Yet another Eureka “political action committee” steps forward

Dear Residents of Eureka,

With all of the attention to crime in the Eureka, especially in regards to the “crime” of Ingomar club 1panhandling, a group of concerned Citizens of Eureka has been meeting regularly to come up with constructive and new ways of approaching the real problems facing the city.

First of all, we would like to thank the group “Eureka Citizen” for opening this dialogue. Our group, who we like to refer to as “Eureka Residents”, has studied your proposals. We are a diverse group which includes all walks of life in Eureka, including 6 Ingomar club members! Some of our members have been to prison, and some of our members are card carrying libertarians.

At this point, we don’t want to be too detailed on all the areas we are working. However, you can rest assured that we have financial backing and have been in contact with both the City of Eureka and the County of Humboldt. We have a huge funding stream, and our ideas will make the city a better place for all of us. You can take that to the bank!

Our first order of business is an important one. It really was put into the spotlight with the recent panhandling permitting process being purposed by “Eureka Citizen”. Fingerprinting of panhandlers and the wearing of obvious approved licenses for permitted panhandlers got us thinking… business license holders have to get their fingerprints taken to get a license in the city?

We contacted City Hall and learned that business owners aren’t fingerprinted. This was shocking, given that volunteering at a public school generally requires someone to be fingerprinted, but not a candy store owner? What about someone who owns a toy shop or an arcade? Nope, those folks don’t get looked into by the police. Not only should business owners have to be fingerprinted and approved by the Eureka Police Department, but we would encourage the City to require all business licensees to submit their DNA for approval.

Over the past several years, we have seen that local business owners sometimes sexually assault customers and employees. The statistics for rape in Eureka are on the rise according to the 2014 statistics, and it would be good to have the peace of mind that our local business owners aren’t secret serial rapists or murderers.

Obviously, we know that many people on the local left and right will try and say that such requirements for business licenses are unconstitutional and an invasion of privacy. As a group with over 700 members, we would counter this argument with a pretty straightforward question:

“If you’re afraid to give your fingerprints and DNA to the Eureka Police Department in order to get a business license, what are you really hiding?”


The time is now Eureka. Your children’s lives may depend on it.


Eureka Residents


50 thoughts on “Yet another Eureka “political action committee” steps forward

    • I was briefly an associate of this group until I realized I could never be a part of an organization that would have people like me for a member.

      Thank You Groucho Marx.

      No… and I wish I had thought of this first.

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    • apparently they have someone already on the inside, I thought I replied ‘yo’ to you, but noooo!!

      …something must be going on for them to try to embarrass me like this.

      hmmmm…let’s see if they intercept this one…

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  1. I can’t express how rediculous, annoying and possibly dangerous for democracy the politics of anonymity has become. Holy crap. Anyone else feel like we are living through a political nightmare? Councilwoman, stand strong and remind people you are in charge and this city and its policies are run by an accountable City Council. If you have concerns, please address them by contacting your Councilmember (which I guess is all of them?) by email, letter, call, or, heaven forbid, show up for a meeting.

    Alternatively, in they private sector, remember how businesses and non-profits used to be run by people, accountable, which names histories and a future we all shared?

    Something in me feels like this is all two factions of people who showed up for the anti-homeless Arkleyfest last year and are distraught they consider themselves to have lost representation on Eureka’s council and they are desparate to affect change that they are joining the PAC bandwagon.

    We’ll see what we’ll find out on the financial reports. They should be interesting. ‘Till then seems like we’ll be subjected to the preening of two factions of a conservative mind on the homeless problem in Eureka.


  2. Transparency banishes shenanigans like sunlight does the darkness.

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  3. This whole situation reminds me of the group who tried to recall Gallegos because they were soooo worried about public safety.Just happened to arise when Gallegos was going after PALCO and concern evaporated after he wasn’t recalled. Funny, that.

