Criminalizing poverty in the City of Eureka

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On Friday, the LostCoast Outpost reported on an anonymous email that was sent to the Eureka City Council. The email was in regards to “Eureka Citizens” feeling unsafe because of the (eeooww!) panhandlers in Eureka. Part of the email read:

“PLEASE review this (redundant) proposed panhandling permit ordinance! Citizens, and businesses, are asking why City Council appears more concerned about providing for the homeless, rather than protecting citizens’ personal, and business, safety.”

What???? Being uncomfortable is not the same as being unsafe. Sounds like a group Robin Arkley could head up. They don’t seem to recognize the difference between poor houseless folks and the Housed criminal dirtbag tweekers wandering our streets at all hours.

The real truth is that the City of Eureka has some pretty stringent laws on the books regarding “aggressive panhandling”. The ordinance prohibits a laundry list of behaviors, including how close a panhandler can be to a business, blocking sidewalks, fraudulent claims, and many more. Adding more legislation that won’t be enforced by the already overburdened police department is a complete joke and a waste of time.

The person who wrote the email claims that, “This proposal is the result of a group discussion, involving over 45 Eureka citizens. We will soon make a formal request to the city council. If a Permit to Panhandle ordinance is not passed by the Eureka city council, we plan to circulate a petition to force a ballot vote of the people.” Good luck with that, most attempts to legislate by ballot windup being thrown out by the courts.

We’re glad that there may be a group of people meeting with concerns about public safety in Eureka. Now, if we could get them to focus on real crime problems instead of annoying but minor problems like unsightly folks begging for money, that would be encouraging. A good place to start is violent crime and property crime. Those crime rates are among the highest in the country. How about pressuring the City Council and Manager to try and address those problems?


13 thoughts on “Criminalizing poverty in the City of Eureka

  1. It’s a good bet Rob supports this group, even if he not behind it.

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  2. Could this be Baron von Arkley’s first monstrosity of the New Year?

    What gets me is the City Council must get quite a few anonymous emails in the course of a year… what gave this email so much traction?

    Perhaps the implied “if you don’t do it we will” threat (an Arkley oldie but goody) has made folks in the Eureka City Hall nervous. I guess…

    But the homeless does make a great target because they are pretty much helpless and no one likes them. They are the perfect focus for one of the oldie but goody strategies used by societal bullies.

    The recipe: Focus on a group of people easy to dislike… turn them into a threat… then concentrate the rest of the folks’ anger and frustration on them. Then the heavies in charge can do what they want… “It’s necessary to do this before these (insert disliked group here) take over and destroy us all.”

    For just one example (there are many others) this is why with all the problems the Russians face, Putin has focused his nation’s anger on LGBT folks of all people.

    Well, I guess we’ll just have to put the homeless in the “lineup-of-evil” with shopping cart thieves and kids riding their bicycles on the sidewalk.

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    • Good observation mola this is clearly a distraction designed to keep the new council off they’re own agenda

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    • and Mola, you and Highrolla are correct: a distraction, and a divide to conquer move.

      Who are these 45 people that meet by email???..’uh, private group, but you can trust them’.

      Safe to say we can expect more like it.

      Maybe I’ll write something for their next campaign..’We offered excellent helpful suggestions and even offered the wording, written by a lawyer, for free, and our good work was rejected.’…subtext:waaaaaa!

      ‘It was free, a contribution!!!…nobody even thanked us.’

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    • Stochastic Terrorism:
      Mola, I have described here before what some are calling the phenomenon when some seem to be urging or claiming they will resort to vigilantism in pursuit of some societal goal.

      They call it Stochastic Terrorism, and the deal is the cowardly back shooter blathers about killing someone for their behavior, their political differences, whatever..

      The math is this: in any society there are those more likely, willing, and able to act out with violence…and eventually some individual or small group does essentially what the blatherer said, if the message is repeated enough,
      …’ those (others) need an asskicking, somebody should tar and feather them etc etc etc’…
      has sunk in.

