Eureka takes a good first step, but……….

blue heron

While we applaud the City of Eureka going after despicable, bullying, thug slum lords like the Squires and shutting down these unlivable cesspools.  However, it’s counterproductive to just cast the residents out on the street. We can remember when this campaign started with the council in 2007, with then City Attorney Sheryl Shaffner.  At that time, every effort was made to have housing replacements already lined up before evictions took place. Residents should also be compensated for prepaid rent and deposits.  Unfortunately, a large number of people are forced into living in slums due to financial and other constraints.  There needs to be some safety net for them, when the City shuts the slums down.

After the city is done with all the Squires properties Let’s not forget all the rest of the many slumlords in this town.  There are a lot of absentee landlords, along with the well connected locals who prey on the poor with these substandard rentals.  The city needs to go after them as well as the Squires.

Then we hope someone can figure out a way to go after all the phony so called safe and sober houses.  It’s time for this city and county to accept that people need to live in………surprise…….livable conditions.


26 thoughts on “Eureka takes a good first step, but……….

  1. Seems inhumane to have done this in the middle of winter. Where was a little compassion from the new city council?


  2. Other articles seem that tenants were given vouchers for “temporary” housing. What does that mean? How temporary? Are they helping to get these folks into more permanent housing?

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  3. When the notices were posted to the tenants, DHSS was on hand to assist the residents in finding other housing and applying for additional assistance.
    You make it sound as if these residents were tossed out, but, they were given enough notice, and assistance, to find alternative housing.
    TE should learn, by now, to investigate the truth and then report. Don’t publish your assumptions as fact.


  4. One week to find a place in Humboldt? P must be for prick!

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    • Have you read the update on this location? ALL of the residents were assisted in finding other places to live and were provided moving services by volunteers. The CITY paid for hotel vouchers (two weeks) for those that have not found permanent locations. EC donated half of the voucher funds and will, if necessary, help further.

      WHAT did you do, Verbena or Highrolla, to assist these folks??


  5. This is the same mentality that has run this city forever and are panicking to keep an unsupported city council majority under their heel.

    Has any local media actually reported on the outcome or interviewed the evicted residents?

    The unregulated rental industry has turned all but a few owner-occupied neighborhoods into rental neighborhoods. Put a rent control initiative on the 2016 ballot and we might be able to keep a non-right wing city council.

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    • Anon….shhhh…you are spilling the liberal playbook. Always have an ultra liberal initiative on the ballot to insure the low information voters come out and do their duty of checking off any candidate with a “d” next to their name. And btw… where are statements from the new klown kouncil on throwing the homeless out onto the street? Seems like the new girls on the block would have an opinion.


  6. interesting pictures in thr LoCo of the insides of some of the Blue Heron rooms. Shame on the Squires for sneaking into the rooms when no one was looking, shitting on the beds, pissing on the floors, and bringing trash in to spread all over the floors to attract the roaches.


    • you like those photos do you?

      Amazing you can think that Squires might actually stage that as a photo op to show how non human and undeserving they are of sympathy, that booting them with few resources into a tight housing market, in winter is ok? I so agree with you!

      …oh, wait, you got me, dammit!.. you were being sarcastic!

      Maybe you think that desperate people given such a short time to move with their few resources would stop and wash the walls and floors…or do something angry at the landlord whose landlord activities got the place closed…

      so let’s see, who really trashed these rooms…let’s figure whodonit:

      * city officials motivated to show how right they are in doing this sooo quickly after years of bullshit

      *Squires hoping to stage sympathy for himself, the poor landlord ‘see how they are?’ and against the Devil homeless.

      *whoever and whatever back channel bullshitters that may be involved to drive sympathy away from homeless for whatever reasons they can find, any motivations to make the whole problem look worse than it already is. gee, maybe money?

      *angry frustrated evicted tenant/people with little time, resources, and lots of anger.


      I’d have to say it’s pretty predictable to find scenes like this, especially after working on rich white student rental property after they leave.

      Let’s get the likely perps into a locked room and let Miss Marple at em.

      No…actually whoever decided to post those pictures is an asshole for doing it, shame on Loco.

      What a surprise.

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  7. This is NOT a landlord/tenant rights issue!
    You jackasses want to keep screaming about ‘rights’ and the ‘law’ when you clearly don’t know either, or when they apply. Big difference when a building is condemned or determined to be uninhabitable than a simple tenant’s rights issue.

    Again, do some real research about the actual situation and what laws apply. You can’t mix & match, then scream rights violation. A judge ordered the building condemned and cleared, after hearing both sides and evidence.


    • Verbena: I see you are beating another dead horse!
      Landlord/Tenant law does NOT apply, in this case, since the facility was closed due to lack of proper license and violations causing dangerous habitation conditions.

      When the city filed for abatement, and obtained a court order to vacate and close the facility, the entire process fell under GOVERNMENT jurisdiction, not landlord/tenant law.

