Censorship and the War on the Poor – “Share the information dude”

We don’t hate Chief Mills……Really!

He’s just keeps serving this stuff up:

public enemy number 1

Here is Chief Mill’s “Public enemy number one” …….shopping carts!

Chief Andy Mills was on Talkshop this week, and Brian Papstein was his usual supplicant self.  However, some of his questions were actually pretty damn relevant. Papstein actually asked a hardball question about the apparent rise in crime in Eureka.  Chief Mills admitted that the rise in violent crime was massive, and that per capita Eureka has “one of the highest murder rates in the country” (start listening at 7 minutes in for full quotes). Papstein asked the Chief about public perception of crime in Eureka (Mills responded at 8:43 into the interview).  He said, “We do get this regurgitated (crime reports).  The media picks it up.  Then social media picks it up.  Everybody talks about it.  So it becomes this huge deal.  So we’re working on it (controlling info released to the public).”  Papstein gave an uncomfortable laugh, and then made the most intelligent statement we’ve ever heard come out of Brian’s mouth.  In response to the Chief talking about controlling what information goes out, Mr. Papstein bluntly replied, “Share the information, dude.” Three cheers for Brian Papstein and freedom of the press!
Among Mills highest achievements and goals for next year, Number 1 and 2 were the same in both categories.  Number 1 was……”Cleaning up shopping carts”.  Number 2 was…..”Straightening out the bike ordinance.”  ………..Seriously?

You just can’t make this stuff up.  In the distance, EPD’s “Third priority is gangs.”   With two gang related murders, beatings and stabbings, this year we would think that EPD would put that at a higher priority.  But alas, that is not the case.
Then Mills, his hypocrisy reaching a peak said, “We truly care for those who are less fortunate among us.”  He forgot to add, “That is why we are waging war on you and your shopping carts and your bicycles.  We’ll jail you for being homeless, because we love you.”
Never fear though Eureka, Andy Mills also said that those who aren’t involved in crime do not have to fear getting murdered.  According to the Chief, Father Freed was a random act that no regular citizens should worry about.  We guess he forgot about the Deaths of Tommy McClain and Daren Borges.  But they don’t really matter, since they were killed by the cops.

When asked the reality of his first full year in office, as opposed to what he expected, Mills answered, “It wasn’t what I thought (it would be) at all.”  No shit! Not for us either Chief!


21 thoughts on “Censorship and the War on the Poor – “Share the information dude”

  1. This new City Council needs to make it clear to this police chief his priorities are completely off track. They need to set a new agenda for this guy make him follow it or send him packing!

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    • along came Jones:

      A good sentiment that I agree with, except:

      They need to make it clear to the City Manager the Police Chief’s priorities are completely off track.

      The Police Chief enjoys a certain amount of insulation from the Eureka City Council… they may hire him but they can’t fire him… only the City Manager can do that.

      So things get complicated here. The Eureka City Council can force the City Manager to force the Police Chief…

      Except the City Council can’t force anything because the City Manager has the last laugh… at least four of five City Council members have to vote for his dismissal. So short of the Eureka City Manager dropping his pants and mooning the Eureka City Council while laughing insanely… it’s not likely to happen.

      As the system is set up now… Mr. Sparks, the City Manager, calls all the shots.

      I have to ask the question: Is this really a good system?

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    • Mola that was the case with Dave Tyson. I don’t that’s true with Sparks. I get the sense he will going with the majority of the council even if that were true.


  2. Wow. His priorities do seem to be the same as his Ingomar cronies. Shopping carts are unsightly, not dangerous. The top priority of any agency should be public safety. Given the rise of violent crime, it’s unbelievable the Chief would even mention shopping carts in his list.

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    • JP:

      I don’t know…sometimes Chief Mills looks seems to have “deer caught in the headlights” syndrome.

      One just gets so overwhelmed that the only way to cope is to take on minimal or meaningless tasks just because they can do them so they can feel they have accomplished something.

      The rest goes over the victim’s head and are ignored. Otherwise the victim has to admit to the job is just too much… and most people’s egos just can’t handle that rough of a ride.

      By any standard Chief Mills has had a tough year.

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  3. In regard to the Paris shootings: I have decided to resign as block captain for the safety of my family. I have also put islamic flags in the front yard and an ISIS flag on the roof. I now have a constant presence of local police,
    CHP, and Homeland Security parked in front of my house. I have never felt more safe. I am not sure which god is watching over me, but thank you anyway.


  4. @ Mola 12:22 You stated that it would take four votes to remove this City Manager, do you know if this true? Have you seen the contract for Greg Sparks?


    • Large Marge and highrolla:

      Specifically seen the contract… no.

      I was taken to task when I was celebrating the win of two progressives to make a majority on the City Council. I thought it might be possible to shake things up in the EPD.

      I was taken to task by several fellow bloggers that I had it wrong. They were consistent with each other and tended to be folks that in previous posts seemed to know what they were talking about. However…..

      You would be a far better person than I to go to the source… if the source (the contract) is a public document.

      I for one would be overjoyed if I were wrong on this one.

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    • For what it is worth I tried the City of Eureka web site and could get nothing relevant.

      I imagine someone could email or walk-in in person and ask the City Clerk.

      I’d do it myself but then the folks there would know who I am… and seeing as lately I probably don’t have many friends at the Eureka City Hall… it doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

      All right yes… I am a weenie.

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  5. Why does Mills think lack of information for the public is a good thing? Doesn’t know how the rumors fly around here?

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  6. I am pretty sure Tyson had demanded the council had to have 4 votes to remove. The manager’s office had a rotating door before him. I don’t know what the current manager’s contract has stated.