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  4. It’s threads like this that reinforce the fact that there is nothing “legitimate” about the Tulatwat Examiner. What a bunch of like minded, back slapping dickheads.


    • Just Watchin:

      It’s comments like this that reinforces the fact there is nothing “legitimate” about Just Watchin. What a self-pleasuring troll and slap-happy penis-head.

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    • Whole lot of commenting from a moniker that claims to merely be observing. Waiting for your loooong post claiming you don’t really care. Call me a backslapping dickhead but when I don’t care I don’t read a post and I certainly don’t comment…Just sayin’ Just Watchin’…..

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    • Another great example of the right wing tactic of “the big lie” where they say it and hear it so often they start believing it themselves.

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  5. Good one TE. Isn’t it unconstitutional (14th amendment equal protection clause) to have different government rules for different groups of people?

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  6. I don’t understand the finger printing of business owners. Must be a joke to get a response. I was a business owner in old town for almost twenty five years. I have never been finger printed and would object strongly to the idea.If I was charged with a crime, I could understand. May AS WELL FINGER PRINT EVERYONE IN EUREKA. See how that goes over.


  7. Sounds like a TE joke blog, to me.
    Mocking a group that is already in negotiations with the city on their shelter project just validates their other proposal and makes TE look like an ass.


    • Yes…maybe this was a fake post. Wow, thank goodness you were able to figure it out. Are all the others in your anonymous group as smart as you? If so, then the Examiner should just shut up and let you guys do all the talking.

      Thanks Colonel…..I mean Captain…obvious.

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    • Retired USAF Col:

      Yes, it was a joke.

      Glad you got it.

      We ask questions here. Since the folks who gravitate here are more inclined toward critical thinking than other places, we ask questions which others might find uncomfortable.

      But we ask the questions when they should be asked; at the beginning… preferably before the mistakes are made.

      I am sorry that the supporters of Eureka Citizen seem to universally have thin skins.

      And I am sorry our tendency to ask questions cramps your style, Colonel.

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    • Remember the Col. the next time someone says the military fights for our rights. A Col should be more highly educated than the soldiers he leads and this one doesn’t even know what our rights are.

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    • court agrees commenting on community events is community service, blame them.

      Try the veal, it’s been here all week.

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  8. So where is Richard Salzman and why is he not opposing this panhandling ordinance? This is my favorite TE post. Good job TE!


  9. Blog posts are already filled with satire.

    The truth is shocking enough when someone dares to call it out.

    Keep digging. File a Public Records Act request if our representatives are protecting the anonymity of deep-pocket social engineers with the WRONG idea. Undoubtedly the same greedheads from the development industry that exacerbate the problem of homelessness.

    The Calvinist stick-and-carrot approach to homelessness is consistent locally with our LONG LONG legacy of intolerance for Chinese and native residents. Herding people into “voluntary interment camps” or temporary “dorm shelters” after closing their flop houses is equally immoral and ineffective.

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  10. Where’s Betty Chin in all of this? That’s what I’d like to know…..

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    • ekanfromdows:

      I asked Eureka Citizen that and as per usual… was ignored.

      It makes sense to me if you have that much money and community backing behind you to use the best people such as Betty Chin (Yoohoo… heard of her Eureka Citizens?) available to make sure that money and effort is well spent.

      As near as I can tell… that hasn’t occurred to them yet.

      No doubt they are consulting with such experts as Matt Owen, who spends whole hours working with the homeless (so he proclaims on his own behalf in his LoCO column).

      But easy with those questions, pardner. That’s no way to express your community spirit (I’ve been told that by an Air Force Colonel, no less).

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  11. Ok, I’ve tried to read every story, post, and comment on this ‘Eureka Citizen’ group and it’s proposals and planned homeless shelter project. Here are a few thoughts I have, along with some questions. Please let me know, or answer the questions, since I may have misunderstood some details. Answers from bloggers and Eureka Citizen would be great.

