Great cynical PR stunt Eureka! But, it’s not a real “Civilian Review Board”

Eureka's idea of "Civilian Review Board"

Eureka’s idea of a “Community Shooting Review Board”?

On January 15th, the Eureka Police Department will be having what they are framing as a “Community Shooting Review Board” to look into the Killing of Tommy McClain. EPD has stacked the Board with at least 66% of it being EPD/Sheriff Dept alumni, and he calls that “community members” looking into the killing of Tommy McClain. This “bogus” “community” Board will look into “the policy, the training, the procedures and determine whether or not it was within or not in the policy,”. This board will consist of “Two members of the EPD, the Humboldt County Coroner (former EPD), two Eureka City Council Members Melinda Ciarabellini (former cop) and Linda Atkins and one local attorney (former DA candidate Elan Firpo)”. EPD’s spokesman said, “”I think it is very important for the community to have confidence that it’s not just the police department looking at itself, that it is community members looking at us as well, that it is community leaders looking at what we do.”

According to the EPD, “They’ll be able to sit down and take a look at that, discuss it, take a look at the policy, the training, the procedures and determine whether or not it was within or not in the policy…..”. We are surprised and disappointed that Linda Atkins, would sign on to this obvious sham. One meeting, with only a few hours to review the thousands of pages of investigation, seems to be the definition of a “stacked deck” in EPD’s favor. The Department seems desperate to support the un-justifiable promotion of Captain Stephens (Stephens the officer in charge of the fiasco that left Tommy McClain dead in own front yard!). We can only guess part of the motive is to make this council believe they won’t be on the hook for millions in civil liability (which the city will be paying on for years, if the circumstances already admitted to are true!).

The Eureka Police Department seems to be trying to pull another fast one off on the citizens of Eureka. It’s clear that having a one day (or several hour) meeting isn’t enough to even scratch the surface of the shooting death of Tommy McClain. Having a group where all but one are City Employees or former City Employees looking into a shooting by the City is the definition of the “Fox guarding the hen house.”   That it would be characterized by the media as “community members looking at police” is so “over the top” it would even make infamous Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels blush.

Hopefully, the rest of the City council and the City Manager will see that having OUTSIDE experts give their opinion on the killing is paramount to moving forward. It would also be helpful if they saw that investigating a homicide produces thousands of documents and other evidence. One day to review the investigation and information is a complete joke…and an easy way for EPD to only parcel out the information they wants the panel to hear.

The time is now for a true “Civilian Review Board”, not a handpicked hodgepodge that the City feels will protect its image. The City talks about moving forward with its police department, even though most of their actions are sending it in the opposite direction. Like “going after hardened criminals” = getting rid of the homeless shopping cart thieves. Like “community review of a shooting” = a quick look by a couple council members being guided by current and former EPD. No more lies and misdirection…community policing means engaging with not just the ol’ boys at the Ingomar Club, it means dealing with the 95% of Eureka that actually has deal with and rely on EPD.




26 thoughts on “Great cynical PR stunt Eureka! But, it’s not a real “Civilian Review Board”

  1. PR master and Police Chief two for the price of one, now that’s fiscal responsibility!
    If Atkins gets to really see the full evidence file she going really like Linfoot’s narrative of the shooting.
    Wait till that part goes public in the Civil trial!

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  2. Pretty ridiculous line up. Reminds me of Commissioner Ulansey’s roundtable GPU groups.

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  3. Cynical is right. How can anyone in their right mind call this a “community” board? EPD has feared getting real “Civilian Oversight” for a very long time (minus the short time that Neilson was chief). It seems the department doesn’t want citizens to know what’s going on with the department. Chief Mills seems to be showing his true colors with regard to his version of “Community Oriented Policing”. Despicable.

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  4. “I am…errrr… the Defendant… is Not Guilty. Case closed.”


  5. This will go on as long as the leaders of the community allow it. Also, if the community at large gets involved the pressure will help. But the powers in law enforcement are more than resistant to allow any pressure from outside to prevail. It has been that way for as long as I can remember. Oh well.

