Is Myrtletown Do it Best going the way of the Towndowner?

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At a recent visit to the Myrtletown Do it Best we were surprised to see their lumber yard basically empty. We asked one of the employees why there was so little lumber or plywood in the yard and the response was “We don’t know. It’s very frustrating, and management won’t tell us anything.”  We got the impression this demoralized worker figures their days of employment are numbered.  Rumor has it that Do it Best is on C.O.D. only terms now with some of its suppliers.
Myrtletown Do it Best is owned by the three Mckinney brothers, one of whom is Kevin Mckinney of Towndower and Planning Commission infamy.

So the question is: Has the same mismanagement and incompetency that has perpetuated the Towndower taken its toll of the very popular neighborhood hardware store?

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9 thoughts on “Is Myrtletown Do it Best going the way of the Towndowner?

  1. I heard they were moving to where the old Safeway on Harris was.


  2. That would make sense visibility wise, but less room. What about their Arcata branch?

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  3. That myrtletown branch always had the unfriendly vibe, while arcata was super friendly and had better wood to boot.


  4. Incompetence and mismanagement?

    The tax system will reward McKinney huge tax write offs for years against their other income producing property and capital gains while the city rewards them the decades needed to make a buck on blight no matter what the public cost.

    Economic and political systems serving friends, family, good fellow Catholics and a community refusing to vote are the failure.

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  5. Jack Reike who owns multiple ace hardware stores (including Schafers) has bought the old safeway store. He will be opening in the future with a lumber yard also


  6. So does that mean the end of McKenny’s? In Eureka at least?


  7. not looking good for the mckenny store (s). been having problems for a couple of years now (and that means yes on the c.o.d. issue). looks like a last gasp may finally be here, especially with ace opening around the corner.


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