The Public just won’t hush up about the unjustifiable killing of Tommy McClain

This past Tuesday, the Eureka City Council had a meeting which seemed pretty dull and uncontroversial, at least from what was written in the agenda packet. However, two local residents took the time to show up and speak truth to power. We commend you for your efforts, and your time wasn’t wasted. We and others were paying attention.

tommy rip

Linfoot is back on duty, Stephens is promoted to Captain and Tommy is still dead.

During the public comment period, two citizens told the council about their concerns regarding the “Community Shooting Review Board” of the Tommy McClain killing. Both made it clear that having city staff review the shooting without any public participation was, by definition, the opposite of being transparent.

The first speaker, Ama Tierney (sorry if we got that wrong), asked when the “report” would be made public, and the only answer from the chambers were……crickets. Mayor Jager finally spoke and said to call or email the council for more information.

The second speaker, who didn’t identify herself, asked about how the lawsuits (or lawsuits) were going and spoke about her surprise that there wasn’t more information available. She told the council there was a recent study regarding officer involved shootings in California, which the council might want to look at. The study was by Mike Males. We were eager to see what was held in within the pages of that study (given that Males is not from Eureka and holds no real ties to the area). The study should be shocking to that powerful block of people who believe they live in the quaint “Victorian Seaport” of Eureka.   Here are some links to an article regarding the study:

The first article related to the study starts out with a bang, unfortunately. Eureka is on the map…..for all the wrong reasons:

Who do cops shoot in California? The most powerful, tragic images are of young African Americans like Oscar Grant in 2009 and Ezell Ford last August, victims of harsh policing in racially segregated and underserved areas like east Oakland and south central Los Angeles. Yet in remote towns like Eureka and a cluster in the southern deserts (Desert Hot Springs, Vista, Perris, Hemet, and Indio), people are much more likely to be killed by officers — not just in per capita rates, but often in raw numbers.

Let’s repeat that. In small towns like Eureka, people are much more likely to be killed by officers than in East Oakland and South Central Los Angeles. The article also points to another elephant in the room regarding “police culture”. Do other cities in Humboldt have murders, robberies, rapes and high property crimes? Duh, of course. Arcata isn’t always just drum circles and cannabis. They have heroin, gangs, murders, stabbings, violent crimes and everything else prevalent in Humboldt. However…..did you ever hear of APD shooting anyone in the past decade or two? Even though they arrest armed bad guys and gang members? Very strange, and the study picks it:

“Likewise, on the surface, Eureka and Arcata would seem fairly similar towns, as would (say) Moreno Valley and Santa Clarita. Yet, Eureka and Moreno Valley suffer regular police killings while Arcata and Santa Clarita have recorded none in recent years.”

The secrecy, lack of transparency and culture of the Eureka Police Department has left the citizens of Eureka in a horrific mess. Crime is up, including the worst types of violent crime. On the flip side, you are more likely to be killed by an officer in Eureka than if you were living in the ghetto’s of Oakland and LA.

Hey Natalie, we love you, but enough with the silence.

It’s time for a “real” civilian review board. It’s time for a “real”change.


88 thoughts on “The Public just won’t hush up about the unjustifiable killing of Tommy McClain

  1. I watched that. No response from the council at all, not even a nod. What’s the point of have a liberal majority if they just sit there in stoned silence?


    • You’re spot on Disappointed. It’s time for the council to address these long standing problems which exist in the police department. Chief Mills speaks of transparency and “charging forward”, but his actions show the complete opposite.

      It’s time for the council to start acting from the front, instead of sitting silently in the background.

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    • The council aren’t permitted to reply to statements made during public comment. Which I think is totally ridiculous, and what’s the point of having that at all then. But still, that’s why they didn’t – and almost never – say anything in reply to comments made during that period at regular meetings.


    • They have a choice to respond, even if it’s frowned upon.

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  2. Tommy is still dead because he had a real looking BB gun in his belt and reached for it in front of officers. All while having been drinking.

    Lesson learned: If you drink, leave the guns, even BB guns, in the house!


    • Unproven propaganda from EPD. I’m going to wait for the Civil trial and let see the “real evidence” not this – made up by Mills crap.

