Mystery surrounds Michael D. Stelzig Jr – the subject of $10,000,000 Legal Action against the City of Eureka???


Is he Still a Cop?

The Examiner has been waiting for the local media to raise some questions about the MEGA ($10 Million) wrongful death lawsuit filed against City of Eureka over the death of Daren Borges. We’re still waiting! Where is the coverage? This lawsuit alleged that Officer Michael D. Stelzig Jr. used unlawful force against Mr. Borges, and that Mr. Borges later died of his injuries.

The Examiner reported on the curious circumstances of Officer Stelzig Jr.’s seeming disappearance. Our sources tell us, he isn’t working the streets, but instead is hanging out at the cop shop in civilian clothes:

Well….the mystery continues. The media and police have been silent. Apparently this death doesn’t amount to much in the local media’s collective conscience. So, is Officer Stelzig Jr. still a cop? What is going on with this lawsuit? It’s time for some answers……


5 thoughts on “Mystery surrounds Michael D. Stelzig Jr – the subject of $10,000,000 Legal Action against the City of Eureka???

  1. It is rather strange that no one else has covered this lawsuit. Not even an honorable mention from the source I’ve looked at.

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    • you’d think old what’s her name, or the other court house prowlers would be all over this, being all concerned for the taxpayer and all.

      Judge Watson came in for a bunch of their rhetoric, and then dismissed the billboard case as too early..or ‘twirly’ as maybe the pr dept for the outdoor advertising firm has subbed out the local messaging trollery about it.

      I don’t believe in coincidences, then again…sh.t happens.


  2. Does this guy still have a badge and a gun?


  3. This is an outrage. No wonder the need taxpayers money to pay their salaries, since they keep having to pay out this wrongful death lawsuits. Someone should file a public records act request on police deaths and payouts.


  4. Yogi, I think “old what’s HER name” is busy outing allegedly “corrupt” judges that have pissed her off by not ruling the way her handlers wanted


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