It’s 2015 and our local violent crime-wave continues


Take a look at this morning’s Times-Standard newspaper.  Once again, what’s brought to light is the continued rise in violent confrontations taking place in Humboldt County. Yesterday, there were 3 stabbings in the county. Eureka is at the center of most of this wave of violence.  However, the city has a Police Department that’s going to focus its enforcement efforts on shopping carts, panhandlers and bicycles.
With all of this crime, the Eureka Police Chief answers the public outcry by basically saying the average law-abiding citizen has nothing to fear from criminals stabbing and shooting each other.  If only that were true.  Taking a look at numerous homicides that have occurred in the past few years shows that innocent, law abiding people are murdered.


9 thoughts on “It’s 2015 and our local violent crime-wave continues

  1. Oh don’t forget folks who want sell ammunition. Eureka Police Officers waste 15 minutes with a legal debate on the constitutionality over one person’s right to sell things. I want you to think about this. Using the officer’s logic every Saturday morning EPD could fan out and arrest (or cite) upwards of 100 folks for that horrible crime of…having a Garage Sale. Or EPD could do something about violent crime. Mills serving his right wing paymasters and be damned the criminal underclass will work until another priest or good citizen is killed. Once that happens, he is gone. The new city council should send him packing anyway.


    • I agree there are more important issues to deal with in light of the violent crime occurring. But the law those kids were breaking was for selling on the street without a business license. I believe garage sales would be exempt because it is on private property. I think that is important to differentiate.

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  2. Actually almost every violent act has been by people who knew each other. Please find at least one instance of random violent crime&put it on your site. Its only feeding the fear machine to say otherwise. Crime is up everywhere, &comparatively we are doing pretty good here. We are living in a violent culture that is now playing itself out in day to day matters. Its just wrong to act like there are criminals waiting to stab random folks. I am more fearful of idiot drivers texting &causing accidents. If we want to create change lets make a liveable wage happen, get some real mental health care happening & work with those who really are in need rather than shun them. Putting money into more cops instead will just feed an already broken system that is a big part of the problem. Also there are many ‘tax paying citizens’ ending up junkies after taking ocycotin for viable pain issues. How much would it really cost to make sure these folks got help weaning off meds before a doc just has them cold turkey it? Lets be creative&solution orientated. This used to be such a hotbed of local activism. Lets bring that back.

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    • “Actually almost every violent act has been by people who knew each other. Please find at least one instance of random violent crime&put it on your site.”

      Father Eric Freed.

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    • We dont have the money for social programs anymore. Socialism is failing in america. We simply do not have the money to just throw at every problem. Living wages are a joke if you raise the minimum wage your children will never get there first job it will not be worth it to an employer to hire someone when its costing them a premium to employ someone. Truth is these minimum wage jobs were never suposed to be held by colledge graduates. These jobs were suposed to be for uneducated people. What we need to do is get rid of the federal reserve. All your income tax just goes to pay intrest on our national debt. If there wasnt a private corporation known as the federal reserve running our money supply alot of these problems would of been avoided. The main focus should be on getting rid of the federal reserve, it is the key to stopping poverty in america.


    • “Crime is up everywhere, & comparatively we are doing pretty good here.”
      WTF! You clearly don’t live in the greater Eureka area or you wouldn’t be able to say that and be serious.
      Crime is actually down in many parts of California.
      Most of the rest of what you said is probably true.


    • Wow, awesome, despite gumshoe MOLA’s quick reply. And you are right of course MOLA, although it could be argued that Father Freed is known and is family of sorts, it’s in his name.

      I do want to point out how important this comment is and the importance of avoiding adding fuel to the fire of our natural tendency to be fearful. Jacko’s comment below is generally where the politics will lead if we focus entirely on the righteous cause of reducing violent crime.

      We do need to fight violent crime, obviously, but we have to be very, very careful about the tone with which we do. meme, you nail my feelings, thank you for sharing.


  3. Tuluwat Staff. I want you to please think about this post and the one previous – violent crime and weed – and think about how easy weed is getting off by the left. Are we certain that encouraging not only legalization, but economic growth based on an pychoactive drug will not have unintended consequences, making our fight against violent crime even more of an uphill battle?

    To me the connection seems to clear. This is based largely on the easy connections SoHum has with monied interests, anti-government interests and the soft anti-sustainability (if we understand cities and masses of humans to be sustainable) and fairly overt anti-intellectualism all I find over and over associated with Weed Inc.

    I have a sneaking suspicion the left, especially in HumCo is going to have to do an about face on Weed Inc. in the next half century. I hope it happens sooner than later.


  4. 2 weird things TE

    one: AG Holder ends asset seizures in part:

    that is epic and I hope it reverses the distrust and escalation this horrid practice.

    We want good police, not crooks.



    back when the Eureka Citizen emails were announced?

    There was a new disqus registered commenter at loco with that name, made several comments that sounded supportive.

    Now see the 12th comment by this same user…

    strange pranky fun huh?

    that’s all for now, over and out.

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