    The panhandling permit proposal, whether you agree, or disagree, has solid legal standing. Personally, I think there is a better solution, but for the sake of argument, the proposal would be legal but not politically correct.

    As for the story here, I researched the reasoning for fingerprinting for homeless permits. What I found is that the areas that use this ordinance only fingerprint applicants that don’t present a photo ID when applying for the permits. Business owners are not generally fingerprinted due to the entire application process that is verified by local, and state franchise boards prior to issuing a business license; basically a full background check on the business owner prior to granting the license. In Eureka, the same process is used for street vendors, street performers, and yard sales. Each permit application requires a photo ID, or, if not available, a fingerprint background check. Why would you make an exception for the panhandling permit? I agree with the visual safety requirements for panhandling. Vests, valid permit, etc should be standard. The panhandlers I’ve seen are very close to vehicle traffic and intersections, so requiring a safety vest would definitely make a bad situation much safer.

    Looking over all the static from commentators, I get confused. Eureka Citizen group announces they are raising funds for building a homeless shelter in the city. They appeared to ask for input regarding possible locations, areas too sensitive, or residential, that should be avoided, etc. Their announcement did not include a solicitation of funds, so they appear to have out-of-area funding. They also appear rather confident that they can raise all the funds necessary to purchase property, build the shelter, and cover general operating expenses, without using local funds or local government money. If that is true, then they probably have already consulted with other shelter operations that are successful. Perhaps they did not consult with Betty Chin’s organization, since this proposal is much larger and will provide so many additional services? I know several shelters in the two areas that Eureka Citizen claims to have obtained consultations. Both Seattle and San Diego have massive shelters of the type Eureka Citizen proposes. Sounds like this is going to be a well rounded, and well funded project. Also, I found, and confirmed, that the Eureka City Council, after communicating directly with Eureka Citizen, directed City Manager Greg Sparks to provide the group with information to ensure a smooth development and approval from local government departments. If the local city, and county governments are prepping their systems for the project’s processing, then this Eureka Citizen must have proven they have the funding, and the wherewithal to make the project a success.

    Now the other side:

    I have observed so much complaining on the state of the homeless issue by residents and bloggers. Everyone says that government is not helping enough, or doing enough. Most complain that the homeless are tearing up the area, using drugs, committing crime, etc.
    At the same time, when a group of citizens proposes a project to provide massive assistance to the homeless, the unemployed, and the drug addicts, the rest of the area explodes and attacks the proposal and it’s backers. That makes no sense to me. There is no expense to the locals, but everyone reaps the project’s rewards.

    I also do not understand the obsession everyone has to know who the members of this anonymous group are. Why does it matter? No taxpayer money is being used on the physical building, and no one has been asked to donate funds. It makes as much sense as demanding every donor to a church collection plate on Sunday; every person that adds to the collection plate should be forced to stand up and announce their name and the amount the added to the plate, right?

    Finally, I’ve read the Time-Standard’s take on the project; I even talked to the reporter who met with part of the Eureka Citizen group. The Time-Standard is planning a full article upon the official presentation of the project. I’ve read the Lost Coast Out Post articles, and massive amounts of comments, and I’m disgusted by the negativity that this community thrusts not only on the homeless, but a private group that is wanting to help and improve the situation for everyone. Then, I see this Tulawat Examiner, and I see a circus. Nothing but far-left crackpots who can only bitch and moan about the homeless population, yet want to be seen as protective of the homeless rights! Then, you also claim something should be done, yet attack the group that is trying to accomplish just that! Nothing but a group of 2-faced butt-fuckers, if you ask me.

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    • Retired USAF Colonel:

      You were doing very well until that last sentence… then you had to screw up with the vulgar name calling. Very crude. Tsk Tsk.

      I’m not sure how to respond to the rest. You see, most of what you go into has already been asked and answered (or definitively not answered by Eureka Citizen) and I for one dislike going over the same ground over and over again.