      But, you keep beating that horse, even though it does not apply to the Blue Heron Motel. Do more research on what laws apply once the COURTS get involved and when a facility has been condemned as uninhabitable. Once you do that, then we can have an accurate conversation. Until then, it’s nice to know that you will be busy convincing only yourself while everyone else deals with reality.


  8. You “Jackasses” like to shout about law and order as long as it’s the narrow interpretation of law and order you dictate, in this case, the same ineffective, costly, cruel, poorly thought out, carrot and stick Calvinist approach.

    Now that Eureka has another empty blighted building added to so many the others, how long do we wait for the fire to break out?

    It’s an unnecessary and unreasonable disruption of people’s lives initiated and justified by a typical cabal of deep pockets accustomed to always having their way by virtue of putting up chump-change toward their “solution”.

    Would it surprise anyone to learn that the EC backers are also members of the development industry responsible for decades of affordable housing deficits?

    A local judge could equally have approved Eureka’s use of Eminent Domain to keep those folks housed where they were while repairs take place using state and federal assistance, and at probably far less public cost locally.

    Please provide the link to back up your claim that the evicted residents were immediately resettled into a similar independent housing situation.

    Oh, that’s right, this “community” is supposed to “shut up” when the city working on their behalf evicts flop houses and homeless camps without considering alternatives or reporting the impacts and outcomes for each individual being evicted.

    “What you do to the least of these my brethren, you do unto me”.

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    • Well said. PP, EC and Greg Sparks should pay attention. Even if it is only one commenter.

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    • These residents were given temporary housing, at city expense and citizen donations, while social services helps with finding permanent housing.

      So, by your argument, these people should have been left to live in these conditions while the Squires continue to fight city hall instead of renovation? You really are sadistic. So much for your defense of these people.

      FYI: Eureka Citizen was created by a southern California retiree that moved to Eureka last summer. There is not a single member that has ever been involved with past developments or current construction in Humboldt County. Does this group, that is proposing a new shelter for the homeless, scare you so much that you have to spread lies and rumors?


    • the latest incarnation says not one is, well here it is:
      ‘There is not a single member that has ever been involved with past developments or current construction in Humboldt County.’…and yet the EC or maybe the Colonel or whatever incarnation it was said there were two developers in EC…or was it construction companies…no developers if I recall.

      Maybe they evaporated… vaporware.

      The claimed 300 EC ‘members’…hmmm, 300… say, is ‘Spartacus’ taken yet as a user name?…probably. 300 against the hordes, now I see why they are sooo tight with their security, the Muslin Hordes, the Persians, whatever they were calling them then.

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  9. Anon…..the NCJ article states that the city found all the evicted tenants housing. One guy required extra searching because of his extensive criminal record. And btw……who is this Calvin fella ?


  10. Bravo to the city for moving ahead on getting slum lords under control, even if the action is not perfect, it is a step in the right direction. Eureka’s multifamily neighborhoods have suffered along with the low income residents from the likes of Squire Squires. He and others use the rent money collected from low income people to pay lawyers to side step upgrading their properties. Keep the pressure on.

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  11. The NCJ article only states that they have been “temporarily housed”.

    Like past coverage of homeless camp raids, we won’t hear from the victims, and there won’t be follow up stories on whether they actually ended up someplace “better”, nor has there ever been a heartfelt interview with one of the “rescued” expressing gratitude.

    Congratulations, you have lived to witness how Eureka treats its next unwanted population and we don’t need to hear what they have to say, just like the unwanted native and Chinese residents before them.

    Squires is following the same game plan with the local developers that have used their lawyers and elected representatives they bought to keep affordable housing regulations at bay for decades.

    This is a fundamental basis of this nation’s affordable housing crisis.

    Utah already proved that it’s cheaper to gift small independent apartments to the indigent than to repeatedly pay for the armada we see here, the mental health and jail admissions, the drug abuse, crime, illnesses, and court battles. Mostly all are avoidable when people have their basic needs met, if they want more, they will be in better condition to work for it.

    My argument is that if we need more shelters it should not be up to a high-roller from LA, his secret meetings with Eureka’s city representatives, and some private chump change to make that call.

    What are the actual statistics?
    What is the actual need?
    What are the solutions that work?
    What are the costs?

    After so many decades of experience with evictions and temporary shelter, ie, playing God with people’s sad lives, we now know it is not a solution.

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    • Again, it would not be your business, unless you decide to pony up with the $$.

      If you must know, the proposed shelter is not a dormitory type shelter. The plans call for the following:

      A) Intake dorm for 25 men
      B) Intake dorm for 25 women

      The dorms are for initial intake processing; health evaluations, initial program registration, etc. These areas are more for the protection of the majority of residents from possibilities such as lice or other medical transmissions. Also, single men and women will be evaluated for roommate compatibility, medical needs, etc.

