Oops, looks like Chief Mills got something right for a change

Man waving BB gun on 101 in Eureka is miraculously not gunned down by EPD!

A Manila man was briefly detained near 5th and T Street in Eureka by the Eureka Police Department, after allegedly waiving a BB gun while walking on the sidewalk next to several businesses.gun in your face

We were struck by the radically different outcome of this interaction with the Eureka Police, compared with the killing of Tommy McClain. Unlike Tommy McClain, who was standing in his own front yard and did not draw his weapon (if he ever had one), this man was blatantly waving a realistic replica at passersby.

EPD did a few things different this time around. When EPD rolled up on this incident, they gave the suspect more than 2 seconds to comply (unlike Tommy). They issued clear (not conflicting) commands and calmly talked the guy into compliance (instead of yelling conflicting commands to a hearing impaired Tommy). Sounds like the type of police work that should be happening in Eureka….cops de-escalating situations instead of looking for a reason to kill.

We ask ourselves what makes this event so different? Well for one thing, it happened in broad daylight with the potential of multiple witnesses not related the man waving the weapon.   Tommy’s shooting was on the Westside, in a poorer neighborhood with not a lot of foot traffic. Area’s do matter. Having a shooting on the 101 corridor in front of tourists might just cause some “blowback”.

On top of that, we suspect the biggest difference was Captain Steve Watson. He influenced the outcome, being this incident happened in his command jurisdiction capt watsonand while he was working. Some of you are saying, “Oh shit. The TE said something positive about Captain Watson. He’ll be in big trouble down at the cop shop now.” Well we call ‘em as we see ‘em and the differences between the newly appointed Captains seem pretty dramatic! One is a thug and the other is thug buster. So (gasp) we guess in this case we have to give credit to Mills for at least one good promotion.



7 thoughts on “Oops, looks like Chief Mills got something right for a change

  1. Excellent, exactly what we want in our police.

    Agree 100% TE.

    I am remembering a couple of years ago of the police officer who didn’t gun down the disturbed man holding a gun, loaded, to his own head demanding drugs.

    That EPD officer (I wish I knew who, and how he is doing afterwards) said ‘I was pretty sure he wasn’t going to shoot me.’..iirc. That officer gets donuts and coffee for life…(metaphorical donuts and coffee..that stuff will kill ya, they say. They don’t say when.) I feel a lot better with officers like that on the force.

    A good story there too TE..(yer the big time journalist..I’m just the lowly blogger, my only resources are more Cheetos.)

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  2. Taking their time and communicating clearly….that is a nice change from past events.

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  3. I remember when Watson was running the POP team, he did a great job and Eureka saw its crime rate decline.


  4. With respect to Chief Mills
    How can this closed review board be fair or open to reviewing any evidence
    That will in fact leave a scuff mark on the officer(s) badge


  5. I think a big difference here is the police weren’t hyped up in ‘tactical squad, pack of dogs’ mode. On the prowl, lying in wait to score a ‘win’ by taking down a a warrant evader.

    McClain’s first offense was being ‘in the way’ of police who were chomping on the bit to take someone down. At that point, he wasn’t a citizen worthy of protection. He was an impediment. An irksome fly in the ointment, who had no legitimate place in the plan for the operation. The police, at that time, valued their personal desires for operational glory over their sworn obligations to protect and serve.

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