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    • No one has yet explained to me why this young man would have reached for an unloaded BB gun when facing armed cops. There is no indication he was mentally ill or suicidal. It just doesn’t add up. I am willing to believe the cops might have *thought* he was reaching for it, but I very much doubt that he actually was. At best I think what happened may have been the result of a tragic mistake on both ends.

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  3. Highrolla: Where did the BB gun come from? The family already admitted Tommy had it on him at the time of the shooting!

    Was he intoxicated? Absolutely! According to the BAC toxicology report in the autopsy, he was well over the limit. Additional statements from the family confirm he had been drinking.

    There may be a civil trial, but common sense will prevail and there will be no “reward” for the family of a 22-year old intoxicated man with a weapon that confronted police.

    Tragic death? Yes! Who’s to blame? Tommy McClain!


    • Agreed, he had the unloaded bb gun. Agreed, he was intoxicated. But it doesn’t sound like he “confronted” police, it sounds like they “confronted” him. Unnecessarily, as it turns out, and with tragic consequences.

      This doesn’t mean Tommy had no role in his demise, and it may well be true that he had made different choices — at the outset, and as the situation unfolded — he might still be alive today.

      But it does mean that the cops “confronted” him, in his own driveway, when he was not posing any real danger to anyone, and it does mean that had they made different choices — at the outset, and as the situation unfolded — Tommy would almost certainly still be alive, and the public would be no less safe for it.

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    • I want to know who you are talking to since you say the family said he had a gun ?? How do you get you BAC toxicology report when the family doesn’t even have those results yet…..The family never said he had a gun in fact the family said the opposite that he was unarmed and had his hands up! so you must be one of those cops hoping to cover up your mistakes. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A BADGE DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO MURDER!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. No one is disputing Tommy was drinking. Beyond that little is known outside of EPD’s propaganda.
    Lots of questions.
    The family is not looking for a pay day, they’re looking for some type of justice. Justice that has been denied them by Chief Mills up to this point.
    Release the unedited report publicly Mills!

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    • OK, so you agree that Tommy was drinking. What about the gun? It was recovered, verified by family as Tommy’s and that he had it on him at the time of the shooting.

      As far as justice? The report, and following investigation cleared the officers of wrong-doing. Case closed!

      A civil trial is an attempt at a pay-day! There is no other reason for filing a civil suit!

      The “justice” that Tommy’s family, and all the other “supporters”, including you, has already been settled. Justice was Tommy being shot dead for not being taught by his family to respect law enforcement and for not being taught to leave weapons alone when drinking. The family got justice: Tommy died by his own stupidity that was taught by his family!


    • “A civil trial is an attempt at a pay-day! There is no other reason for filing a civil suit!”

      Your ignorance of the legal system is only matched by your ignorance of history. I could elaborate, but judging by the obnoxious, hopelessly biased tone of your comment I would obviously be wasting my time.

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  5. “The gun? It was recovered, verified by family” Recovered when? by whom? As far as I am aware the family is disputing pretty much everything Mills has said.
    I am going wait to see the evidence at trial, not Mills press release evidence.

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    • The BB gun was recovered from Tommy’s body, in his yard, and listed in the initial police report. The same report contains statements from Tommy’s family verifying that the BB gun was his and in his possession at the time of the shooting.


    • Additionally:

      Of course the family is now disputing the police investigation! They now have an attorney and are looking for a payday!


      • The family wants Tommy back, but no one thought about that. The statement is not for public and hasn’t been released yet. So you are pretty much some dumb cop or a retarded DA cause that’s only ones who can see the report has of now. Lets wait for the trial when the truth actually comes out.


      • You must love to make up storys and suck cops dicks


  6. You’ve seen the Police Report? You must be a cop or work for the city. Because the public has never seen it. Just Mill’s lame press conference.
    Like I said I am waiting for the trial. It will all come out then.

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    • You are correct! The facts of the persons present at the shooting, not the beliefs of those who “heard” things afterward, will be presented at the family’s attempt at a payday!

      When it’s over, the city and it’s police department will be cleared, again, of any wrongdoing. Then, won’t you all fee pretty stupid believing a family trying to get financial gain from their son’s death! The officer should be suing those persons calling this a “murder” for slander. Don’t be surprised, once the family’s case is dismissed, if the officer doesn’t turn around and sue the family. That would be an open and shut case with true justice served!