      C) 10 Small studio apartments for couples without children

      Studies have found that separating married couples in shelters, based on a lack of children, puts undue stress on the relationship and difficulty obtaining joint services. Initially, childless couples would be separated in the intake dorms for the same evaluations as singles, and for verification of marital status.

      D) 25 standard 2 bedroom apartments for families with children. Families will be immediately placed in apartments for initial intake evaluation and for long term stays.

      E) 60 Townhouse, 2 story units

      These units will have 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a small kitchenette. Units are designed for roommate style living; 2 upper bedrooms with shared bath, 2 lower bedrooms with shared bath. Kitchenette will have small individual dorm style refrigerators (4), and 2 microwaves. Kitchenettes are for use as personal use “snack” facilities, as a full cafeteria style kitchen, serving 3 meals per day, will provide meals for the entire complex.

      F) 20 Senior/Handicap Studios

      These units will be for seniors and single handicapped individuals. Also for special need individuals

      Resident facilities, other than residential services:

      A) Full cafeteria dining hall and kitchen. Provides full meal service, 3 times per day, for the entire complex. Kitchen facility will also be used for classroom/training facility for culinary arts program.

      B) Computer learning center:

      Facility designed for continuing education for GED, job training, and general computer use for job seekers. Computer center will also serve as an additional facility for computer training and for social services applications.

      C) Full laundry facility

      D) Daycare Facility and After School Facility

      Provide full daycare and pre-K center. After school programs for resident children

      E) Various office facilities for combined social service programs.

      At present there are separate locations, throughout Eureka, for programs such as WIC, SNAP, DHSS, Medi-Cal, etc. Offices will be provided for these services to be located on-site for ease and speed of qualifying residents for services. We will attempt to include services that the MAC will eventually drop for families.

      F) Medical Clinic

      Clinic will process initial intake evaluations, outpatient care, and pediatrics. Additionally, facility will provide mental health services. AA, NA and other addiction services will also be available for all shelter residents.

      G) Kennel facilities for resident pet owners

      All dogs owned by residents will be kennel kept; no in resident pets allowed. Vet services will be offered as needed; all resident pets will be required to have full vaccinations and be spayed/neutered in order to qualify. Pets must remain on leashes at all times, except while in kennel day care facility. Service dogs will be allowed, with City of Eureka license and ADA requirements.

      This project does NOT include religious services, but will be capable of providing offices and facilities for services as requested by residents.

      Drug use and alcohol use by residents will automatically disqualify individuals from the residential facility.

      The overall development is designed to be a combination facility offering “Shelter style facilities” during intake processing, Rapid Housing style facilities via roommate units and family units. Senior/Handicap facilities for elderly and handicap residents. Also, some of the family units will fall under the same style that the MAC currently provides.

      Most of the facility services will be provided by residents as a condition of qualification. Kitchen duties, facility grounds-keeping, facility laundry, etc. will be performed by residents as part of job training and/or condition of residency.

      Overall, the facility will have up to 45 full time employee positions plus additional part time positions.

      We are still trying to obtain adequate property for the facility. Then construction and staffing will be determined.

      It is possible that the facility will combine services with Betty Chin, but details have not been completed.

      There has been quite a bit of legwork and research done to design a facility where residents can comfortably live while making progress toward self-sufficiency.

      To date, total raised toward construction: $3.56 million.
      Total raised for operations: Annual commitments of $1.85 million.

      Estimated construction cost: $5.5 million
      Estimated annual operations: $2.2 million

      IF you have constructive recommendations, please let us know.

      Again, this is a combination facility modeled after new programs, such as those in use in Utah, and other large shelter programs in use in San Diego, Dallas, and Tampa Bay. Eureka Citizen members have toured facilities in each of these locations to assist in design of facility and services offered.


    • Eureka Citizen:

      “If you must know.”

      Yes we do… and thank you for finally providing more than self serving platitudes.

      Again, you assume enemies where they do not exist. If you come before the public with an “If you are not for us then you are against us” attitude then some folks are not going to take to you very well.

      That and leading with the panhandler idea wasn’t a good move either.

      Now… this is much more like it. And I note the “Insert bad name here” Tuluwat Examiner put this response forward in an article (2/6/2015) which is your response here.

      Again… we are not your enemies… even when you go so far out of your way to make us your enemies.

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  12. I just read an article in th LoCo that MAC in Eureka is changing it’s service target in June, and families will be evicted. Seems like I saw June as a target opening date for the EC project. Wonder if there is a connection?


    • No direct connection. The MAC needs families out June 30th so that they can start single men intake on July 1st, according to their plan.

      EC’s project hopes to begin renovations, or full construction, of their project in June. EC believes the project would be open by Fall, or Winter 2015, unless starting from scratch on vacant property; then late Summer 2016 would be projected opening.


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