      Here’s the deal. We asked Eureka Citizen a lot of questions, and got very few straight answers. Those answers mostly surrounded what they believe is their strong suit, their so-called impregnable legal standing.

      This makes people with brain cells still firing wonder just what is up with this and just gets us to ask more questions; and behave in a resentful sort of way when we don’t get the answers we believe we deserve. Some of us were able to keep it clean, some were not.

      I tried to keep it civil until I was accused of being part responsible for the death of a man on Broadway. That pulled my chain (and perhaps it would have pulled yours) and what little amity I still shared with Eureka Citizen was blown.

      My concerns about panhandler safety from police and community harassment were not addressed.

      Nor were my concerns that this was nothing more than a redressing of the vagrancy laws (To be fair I did get a self serving definition of what a vagrancy law was that completely missed the point):

      For example I’m walking down the street, I look like a tramp so someone confronts me and asks where is my permit. Trouble follows. I don’t have to be panhandling… if I look like one I’m busted (literally and/or figuratively). And I can’t prove I haven’t.

      Our suspicions were really raised when Eureka Citizen refused to identify who they are.


      Well… for one they are asking for changes in the law. For two they are asking the city to enforce their ideas. For three they are asking the city to support and be responsible for what they start.

      So yeah, who the heck they are does matter. Especially when they are such a thin skinned bunch of people who can only hear the praises of others and not constructive criticism.

      Indeed the only part of their program we have any REAL information on is their panhandling program (and it doesn’t look too good).

      If you can pass an informed judgement on such flimsy evidence on what will be a large change in how we deal with a problem (a cosmetic one at that, despite requiring police resources to enforce) then all I can say is you are quite naive.

      We also ask the question: If they are sincere… then why build a competing program to Betty Chin’s? Why not take all that money and support and help expand what Betty Chin has been doing (and for which she has been recognized by the nation as utilizing an effective and humane approach to the problem)?

      We have had no answer to that either.

      As to legalities… Colonel that is for the courts, not you, not Eureka Citizen nor I to determine. We shall see.

      I speak for no one but myself: But I say I am not an enemy of Eureka Citizen (though Eureka Citizen has tried very hard to make an enemy out of me). But I need to see just exactly who they are and what they want to do… and be confident they are capable of listening to the very community they say they wish to serve and do right by that community.

      If that makes me a part of “a group of 2-faced butt-fuckers”; well I guess if that’s what I am in your pinched little world then I can live with that.

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  12. Colonel…..the minute that EUREKA CITIZENS announced that they were funded by local business donations, they went on the liberal’s attack list. Business owners are evil because they have money, and refuse to participate in government mandated “income redistribution”. But the bigger issue is that the homeless might be helped by some source other than the government, and democrats know that is a dangerous precedent. Total reliance on government handouts is the end goal.

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    • Well, I’m sure the businesses see this as a Loss Prevention investment.
      Business owners are evil….that’s a laugh. I guess the liberals are all Amish farmers then? The liberals never patronize the evil businesses, so they must be self-sufficient! That’s great, because with the project that this group is planning, they will need instructors to help the homeless become self-sufficient….perfect match!


    • Just Watchin:

      As always, you got it wrong.

      You are just playing to Rush Limbaugh fantasies on who you think Liberals are.

      That the good Colonel went along with it does not speak well of him either.

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    • MOOLA…..your comment tends to reinforce the old saying that if you want to piss off a liberal, tell them the truth.


    • Just Watchin:

      Wrong again. You don’t piss me off… you’re too pathetic to take that seriously.

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  13. it’s surprising that businesses have any money to contribute. Local liberals predicted that when Walmart came to town, they would all be run out of business.As a matter of fact, there were several promises that the number of business closings would be tracked. Anyone have an update?