    • Wait, Tex, what?..’you are correct’…at what: that you AmTex are a cop or work for the city? or or that ‘it will all come out then’?

      No matter, you SAID ‘the report says…'</bold so have you seen the report and are on TE spreading your side of a report we can't see, before any civil trial?

      Maybe that should be included in discovery and even a records request…..preserve all documents 'Tex'

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    • “When it’s over, the city and it’s police department will be cleared, again, of any wrongdoing”

      Same thing defenders of the EPD said before the Martin Cotton case, and before that the infamous pepper-spray swabbed-directly-in-the-eyes-by-Q-Tips case…but in both cases the jury in teh civli case, having heard all the facts, decided that the EPD was very much in the wrong. So…we’ll see.

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  7. In reply to Verbena.

    Then you are clearly misinformed!
    Tommy was drunk and in possession of a BB gun that was designed to resemble a real gun.
    Tommy’s family verified he had been drinking! The autopsy toxicology reports clearly prove he was legally drunk, by a wide margin.
    Tommy’s family also verified that he had the gun, in his possession, at the time of the shooting. They verified that he had been carrying it in his waistband.
    So, get the facts straight! The facts were verified by Tommy’s own family! Officers felt threatened by a drunk adult, with a weapon that he reached for! In that scenario, officers had the right to use deadly force, and they did so.

    Are you going to delete my comment from this article again! Censorship at it’s best? Hide the truth, as verified by Tommy’s family, only to keep your misguided protest of law enforcement alive?


    • AmTex…I can’t tell you how much I disrespect your blind ignorance on this tragic encounter the Police wrongly instigated. We all know the family was out bowling and celebrating a birthday….so what? They were drunk…they had a sober driver and arrived home. Tommy saw a car pull up, and suspected it might be another drug dealer…….he walked out had a conversation and then walked back to his house. You were not there at this scene…how the hell do you know that “Tommy reached for his weapon”?….oh yea….the cops said so. Secondly…Tommy had a hearing impairment…..there was more then one command yelled at him…the kid was confused. You sound like one cold blooded SOB.

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  8. Police found a BB gun AFTER they went back and looked in the house. No BB gun (or any weapon) did they find on Tommy’s dead body which the police had total control over. RIP Tommy McClain

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  9. Police found a BB gun AFTER they went back and looked in the house. No BB gun (or any weapon) did they find on Tommy’s dead body which the police had total control over.

    AmTex must be an idiot that also believed Martin Cotton II died from beating his own head to death, too. (One of the cops’ absurd and obsecne stoires) And the cops insisted that the video from the jail where EPD officers threw him would show that. Well, in addition to the torture the cops THEMSELVES testified in the civil trial that they did to Martin, jurors (judge, and trial audience) saw the jail video, and Martin Cotton II was seen DYING, writhing around holding his head from the beating that EPD’s Justin Winkle, Adam Laird, Gary Whitmer, and Joshua Siipola perpetrated against young Cotton.

    Your words and sentiments are sickening and you are brainwashed, AmTex.

    Justice for Tommy McClain

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    • Answer the question! Why delete my comments from the story? Are you afraid of the truth?

      The current story is about Tommy McClain; personally, I did not live here when Cotton died, so I won’t comment on what I don’t know.

      You were not at the McClain residence, were you? Have you read the coroner’s report? Have you seen the evidence log? Did you read the family statements given at the scene, before the search of the home?

      I HAVE! And I can tell you that your second-hand information has you misguided on the facts that occurred.

      Additionally, when the family’s “pay-day” trial is over, you will realize, when the truth is presented, just how misguided you truly are.


    • Caption on the picture of the blood stained bb gun in the LoCo said it was found ON Mcclain.


    • That because of misleading statements my Mills, The gun was not allegedly found until the search of Tommy’s room

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  10. What is profound in this piece is not Tommy’s death, though it lead to it. Tommy’s contribution to the circumstances that night or whether the police actions were justifiable are not the point.

    What is profound is that it focuses on the contribution of police culture to citizen deaths at the hands of the police, not case-by-case or annually, but over time. First, EPD shoots and kills; at least a half dozen citizens since 2000. Arcata has NO killings to even make comparisons. That alone begs the question: “Why?”.