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  7. Bicycles and shopping carts, relative to real issues like the meth problem and gang-related violence/theft/et al, are of little consequence. Think big, guys! Leave the homeless to themselves or those in position to assist them. They are with us for the long run–it is part of the new ‘Merica–“F*** the doomed!”

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  8. If Chief Mills wanted to discourage the wandering and late night activities that so easily becomes a cover and certainly the perception for prowling and stalking, Mills might do something like give tickets to people who leave their dumpsters unlocked and their garbage cans exposed and on the street long before and long after the scheduled pickups.

    Nothing screws any quality of life worse than that mess except actual crime itself.

    Many apartment complexes that don’t have individual cans then have dumpsters they often leave unlocked that late nite wanderers scrounge and prowl thru and throw stuff all over and make a lot of noises thrilling nearby residents with their activities.

    And most scroungers are certainly not criminals casing your house or you for criminal possibilities…but they are out there doing a very dangerous activity, at night in very sad and filthy poisonous surroundings, and also exposed to the same criminals that actually are prowling. Many car thefts happen at night …yes, yes often home burglaries happen during the day and can almost look like legitimate activities, .burglars always have an excuse, ‘oh, is Jim home?…no, oh, wrong address, sorry, he said to just come and clean pickup some stuff for him, we had the wrong address, sorry, have a nice day.’

    How often do sleeping residents leap from bed to see what the ruckus is and maybe even arm themselves, endangering themselves, family, neighbors, and the poor and desperate innocent garbage pickers?

    The city in its recent newsletters has been finger waving at residents to clean their own gutters and sidewalks…how about they install lockable dumpsters at their many housing sites and enforce the mandatory lock policy on both the dumpster surrounding fence (also missing often) and the dumpsters themselves, before they harumph at others.
    Recology or whoever the current contractor would be would just have to cope with it, it’s the price we must pay for a safer less nasty aspect of city living. They would have to get out, unlock the surround and the dumpster, then spear it and dump it, then lock it back up, 5 minutes more each dumpster…big deal. It is an enforcement problem with known addresses, that’s always the low hanging fruit, people with known addresses…and a funding mechanism for enforcement. Ohhh, would that make some people mad.
    But it’s needed…take a year to propagandize it and install the changes in the city housing complexes while attending to the enforcements elsewhere.

    Currently the model is each apartment has it’s own two cans, and their ugly stinky noisy and even dangerous nuisance is in the parking lots, sidewalks, and streets and viewscapes…and the cans are searched at least 5-10 times a day by scroungers.
    I think these dangerous and obnoxious cans should be replaced with dumpsters in many cases..at housing complexes.
    If I was a burglar I’d sure pose as a desperate scrounger..and it’s always the ‘go to’ response when challenged for prowling.

    (Two biggest offenders are the city housing authority itself and certain apartment owners…in particular….let’s see, I am thinking of a name..um..can’t quite think of it…’S’ somebody…anyway.

    There are also at least four city housing complexes that I know of that have no dumpsters but instead have the rash of ugliness associated with the garbage cans, as used currently (and what psycho chose that blue, I’d like to..). They deserve dumpsters in surrounds, like new complexes would be required to have, and safer lighting.

    (And of course limiting the scrounging would deprive the scroungers of desperately needed but now often dangerous ‘nutrition’ they find and can be seen eating….as different than the out of date but still probably safe store dumpsters….also mostly locked.
    Residential food scraps are way frickin dangerous, (mine anyway)…. how much poor health are we subsidizing with this sad careless policy?
    Food and nutrition support for homeless persons clearly is an issue, but this kind of malign neglect is not ‘support’ is not humane, at all.
    All manner of contaminants and poisons, intentional or accidental can also be in the trash along with the food.

    These city complexes also have serious lighting safety issues as well.

    If I was a car burglar I’d sure go there first…oh wait, they do…map it out and see Chief Mills.

    Chief Mills and the city: clean your own dam ‘sidewalks’ before you preach it at me. Perhaps your parking enforcement can be repurposed for something even more productive. Oh, no money? Stop spending it on settling lawsuits for,,,,ahhhh…nevermind..already well covered elsewhere.

    Demonstrate leadership while insisting on better behavior.

    Fix that, then talk to us about the shopping cart issue, I think you have the cart before the dumpster on this one. (fk me, I hate advocating for more enforcement of any petty shit like this.., I deserve your sarcasm for it.)

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  9. Sounds like yogi is trying to bait Mills into declaring war on dumpsters! I’m sure the Tulatwat would have a field day with that.


    • Here’s hoping!

      It’s a jobs program too, checking those dumpster locks for tampering., writing tickets for all those blue bins on the sidewalk, I can hardly get those tickets written to those people who aren’t doing THEIR civic best to weed their sidewalks…(city newsletter)
      and why is everything always about weed?

      srsly, give it a year before they have some new hire civic affairs weenies roaming the city giving tickets for blackberry vines hanging out over the sidewalk. (‘but they are small tickets, just little ones’…(for now)).

      ‘Grass is getting a little long there Citizen.’

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  10. I guess the cops gave Darren Borges a hot shot of meth. Yeah, that’s it, it was the cops who shot Darren Borges up with so much meth that he tweaked himself right to death. Ha ha. Ha.


  11. Ya the cops that are a danger to the people. Should start collecting all the shopping carts as part of there punishment for killing innocent people


  12. I thought the POLICE OFFICERS are civil servants. There job is to assist the people and to keep the piece. But instead their causing havoc in the city.


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