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  14. If Eureka Citizen is so awesome and good, what do they have to hide their identity for? I mean, all of the infringments on our liberties have been implemented with that same mantra. If you’re not doing anything wrong, why worry about wite tapping email reading the fpurth amendment etc… Right Ret. USAF? I also find it interesting that this group has yet to contact the Euteka Chamber of Commerce or Rotary, as I know board members of both entities and they have heard nothing. The attitude behind EC’s responses on this forum makes me think of Dan Johnson’s ‘apology’ letter. I’m just waiting to hear about being a self appointed judge of good and evil..and apparently questions are for commies or people who are in a much higher tax bracket. Most successful business people I know like to have some idea of who the hell they are dealing with before putting money and their name behind something.

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  15. Retired USAF is only interested in lobbing bombs at 30,000 feet, and not getting his hands dirty by responding to MOLA.

    People putting a dollar into the church collection plate don’t get to enjoy anonymous front seat access at city hall.

    Do Eureka residents want more shelters or a better solution that provides the independence required to get a life back together?


    • Odd, but Eureka Citizen’s shelter proposal was complete in offering services, job training, employment services, and many other departments to have shelter residents work toward self-sufficiency.

      But, then again, when has Tuluwat ever actually read and understood submissions from non-regulars.


    • Greg Sparks:

      Okay, do us a favor and actually read what has been said on this blog by both sides and then make your closing statement again.

      Perhaps you can be excused for the reason of coming in late to the discussion (which elsewhere you criticize as being too long on the subject and allowing Eureka Citizen to manipulate the Tuluwat Examiner).

      By the way; do you think it is a bad thing we’ve been thorough with this discussion? Too much information for you? But I digress…

      With careful reading, you might realize that when Eureka Citizen is asked for actual, practical details of what they are talking about they immediately retreat to a discussion of the legal issues.

      They say they will offer services, etc… Fine, but the devil is in the details. It’s like me saying “I have a plan to make the county earthquake-proof”.

      “Sounds great, how are you to go about it?”

      “I’m working on it. Don’t pester me with questions and I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”

      That is the quality of information we have received from Eureka Citizen.

      Only Eureka Citizen’s plan for panhandlers has been fleshed-out in any detail.

      Again, if you are really interested in this, go over the articles and comments for the past few days. If you don’t get what we are talking about, you never will.

      Opposite of your claim, Mr. Sparks, Tuluwat Examiner followers read with a great deal more comprehension than some.

      Lack of agreement does not equal lack of understanding.

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    • Greg Sparks:

      By the way… I think it is really poor form to use somebody else’s name for your nom de bog.

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  16. Sorry, but I’m aware that there is another “Greg Sparks” in the Humboldt Area. Are you trying to say that there can only be one? I guess all the other “John Smiths” should stay quiet once one becomes locally recognized.

    That said, I have read every one of your ‘articles’, comments from both sides, and the Q&A.

    What I see is a group trying to make a positive change in Eureka and senseless objections to every proposal they make. Your objections have been the same rehashed objection, every time. The group bested you in the debate on the panhandling permit issue; you simply bettered their argument with every repeat attempt you tried. As for the proposed shelter project, and it’s services, they explained that while the funding for the physical structure and operational expenses were to be 100% privately funded, the services of healthcare, job training, employment services, etc. would be funded via government grants or in collaboration with existing services spread throughout the city already. Again, your objections focused not on the project and services, but on trying to discover who the group was.

    The result: You, your blogger pals, and especially Tuluwat, lost every debate. Additionally, by posting continuous “Retaliatory Articles”, you lost all credibility and your standing to be invited to further debate on the subjects.

    Perhaps you should re-read everything, as you suggested to me. If you do, you will realize that your objections, and questions, were identical every time.

    If there is another chance for you, and Tuluwat to debate a serious topic, perhaps you should ensure a progressive debate, rather than one that gets stuck in the mud at the gate.


  17. It’s been awhile since Eureka has made national news from our record high statistics in just about everything unhealthy, cancer rates, EPA cleanups, the pepper spay incident, and police shootings.

    Requiring local panhandlers to wear bright yellow permits ought to keep the focus.

    We’re Number One!

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