    I don’t know much about APD culture since again, no controversies having occurred. Light has not been shone upon how that department handles cases internally. In contrast, EPD has used lethal force on citizens, had a number of workplace complaints/claims/lawsuits, acquired surplus heavy military artillery hired a chief (in part) to break the log jam of a department culture dominated for 40+ years by an old boys network, fired that same chief (in part) for having taken on that charge, replaced him with the old chief and promoted cops that kill. All the while, EPD has defensively guarded itself from outside oversight/inquiry and demonized those who question the outcomes of EPD’s policing themselves. This article hits the nail on the head – police culture in Eureka accepts and fiercely defends the use of deadly force on its citizens.

    I’d be willing to wager that the Humboldt Sheriffs Department has a lower kill rate than that of the Eureka Police Department. Something just doesn’t feel right, and the problem is much larger than Tommy McClain, booze and BB guns.

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  11. Why are comments being deleted? There are obvious responses to comments that somehow disappear. I’ve seen some comments, that are on topic, but later they are gone, yet related responses are still up.

    What’s up with the censorship TE?


    • Censorship? I can read what you’re writing, so how is that censorship?

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    • Tex has posted in two articles today and may are be cornfused, since he says about the same thing in both…..

      I doubt TE has censored anything…no one reads it anyway. :)..Who loves them some TE?…me.

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    • Why are the AmTex’s recent comments disappearing?

      First, they are there, then Verbena’s reply comment appears, but AnTex’s comment being replied to is gone!

      I actually saved the screenshot to compare the two, and definitely, there is censorship of the comments.

      The comments were “On Topic” as required by the rules, so the only explanation is that the comments were not agreeable to the thinking of TE.


      • Nobody is censoring you, yet. Stop putting your comments on Tommy’s memorial page. Put them here, where they belong. We moved one to the comment string so you would get the idea. We don’t care what you say (within the comments rules of course) in the comments string, but we don’t want your BS on our memorial page.

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    • I’ve had numerous recent comments deleted. Get used to it. It’s the Humboldt Herald all over again.


  12. A single officer fired shots, not a “firing squad”! What a theatrical description to use to your advantage. Additionally, you failed to report that Tommy was DRUNK and possessed a BB gun!

    Obviously, you were not at the scene and only report what you choose to believe, not the facts.

    Additionally, you chose to censor those who disagree with your opinion.

    WordPress have been sent screenshots of your site to prove censorship that is prohibited by their use agreement.
    I’ll drop my complaint with WordPress, when you stop the censorship! Otherwise, you may no longer have a site to promote your twisted views.


    • Censored!/AmTex:

      Ooooooh! Scary stuff.

      IF the TE has censored you, they have every right to do it. Why? Because it’s their blog and they can do anything they want with it. Which Includes swatting annoying flies.

      You have said nothing other than what you said in your very first post. Okay, we get it: According to you Mr. McClain needed killing because he was drunk and had a toy in his possession.

      I believe the “He needed Killin'” argument is an acceptable defense for murder in Texas. Perhaps you got confused about where you are.

      Repeating the same thing over and over does not strengthen your case. It just annoys people.

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  13. I have to agree with the censorship issue.

    Although, I’m not the most popular commentator on TE, my posts have not been censored so far.

    But, I have TE running on two screens so I can follow two stories at once, and I noticed the dropped comments, as well.


  14. Mola: You and I have had the same “repeat sickness” (LOL), in our past discussions, but our comments are still there for all to see…

    That aside, there was no way for the officer to have known that the gun McClain had was real or a toy, when the incident occurred.


  15. TE, no offense intended, but if that is true, then the reply comments by Verbena should also have been removed and the memorial page shouldn’t be set to allow comments.


    • Paul P, no offense intended, but this is the TE’s blog, not yours. If you want a blog run the way you think it “should” be run, then start your own. The Tommy memorial page was written by and for the family of Tommy McClain, along with the TE readers. If the McClain family found Verbena’s comments offensive, then I’m sure they would be removed by the TE. However, my guess is the McClain family is glad for Verbenas comments. I know I am.