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  6. Sure glad we dodged that bullet with elan firpo being the DA! What a sell out.


  7. The citizens review board
    Was hand picked Hand selected by Chief Mills my thought is ok finally. Something being done. The people on the review board are going to review the officer(s) shooting Tommy McClain
    So is this going to build trust between the officers and the citizens they serve
    Trust starts with being open and honest being held accountable for our actions
    Whether right or wrong

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  8. EPD is in the process of updating its entire policies and procedures user manual
    The four officers were instructed not to discuss the incident with anyone under
    Threat of firing. The CDJ would step in and lead the investigation
    But the DOJ disbanded most of its investigative functions several years ago and shuttered its Redding office the agency simply no longer have the capacity to investigate Eurekas officers involved in the shooting
    So the department has to go off-script Sep18 and initiate the county’s CIRT the detective working the scene pulled the audio from the EPD dispatch system of all call to and from the scene of the shooting of Tommy McClain video was allso pulled from the responding patrol cars dash cams systems Reported by Thadeus Greenson
    Tommy McClain only 22 was shot and killed like a common criminal. For having his cell phone in his hands just min. Before the shooting Tommy was commenting on a post on his facebook page at the same time the officer reported him arguing with someone and he appeared to have a gun Tommy was not a thug He had no criminal record . The reports from the officers that night saying that he allegedly when for something they thought to be a gun. The eureka police department has been corrupt for to long. There are eye witness to the shooting and We are some what distcrige in what the officer believed to be the facts It was not in Tommy’s character to be aggressive or to put him self in a situation what there would be confertation. In the report these are conflicting facts to what Cheif Mills stated and relised to the press Tommy layed down in the morgue for 10 days. Our poor Tommy.


  9. Ohh….poor libtards. The Chief of Police is holding this review board, but the lefties don’t like who’s on it. Even Linda Atkins isn’t liberal enough for you idiots! Spanky, LJ, Mola and the rest of your ilk would only be happy with a panel made up of Kim Starr, Al Sharpton and the rest of the fringe left cop haters. Now that, JP, is DESPICABLE!


    • I would say, “You had me at hello”, but there was no “hello”. I guess I’ll just say you had me at “libtard”.

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    • Hate is a negative feeling
      Hate can destroy a person from the inside out
      You have to find a balance with in you
      Only then can YOU free YOURSELF from that negative word hate

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    • More BS from Tulu:

      More BS from a person who does not even bother to read what is written in the “Tulu” to begin with.

      I believe the Tuluwat Examiner, in questioning Ms. Atkins being on such a board, is wondering why she would have anything to do with such an obvious kangaroo court.

      Considering the source, “despicable” just might be a complement.

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  10. We loved Tommy and now it seems we are going to have to fight for justice Tommy is no longer with us and has no voice of his own
    So keep supporting justice for Tommy and
    justice will be served
    Thank you your support helping us not to loose faith
    keep posting
    Justice for Tommy
    Tommy was loved now we are at a loss
    Our filling are torn between emotions of sadness and pain
    This senseless shooting has broke us down
    But hasn’t torn us apart

    Tommy was taken from us
    All because of the EPD can’t get their depth perception right
    Between a gun and a phone
    Smh ….. Justice


  11. How come this is a closed review board ?


  12. It’s set up just like the Humboldt County Law Enforcement Liaison Committee, (except the public can attend the HCLELC meetings), both consist mostly of appointed law enforcement members predisposed to justify/minimize officer’s actions.

    Without some ability to hold law enforcement accountable, recommend a Grand Jury investigation, or be open to the public, this group is simply a clever delay tactic feigning independence/action/concern while the victim’s survivors run out of time to sue. (6-months).

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  13. With my experiences with community involvement I really disagree with the idea of a citizen’s review board. I know I’m on the outside looking in on this from the left. But after the fireworks, like any other board, conservatives will be better positioned to fill this board than liberals.

    Evidence. a) Community presence at St. Steven’s promotion. b) Watching Janelle futility attempt to engage the Human Rights Commission – another board I’m guessing had strong liberal support, but seems to have just enough members to act against first amendment principles. c) trying to be a part of generalized progressive movements in Eureka and Humboldt.

