident with the McClain incident. It’s other people’s privilege to question your view point.

        I also have a background in Journalism… enough to know an opinion piece from hard news coverage. Don’t you?

        Oh, and Mr. Sells (if that’s your real name) didn’t your momma teach you that using vulgarities weakens your credibility (and is just not nice)? You should be ashamed…

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      • JW just might be a TE staffer. Think about it. Put out comments that are so hateful, stupid and completely right wing that the blog gets others to comment. Kind of like what I’m doing now….

        Damn. These TE bloggers are clever. They have a fake troll to get me all riled up. Never again Just Watchin’, or should I say, Bret Harte.

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      • hahaha, great JP…you outed Bret Harte…dang!

        Happy Birthday TE whoever you are, I don’t care, I am really happy you are here in Eureka doing this.

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  7. Happy Birthday TE.

    And, Mr. Sells -mind if I call you Don? – for someone who claims to” teach reading, writing and thinking to hundreds of undergraduates” you then immediately start talkin’ “shit”. How hip ! How lucky for your undergraduates that you can communicate at their level. I guess. Thanks for that amusing insight about who you are, Don.

    Of course you’ ll probably interpret that I’m just jealous because I got stuck with very un-hip Jesuits teaching me that shit when I was an undergraduate. And you’d be right.

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    • Thanks for your reply, Milt. I apologize if my use of the term “shit sandwich” offended you. Please be patient with me. I hope you will be able to acknowledge my views despite any offense I may have caused.

      Anyway, do you have any response to the substantive points I made about why I consider the T’wat Examiner a shit sandwich? Any at all?

      I’m beginning to see why the T’wat Examiner provides such lazy commentary: the readers are even lazier.


      • You win. The TE is horrible. By utilizing the well reasoned argument of ‘shit’ and ‘twat’ you have convinced me of your viewpoint. Thank you, and please feel free to never come back to this ‘shit’ site.

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      • Donald Sells:

        I am filled with shame (and poop).

        My advice… go ahead and not take the Tuluwat Examiner seriously. That’s your right. I don’t think anyone will loose sleep over that.

        And never mind that I don’t take you seriously either.

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  8. Mumia Abu-Jamal is called the “voice of the voiceless.” He was framed in 1981 (a framing that was in the works since the 60’s when the FBI kept track of him at rallies, making speeches, etc.). Mumia has been in prison since 1981, and he is still speaking, writing, reporting as the “voice of the voiceless.” He is an esteemed black journalist, was before he went to prison and still is to this day. He has said, “The government would rather give me an Uzi than a microphone.”

    There are groups all over the U.S. and the world: Journalists for Mumia, Educators for Mumia, classes and graduating commencement speeches that feature Mumia over phone, recording, and loudspeaker. A street is named after him in France. Mumia Abu-Jamal is “dangerous” to the Amerikkkan system because he is brilliant, well-spoken, super informed (without the internet), revolutionary, kind, warm, dedicated to truth and liberation and justice, unafraid to speak, committed to the people, and black. And he and his family (and all of us!) have suffered dearly because the government, and even many “regular” people, don’t like the truth and will punish those who tell it effectively.

    I am glad the Tuluwat Examiner does what it does, and I couldn’t care less whether it tells its name(s) to the world as long as it continues to expose corruption, question dominant narratives, and speak things that no other local blogs will speak. I see the TE as a “people’s blog” , not a “perpetuate the bullshit blog” like most local blogs and local media. Are you familiar with Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States”? THAT’S what I mean about a people’s blog.

    We need more people sharing information, understandings, and perspectives that are hidden and silenced by those in power and by the all-too brainwashed society. It is frowned upon by those ‘in power’ (or their snotty, banker, white, whiny full of shit husbands or those hipster so-called reporters, or greedy big-mouthed accountants) to speak of anything CURRENT that reflects bad on the power structure or exposes the everyday slime of how this city or county is run, how the people are duped, etc. The genocide that Bret Harte reported about and was run out of town for is now talked about by politicians, society in general, accepted as truth. he expulsion of Chinese people from this area is accepted as truth. And it is accepted that the racism, the massacres and the expulsions were HORRIFIC and UNACCEPTABLE. [And this general societal acceptance is ‘fine’ as long as it is accompanied by the popular tool of denial- said denial comes with the belief that these things happened “one time”, due to “bad apples”, they were “rare occurrences” and have nothing to do with people or circumstances TODAY….]

    Talk about CURRENT genocidal, horrific, unacceptable, inhumane, murderous actions (subtle and blatant) now, and see how the politicians, the media, the good ‘ole boys, the cops, and many “common” people with an abundance of fear and a huge lack of critical thinking skills respond…

    I am grateful that the Tuluwat Examiner staff is seeking the truth, challenging the usual stream of bullshit we are fed, and seems to be trying to tell the “people’s story.” Perspective and facts that are not bought by advertising or political favors, but developed though real life research, critical thinking, honest people- some who are often the “voiceless.”

    I encourage the Tuluwat Examiner to continue in a good way. We need more honesty and critical thinking around here.

    “They call me an enemy of the state. So I must be doing something right.” Marilyn Buck, Dec 13, 1947 – Aug 3rd, 2010

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    • The irrelevance of this post is matched only by its complete lack of originality. Naming a bunch of left-wing cause celebres and then saying, “see! that’s what the T’wat Ex. is doing too!!!” is NOT critical thinking. In fact, it is pretty much the opposite.


      • You continue to use immature “potty talk” when referring to this blog. That is NOT critical thinking. The fact that you read this blog often, and then refer to it in disparaging terminology regarding the part of a female anatomy that helped bring you into this world speaks volumes about your state of mental health. Where is Freud when you need him?

        Mysogny may not be a recognized mental illness, but it should be.

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  9. I tend to agree with both Donald and you, Verbena, when you says this especially “We need more people sharing information, understandings, and perspectives that are hidden and silenced”. I do want there people to participate any way they can. So if the only options for the writers of the TE is to participate by being anonymous – so be it.

    But that’s not why I wanted to post on this b-day celebration. I wanted to add my thanks and my support from an HCDCC associate member that this …”DINO Virginia Bass is no longer a member of the Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee (the Examiner would like to believe we had a small part in that).” is true.

    One reason proving you did play a role is mentioning this at all during a year retrospective.

    It was a big deal, for Democrats, for Virginia herself, even if she won’t admit it, and for Humboldt County politics. (all imho)

    The reason I contend Supervisor Bass should be pleased with her non-membership is the 11/4/14 election in Eureka. In this election Virginia was free to endorse who she wanted to – other members of the “I’m a moderate if anything but I’m definitely not a Republican” Party. These were the men she thought were best for Eureka’s future, something she would not have been able to state publicly as a member of the HCDCC. Isn’t this a result that is better for all involved? Again, especially if we want politicians to be able to, say, speak publicly rather than not.

    Honesty is important in politics if we are going to get the best policies out of our leaders.

    (I’d like to add transparency to honesty, but we’ll save that for another, non-Birth, day.)

    One more thing… DuckDuckGo does not find a Donald Sells in Eureka, something you would think it would as a transparency-first post H.S. educator might have an intertubes wake. Also, JP also mentioned this is passing, but I think Donald Sells’ chosen and offensive shorthand for TE belies an antagonism that makes it seem like maybe he’s not being as transparent as he’d like us to believe.

    Way to go TE. Happy Birthday and may there be many, many (many) more.

    (the opinions above are my own, not those of the hcdcc.)

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