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  16. Tommy was told to get down on the ground. Linfoot shot him while Stephens sill giving Tommy commands
    Tommys hands were in the air. He did not commit any crime. He was not in involved in and criminal activity. Tommy was not a threat or danger to any one. He did not attempt to flee. Tommy showed no resistance. So use of excessive force was not warranted under the circumstances. The level of use of force what is reasonably necessary to make a arrest
    Believe it or not Police brutality is a violation of the law
    That family is not waiting for a payout. They want Justice for Tommy McClain

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    • Now you claim a single officer, Linfoot, shot Tommy! Which was it, a single officer or “firing squad” as Verbena claims? Only a single officer was investigated and cleared.

      Your (TE), and the rest of you can’t seem to keep the story straight!

      You claim he did not have a weapon, but the neighbor testified that he did have one. They found the BB gun on his body, in the waistband, and logged it as evidence.

      The EPD version is consistent every time and is confirmed by witness statement and by family statements taken the time of the shooting.

      The TE version, along with the family version (now that the payday suit is filed), keeps changing with every telling.

      It will be very easy for this case to be thrown out.


    • Pretty much everything you have said is wrong.
      The neighbor originally quoted has since recanted their “supposed” eyewitness testimony.
      Mills made up the part about Tommy cycling his gun.
      They did not find the bb gun on his body.
      Its going to be a long time until this all comes out at trial, but it will come out.
      Justice will be slow, but it will be sure.

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  17. JP, I truly meant no offense to anyone. I never posted on that page, but looking just now, don’t see where it limits comments to those that are family approved; it looks like any other article on TE.

    As for Mr AmTex, he probably is a cop, and if he was one of several out of area DOJ review members that were dispatched to Eureka to verify the facts and review the DA’s decision, then he probably has seen the evidence and all the statements concerning this tragedy. I wouldn’t know.

    I do notice that the neighbor’s statement of events that was published in the Times-Standard was conveniently left out of TE’s articles. Also, was anyone who posts here present that evening? Seems everyone here ‘knows’ the ‘facts’ but can’t seem to have the same story version that the rest of the public has.


    • Okaaay…

      Eureka Citizen, Paul P, Censored and Am Tex seem to be so similar in their comments that it almost seems that it is just one commenter.

      Strange. Maybe this is all a hoax by one commenter. You know, kind of like the fake story that the TE put up about the fake “Eureka Residents” group.

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    • DOJ?..maybe the state of california DOJ, a branch that is in Redding if I recall?

      When one says ‘DOJ’ in this context one might be criticized for not including the entity they are working for, avoiding the suggestion that you are perhaps flim flamming to imply it was the Fed DOJ and so is a higher power or something giving extra credibilty.

      IMO for a state DOJ to be wrangling with a city police chief is going to keep him out in the sticks instead of the bright lights of, cough, Sacramento. Fighting with a city police chief might get you a shiny new office in Yreka maybe.
      So, in rethinking of your remark here way late after you made it I am even less impressed that there was a state DOJ representative in MIll’s hastily assembled ‘review committee’….bfd.

      I want the FBI and fed DOJ on this…like in the Seattle PD.

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    • Sorry, but you keep trying to put people in the Eureka Citizen group that just are not members.

      We have no idea who AmTex3446 or Censored! are; until today, we never heard of them.

      As for Paul, he has already told you he is not a member. We did approach him to become a member, but he chose not to be directly involved.

      Sorry, but your multiple conspiracy theory just doesn’t fly.

      As for the McClain shooting, justice has been served, as the DA found no evidence to support charges against the officers involved.


    • All you trolls sound alike to me. So I think you are just one voice

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  18. Eureka Citizen,

    Criminal justice is just one half of the equation. Civil justice is the other, and the question has not been settled there yet. The DA didn’t charge any officers in the Martin Cotton case or the pepper-spray-directly-applied-t-eyeballs-by-Q-Tips case, but in both cases civil juries agreed officers acted wrongly.

    And, by the way, you might want to avoid dragging the “Eureka Citizen” name into issues that not all of your “300 to 400” members might agree with. Assuming, that is, that you haven’t checked in with all of them first.

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    • “Assuming, that is, that you haven’t checked in with all of them first.”