    Our best bet is what it always has been. Focus on elected positions. This means develop a progressive infrastructure inside and outside of the Dems (btw important meetings in Jan and Feb as we attempt to re-jigger our (your) organization due to lack of volunteers). Natalie, Kim, Linda and their supporters and volunteers did a great job as we all know. Don’t forget however that 2 races went uncontested.

    Also, the HumCo sherriffs position went uncontested which must be a huge influence/factor on EPD culture.

    Let’s find members of our community with the time and standing to serve on boards as soon as we’ve found members willing to take leadership responsibilities on our elected boards and councils. To include, btw, school boards.

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  14. Will there also be Humboldt Grand Jury investigation and report?

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  15. out of chief mills own mouth oct. 1
    as police we expect scrutiny to be very honest we welcome it. it part of policing a free society

    being transparent and open based on facts that occurred that night
    didnt he say wants the community to have confidence in the eureka police dep.
    how can there be confidence when the review board is closed to the community
    now please correct me if im wrong but the panel of hand pick people.
    milinda ciarabellini is a former cop.
    elen firpo county corner also former epd
    and 2 epd unknown at this time
    and linda atkins
    were is the impartial review board that chief mills spoke of


  16. Can this shit get any deeper


  17. “With my experiences with community involvement I really disagree with the idea of a citizen’s review board.”

    What we learned in 2014 is that Eureka citizens showed up when they have candidates endorsing progressive Measures that are also on the ballot…the result was our first reversal of a long legacy of democratic/progressive failures in a democratic-majority registered city (no matter the quality of candidate).

    If we already had a Eureka Citizen’s Police Review Board our new political majority could appoint a more balanced membership instead of using their energies to fight for the formation of a review board.


  18. “Community Shooting Review Board” Is Another Ploy To Cover Up
    Eureka Police Killing of Tommy McClain
    After Eureka Police shot and killed 22 year-old Tommy McClain in cold blood in his front yard on September 17, 2014, Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills created a “Community Shooting Review Board.” This Board is the Eureka Chief’s public relations attempt to pacify public outrage, subvert any real community oversight and participation, and perpetuate the farce of independent investigation and transparency.
    A private meeting of members of the Eureka Police Department, the Humboldt County Coroner’s Office, and the Eureka City Council was scheduled for January 15, 2015 to review the multi-agency law enforcement [Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT)] investigation of Tommy’s death.
    Longtime local activist against police violence, Verbena Lea, states the obvious: “There was nothing ‘independent’ about the original investigation, and nothing transparent or independent about this Community Shooting Review. They both are secret and involve Eureka officials who have current and former ties to police and a vested interest in covering up police murder.” Two of the Community Shooting Board’s six members are current Eureka police officers
    Despite having the word “Community” in the title, no members of the general public have been invited to participate in the Community Shooting Review. The Board’s purported goal is to evaluate the CIRT’s investigation into Tommy’s death and recommend appropriate changes to Eureka Police Department policy. The Board is exclusionary and does nothing to prevent future unwarranted killings. It is impossible to have an “independent” review when officers are leading it.
    “More than 400 members of the public, including the McClain family, have asked for a public forum, a coroner’s inquest. The City, the District Attorney, and the County Coroner ignored this reasonable request for transparency. Instead, the City of Eureka gave us a PR stunt that takes no action to make our community safer from future police killings,” says local human rights activist, Amanda Tierney.
    Any one of these officials, the Police Chief, the Coroner, or the DA- could easily honor the demands of the McClain family and 400+ concerned community members by ensuring a coroner’s inquest- a public hearing- in the unexplained, sudden, and violent death of Eureka resident Tommy McClain.
    We understand that Tommy was unarmed and posed no threat the night he was shot and killed, firing-squad-style, in front of his home.
    Redwood Curtain CopWatch has been conducting our own community investigation of Tommy’s death. In the interest of true transparency, we demand full access to CIRT’s investigation materials and any other materials in the hands of the Community Shooting Review Board.


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