Bass does it again; appoints another crony sidekick

You’d think she would have learned her lesson after almost completely sinking her political career with the appointment of crony and slumlord Kevin Mckinney to the planning commission!


Bass & Owen Crony Mike Newman

Bass cited Newman’s work with Measure O and his efforts on fighting homelessness and crime as the two main reasons she nominated failed Council member Newman to the Counties measure Z advisory committee. (Dan Squires KINS News 1-21-15)

Really! Those seem like 3 good reasons not appoint him. The crime wave in Eureka that started on his watch and is at record heights.  The Homeless disaster in Eureka has spun completely out of reach for any feasible solution and Measure O….don’t even get us started on the millions of misallocated tax dollars during his 4 years.

More of the same from the local crony politicians. Tammany Hall would be proud.



13 thoughts on “Bass does it again; appoints another crony sidekick

  1. I haven’t cruised by the Town Downer lately to see all of the promised improvements, any word on that?

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  2. Glad to see Virginia is such a thinking out of the box type of person. Most people would have looked at Mike’s landslide defeat in the recent election as a sign of being rejected by the “people”. But thinking out of the box Virginia must see it as an opportunity to ??? OK sorry she must just be so blinded by her right wing agenda (formally democrat when it suited her needs) that she can’t stray from the playbook Matt has handed her. Both of the appointments you mention above are truly eye opening to see how slanted she is. Just here to serve who ????

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  3. It is the club. Neither you nor I are a part of it. Not surprising.

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  4. KINS does a good job with local news


  5. Carol is correct, it’s a right-wing club doing what they must to retain control by making sure their losers retain some credibility for another run later on…or, soon to be appointed to the Planning Commission.

    The 2014 election exposed the vulnerability of The Club.

    Make damn sure there’s 2 progressive measures on the 2016 ballot and the small increase in turnout is all that’s needed.

    Or, kiss the first non right-wing city council majority goodbye.

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  6. Agreed.

    And it is from this farcical perch that they glare down at their liberal opponents to demand what they have contributed to the community that they are rarely appointed to serve.

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  7. Just another way to disrupt our City of being healed once again. Where will JW Hockaday end up. What would be one reason to appoint Mike for anything? Matt must be getting free beers for owning Virginia’s decisions..Mike go sell more insurance and give up politics, Please! How much of the budget is going to the Chamber this year, UN-regulated free cash?


    • JW Hockaday runs channel 3.

      I did read in the TS that citizens applied to be appointed to the committee, and, then the BOS voted on the committee members.

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