      I have no doubt that EC speaks for all of “Them.”

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    • I thought we were discussing the McClain case here.

      The civil “payday” case will be dismissed once the jury hears the truth, not the fabricated version by persons who did not witness the incident.

      FYI: Don’t worry about our group statements; they are approved by majority prior to posting.


    • When you only need your own arm raised its easy to find a majority.

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  19. Highrolla, I’m not sure where you get your information, but the neighbor witness did not recant the original statement. In fact, upon follow-up by DOJ, the neighbor confirmed the original statement. There was no recantation.


  20. I found it interesting that those siding with law enforcement repeat that “Tommy had a bb gun on him”, however, if that’s true, why was it still on him? Had he used it as a real weapon, as claimed, and was justifiably shot doing so, that weapon would not still be “on him”, it would have been thrown aside when he was being shot multiple times.

    The problem here is that the poor economy has had unqualified, desperate people lining up for their “pay day” at the nation’s junior colleges to become a cop in just 2 years with high pay and generous retirement.

    We should not be hiring terrified police.

    Legitimate public-servants in law enforcement support real citizen police review boards, not the local secrecy circus and misinformation that serves no one, least of all professional officer’s reputation.

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    • The BB gun was tucked in his waistband. He was shot because he reached for it.

      Did no one read the articles printed in the days after the shooting?

      The fantasy version discussed and backed by TE and friends did not appear until after the officer was cleared by the DA.


    • Community Police Review Boards never have ‘average Joes’ on them. What did you expect?

      Again, another fantasy of the TE world.


  21. “I thought we were discussing the McClain case here.”

    We are. I was making a comparison to make a point. I thought that should have been pretty obvious.

    “The civil ‘payday’ case will be dismissed once the jury hears the truth, not the fabricated version by persons who did not witness the incident.”

    Again, the same claim was made by knee-jerk defenders of the EPD in the Cotton and Pepper Spray cases. Didn’t work out that way in those cases, remains to be seen in this case. Unlike you, I’m not assuming I know the outcome.

    “FYI: Don’t worry about our group statements; they are approved by majority prior to posting.”

    You get all of your 300-400 members to approve, in advance, each and every comment you make here? Amazing.

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    • “You get all of your 300-400 members to approve, in advance, each and every comment you make here? Amazing.”

      It is amazing. Almost as if it is a fantasy. But if this is a fantasy, maybe one of the personalities he uses claiming to have seen the “report” is also false. Oh my….this EC group of commenter’s may just be one person spewing lies! Who could have guessed?

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    • But indeed, WHY is Eureka Citizen posting here about this sad case? It has nothing to do with any homeless issues.

      That is inept public relations, EC needs to stick to his pet project/issue rather than run around snipping at this issue and that, what a waste of all that hot air he has passed about the homeless shelter.
      No good professional PR person would be caught dead participating in this poisonous sad issue, spilling his vital energies here, his pearls before swine as it were.

      But jeepers, posting here about this issue?…altho I would say it is of a piece with the snippy retorts, the panhandling tag ordinance, and the CHP /EPD takeover jabber.

      Focus man, focus!

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  22. I think all this back and forth and side to side it is a good illustration why there needs to be a civil procedure… “Payday” or not.

    Since there are all of these versions of what happened floating around… and the EPD refuses to carry out an open and transparent investigation; then the only way to settle the issue is with a civil case.

    It’s not the McClain family’s fault it needs to be this way… the EPD’s poor rapport with its citizenry makes it necessary for the people of Eureka to officially and finally determine what really happened. The civil process is now the only available avenue to accomplish this.

    And, Eureka Citizen: Do you really call up all 300-400 members and get their consent before you post EVERY time? Or do you just send out a general email that you plan to involve them all in a polarized debate that can not benefit them or what “they” are trying to accomplish in the least?

    PR lesson number two… don’t involve yourself in fights that do not directly benefit you. That way you don’t erode support for what you are trying to accomplish.

    Just a suggestion.

