Robin P. Arkley dost proclaimith-thus it must be so

We can’t get to far into 2015 without reviewing our most illustrious citizen, because he marina center arkley cartoonso much smarter than any of us. Robin was on Talkshop recently, throwing his pearls of wisdom to the rabble.

Q: How did 2014 kick off in Northwestern California?
“It started off miserably of course with, Father Eric. And umm, it’s a direct reflection with what happens with the drug culture. It’s a direct reflection of what happens with the St. Vincents and the Betty Chin’s who makes us an attractive nuisance.” (The alleged perpetrator has a long history of mental illness and has no known connection with Betty Chin or St. Vincents. Father Freed was a big champion for Betty Chin).

(As far as politics) “I was a little perplexed by the city of Eureka elections. I don’t quite understand them and I don’t think we worked hard enough (we didn’t have another measure N type fraud to lure the right wingers to the polls)….California has sucked a lot of the emotion out of politics. At some point in the very near future we’re going to have to take teachers unions to task. (Still smarting over the loss of big time Arkley suckup John fullerton to Teachers Union supported Lisa Oliveira) It can be done. Californians just don’t choose to do it. There are those of us that move.(Run away to Baton Rouge to hide from his failures)”

Ragin' Rob Arkley

Ragin’ Rob Arkley

Robin hates the Harbor District and the way it’s running. Especially Jack Crider “from Oregon”. Arkley makes the unsupported claim that Crider; “failed everywhere else and chose to end up in the Humboldt Bay”. He said, “They love to use the Harbors credit to go into competition against private business. And you’re right everyone, that’s me (private business) and I object to it, I resent it and I think it’s wrong.” (Arkley’s obviously still enraged that the Harbor District’s east-west rail feasibility study found that the project would be un-feasible) “But that’s where they are and elections have consequences and that’s going to be my focus this year. “ (Remember, the lone witness to speak up about the Arkley assault on a City Councilman was Harbor Commissioner Mike Wilson. Arkley never forgets a perceived foe).

Q: Was there any progress with the Balloon track (In 2014)?
“Yes there was….There was a great case that came out from Walmart that says that if a city passes an initiative, that you don’t have to have a CEQA process. So the opposing people on the balloon track are having a heart murmur on that…ha ha ha.” (It was the Coastal Commision that woke us from Arkley’s Marina Center fever dream, not the CEQA case brought by EPIC and Baykeeper)
Arkley went on to say that if he was making more money (not losing it) he would be building up the balloon track right now. (Yeah right. First he would need to financially settle up with the City of Eureka, State Lands Commission and the Coastal Commission, to name a few, and then try to repair his damaged credibility with these agencies).

In fact, Cheri is supposedly putting the plans in place to get work started on the “local business” based center. (Wow the Arkley propaganda machine has come full circle. That’s what Cheri was claiming over a decade ago, even while courting Big Box mega stores to be the “anchor store” at the center!).


38 thoughts on “Robin P. Arkley dost proclaimith-thus it must be so

  1. Well, Herr Doktor Baron von Arkley has yet to finish creating monstrosities for us peasants to deal with.

    I wonder what will lurch out from his laboratory first for 2015?

    And seriously… has Mr. Arkley paid up his property tax tab yet?

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  2. Can we please revisit Arkley’s 2013 crystal ball predictions?

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  3. Ahh yes. The new “local” Marina Center. Will the local “anchor” be Sam’s Club or a Best Buy?

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  4. TE, could you explain a bit more about this last sentence please, I am dumb as a brick thru a window.
    “In fact, Cheri is supposedly putting the plans in place to get work started on the “local business” based center.”..who what, where for a start, thanks…and Happy New Year.

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  5. Why is it that every time any of you leftist-commie rags comment on anything Rob Arkley does it is in the most negative tone.I understand that he does have his own agendas and way of doing things and that you might feel it is counter productive to the city/county. All I say is how about giving the same attention to the good he has done for the city/county such as the zoo, EHS pool, Theater, rehabing the 5th st corridor, Vance Hotel,Co-Op building, to name a few and many others that aren’t readily known to the public. If he had not invested in all those projects the city would certainly look a whole lot worse than it already does. Try a little balanced approach for a change. Oh, but that would be wrong because that might alienate all your mindless trolls that regularly read this crap you write. Seems to me like the two headed green monster of jealousy has reared it’s ugly head again.

    P.S. Now I will sit back and await all the clever things your readers will have to make up now.

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    • Lee Chappelle:

      Sorry to disappoint you, but I have nothing clever to say on this subject.

      I wrote a little essay a while back pointing out that charity is a way different matter than investment.

      Mr. Arkley has invested in Eureka and Humboldt to enhance his position in this county. And it is pretty obvious he expects a return on his investments. And so far… given his property tax problems and local government’s reaction to them; he’s done very well.

      Well, my support is not up for sale.

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    • Some of these investments were very nice. Some just added extra expenses to a city that was having trouble paying the bills.

      Carnegie, Morgan and others donated much of their money, even while allowing their workers to starve. It was also nice that Al Capone put money into soup kitchens, but philanthropy doesn’t always mean that the person giving it makes money in moral or ethical ways. It also doesn’t mean that the “gifts” don’t hold great benefits to the giver.