      The Un-Focused Hatred is now Focused.

      The Klan wasn’t paid, the Brown Shirts were early on at least not brown shirted, but volunteer hooligan haters..and on and on thru history.

      No conspiracies, no hit man secret payments, no Bat Signals required,…..eventually the violence promoting hate speech message reaches the mathematically proven available mind and it hears:

      ‘Kill’ …and one day it does.

      Then maybe the calls for violence are remembered and when the blatherer is asked, he says ‘I never said for him to actually do it.’..!!!

      It’s a new version of the old idea of
      ‘will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?!?!?!’…
      ….a phrase distinctly and poignantly sharpened by that senseless murder here.

      (See: plausible deniability, George Herbert Walker Bush, Dick Cheney)

      At least Ronald Reagan was honest enough to call for a bloodbath during the 70’s student riots. He was just a regular terrorist. (see: Rios Montt)

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  3. Obviously none of you lives downtown or has to deal with this “minor” problem like the rest of us who are beyond fed up with a city out of control. I was accosted during the holidays by street scum not asking but screaming for money and cursing in my face on my way to work. Enough is enough. Liberalism doesn’t work and never will. The cops just do nothing as they wait out their early retirements. To hell with useless emails and impotent citizen’s groups. Politics is dead. The people who work and pay taxes need to fight back. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

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    • Straight Shooter:

      I was thinking of asking you what “No more Mr. Nice Guy” is supposed to mean… but judging by the name you chose for yourself I guess it’s rather obvious.

      So… you and a gang of like-minded citizens are going to “solve” the homeless problem for the rest of us?

      History means absolutely nothing to you, doesn’t it?

      Please, for the sake of your soul, read what happened when a similar group of citizens got together and solved the “Indian Problem” for Eureka. An account is conveniently located in this very blog.

      Okay… lets make a comparison: Which is the scarier of the two issues… homeless people or vigilantes administering rough justice?

      No one wants there to be homelessness. Not even Liberals (although we have been accused otherwise). The problem is the simple solutions (or the simple minded solutions) are also the most barbaric.

      We didn’t get to where we are in a day. Homelessness won’t be solved in a day by violence… as much as it may seem like the solution to you.

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    • Mola is absolutely correct. Although I would add that Eureka has a history of getting rid of “problems”. Eureka’s “Chinatown” was as large as San Francisco’s in 1885, but there’s no evidence it ever existed now. All that’s left are the articles about making Eureka, and then greater Humboldt, the “only county in the state containing no Chinamen.”

      Here’s a well put together article from the NCJ:

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  4. ‘Eureka Citizen’ never has, and never will, support violence against any resident, whether homed or homeless.

    The purpose of our letter to City Council was to begin efforts to clean up the streets of Eureka, not criminalize the homeless or the panhandlers.

    The permit proposal has worked in many cities where panhandling was out of control and threatened public safety.

    We want Eureka citizens to start discussing problems publicly, not just at City Council meetings, but every day. Without open discussion, the public is unaware of government intentions or plans. Our letter opened the door; just look at the article here, and on Lost Coast Outpost.

    Eventually, Eureka will have to face the facts that the city streets, especially the 101 Gateway Corridor through the center of town, needs to be cleaned up and given a makeover. Removing panhandlers is a start. Next, we should focus on the blight; run down hotels, old buildings, trash, etc. IF we can clean the streets of Eureka, one step at a time, Eureka will become safer and develop into a destination spot.

    Thanks for reading,

    Eureka Citizen

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    • “open discussion” But you are too wimpy to say who you are?

      “Removing panhandlers” but your bullshit permit dream is not to restrict people asking for help

      The ACT of talking/expressing oneself is called SPEECH. Get over thinking you and your selfish cronies can control people because they have less than you. You offend any sense of humanity.

      You could ‘clean up’ Eureka better by licking the sidewalk… than by making more laws to hurt, further impoverish, and breed hostility against people who must ask for help.

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  5. Additionally, ‘Eureka Citizen’ is not associated with Mr. Arkley.


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