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    • This would be another potential advantage of the “Eureka Citizens” coming out of the shadows with at least one person acting as spokesperson under their own real name — presumably they’d think twice about making the kind of petty, meanspirited comments that will turn potential allies against them (such as insisting that a grieving family’s lawsuit is a greedy attempt at getting a “payday” out of their tragedy, as opposed to seeking to get all the facts, see that justice is served, and hopefully prevent future tragedies). If they were wise, they wouldl also refrain from dragging the group’s name into any controversial arguments unrelated to the issue they are allegedly trying to make a positive impact on.

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    • Gotta love that it’s not the family’s fault they had to file a $10 million lawsuit against the city….LOL!

      The lawyer made them do it?

      Next, you will claim that they didn’t do it for the payday. So much for honoring Tommy. His death only receives ‘justice’ if the family gets paid.


    • Paul p – full of it as usual,
      The McClain family has not yet filed a claim with the city. The !0 million suit was filed by the Borges Family for their son, who was also a victim of the out of control EPD

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  23. I don’t think Eureka Citizen is worried about losing TE and it’s band of merry fairies’ support.

    Additionally, I don’t think it they are worried about losing the rest of Eureka’s residents, since they have moved on and were satisfied with the DA’s decision.


  24. Sparky, it’s amusing to see how many versions and excuses you and the rest make up. It’s entertaining comparing the fantasies TE posts versus the truth the population knows during the day.


  25. Meme count… At least six uses of the phrase “pay day” to diminish Mr. McClain’s family’s right to seek some justice and closure from a system that can not find ways to account for, in a best case senario, a mishandling of a potentially, then actual lethal situation. I’m glad for all of you commenters who caught this and called those who believe “justified” and “just” are the same thing on it.

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  26. “The BB gun was tucked in his waistband. He was shot because he reached for it.”

    If, in fact, it turns out that there was a BB gun still tucked in his waistband, he could have been reaching for his wallet, as the poor Liberian man Amadou Diallo was doing at his NY doorstep when police shot him 40 times.

    Again, we need to stop hiring terrified, unprofessional police officers currently flooding the ranks due to the high “pay day” in a lousy economy.

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  27. keeping with well-established principles for promoting police integrity, departmental leadership must communicate to officers at all levels that Internal Affairs is tracking officer conduct in encounters with citizens and that policy regulating conduct in this area is subject to review and disciplinary action. Beyond promoting the legitimacy of the department’s internal accountability processes, the clear and consistent delivery of this message will assist officers in policing their own behavior.


  28. Don’t know witch one of you said that they played rite in to there hands. Something to that effect, but this is not a game I’m sure. This is real some young man lost his life Because of illegal practice. This has been happening for a long time. It only hits home when it personally happens to you. There are no players to this game there are only family looking for the truth. So when there are facts based on the truth, the officers in charges doesn’t want to disclose the truth” I mean come one” even that makes no since!! If the EPD had any thing justifying them shooting Tommy they could have easily come out with it. But instead nothing but fabricated facts. Could have just ended this discussion a long time ago. With a little personal accountability.


  29. Someone claiming to represent “Eureka Citizen” replied in that comment thread:

    Eureka Shelter 2015! Mercy Me, Mabel! • an hour ago
    Actually, the balloon tract requires that any project placed there be associated with the waterfront and be of marine relation. But, if you had researched that fact, as Eureka Citizen has, you would have already known that.

    As for Eureka Citizen’s shelter project, it is alive and well!
    Seems that just because we did not remain verbal every day with the media and with the city, we “dropped off” or were “spoofing” / “trolling” on Eureka.

    The fact is, we are in process of finalizing the land purchase and getting all the paperwork ready to submit for permits. We have raised enough to start construction, after the land purchase, and have commitments for operational expenses.

    We have a major donor that will address the City Council at their next meeting, and will provide additional information.

    The entire project should be open before the end of 2015.

    Thanks for your confidence as we assist the homeless where our local governments have failed.


    So, it would be nice if the person posting as “Eureka Citizen” and or “Paul P.” here on the Tuluwat Examiner would confirm whether this statement is from the (alleged) group or not. If it is, then at least we’ve finally got a commitment for when this group will “go public.” And then we’ll see what happens (or perhaps more likely, doesn’t happen) at the next City Council meeting.


  30. Well worth reading again. Thanks for the info TE.


  31. Pingback: Will REMIF, the city’s insurance pool carrier, drop Eureka after the McClain family wins? | Tuluwat Examiner

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