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    • Yea just way to bad his his lack of anger management, bully tactics, rude approach, his way or the highway , back room politics, constant threats of legal action, buying the dune property so BLM could not expand access for all people, photoshopping local politicians out of grand opening pictures, not paying local taxes , trying to get away with not cleaning up a toxic site he bought ,( like his dad got away with in Blue Lake), the furniture store downtown that the owner blamed Arkey for putting him out of business , etc etc etc . For a lot people these types of traits in him far outweigh his few local projects you list. The lame argument that people do not like him because he has money misses the mark. The 800 pound gerilla in the who Arkley era has been the man himself.

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    • Classic Lee give credit for things he wasn’t involved with at all like The Vance Hotel and 5th street. Your adoration for all things Arkley is pathetic

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  6. Lee C…..the most surprising aspect of this thread is that they’ve taken time out from the cop hating rhetoric. But it was to bash Arkley, so they probably consider it worthwhile. Heraldo would be proud. But….but wait. Maybe they ARE heraldo…..


    • Just Watchin:

      “Maybe they ARE heraldo…”

      And that’s supposed to be an insult?

      And, just a sidelight… What has been advocated here all along is BETTER policing. The TE has never advocated for anything but.

      But perhaps you consider that notion an insult also.

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    • JW. I know it’s important for conservative causes to spin justice for all as “hating cop”. Don’t forget those are your words, not words I’ve read on TE. I think a TE critic would be fair to note that The TE “hates” the chief or his policies, but to say liberals or protesters or the TE “hates cops” is simply building a straw person villain for your conservative stories.
      And, what you, FOX and a million fellow travelers do is dangerous. ALL of us who do care about and understand we pay peace officers to do a dangerous and shitty job should not be using them (nor our soldiers) as political pawns.

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    • Fox45 is apologizing for an error made on Fox45 News at Ten last night. We aired a clip from a protest in Washington, DC where we reported protesters were chanting “kill a cop”. We received a phone call from Tawanda Jones, who is in the video, who informed us that the chant was actually “We won’t stop….We can’t stop…. ‘til killer cops…. are in cell blocks”.

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    • scathing criticism Jon is not hate. I’m a regular reader here while I agree the TE has been unrelenting(and little over the top at times) in their bashing of the chiefs policies and practices, but rightly so, especially over the McClain killing. I don’t see that rising to the level of hatred.

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  7. All you Arkley haters what is that you or you’re liberal buddies do enhance. economic growth to our suffering county. Since the timber industry crashed and the marijuana on it’s way to legalization causing more money to leave our county, at least he’s trying to bring alternative economic boosting business. Wtf are you doing?

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  8. He twists reality to suit his own vision of what he wishes was true. You can’t believe anything he says.

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    • At least he uses HIS OWN REAL NAME when he says something and then is accountable for it, Opposed to using INTHEKNOW! talk about not being able to believe

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    • Mr. Chappelle… I don’t know you from Adam.

      For that matter… I don’t know if you are even using your real name.

      And… I don’t care.

      I just know that almost every time I see your name in the comments section I can count on reading something silly.

      What matters is what is said.

      If you talk like a fool… putting your real name to your foolishness does not change the fact that you talk like a fool.

      Your identity martyrdom is pointless.

      There are people who when they say something on the blogs I know they are worth listening to… regardless whether they use their real names or a nom de plume. They have carefully developed their reputations over time so that other readers have come to respect their views.

      That… Mr. Chappelle… is what is important.

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  9. I’m wondering if Arkley’s beef with the Harbor District and particularly Crider is that they are actually doing economic developments around the bay. In particular at the former pulp mill.

    I think Arkley was counting on his Samoa project having a monopoly of leasing industrial property on his terms and at his pace. He would pick and choose who is worthy, tenants would be dependent and easily pressured for political support and to hire people he recommends. That’s the way Humboldt ‘strongmen’ have traditionally gotten and maintained their influence and control.

    But instead, Arkley has unexpected competition and less control over access to bay resources. He don’t like anyone cuttin’ into his turf. So he smears Crider as ‘not one of us’, to put every one on notice that it displeases Arkley if they do business with him.

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  10. Yep……the police chief in Boise, Idaho really has his finger on the pulse of racial issues. Boise’s population is only 1.5% black. And the state of Idaho is only .6% black. You’d probably have to search for days just to find enough to put together one basketball team.


    • Then maybe Pittsburgh and Richmond would qualify for you then?
      Eureka is a lot more like Idaho than Richmond or Pittsburgh black population.
      Idaho, like any other state also has plenty of drug problems.
      It also has plenty of native Americans like Humboldt does with all that means, both here and there.
      I’d say it’s an educational comparison.
      Best community policing possible is my goal with these links, what’s yours?

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    • Just Watchin:

      That “whooshing” sound you heard was you missing Yogi Bera’s point by a mile.

      Perhaps we can put it this way… all communities have an “underclass”; people who for one reason or another do not share in the general prosperity of the community. Perhaps they are black… perhaps they are Asian… perhaps they are Native American… perhaps they are white.


      A goal of Community Based Policing is to provide a non-coercive approach for everyone in a community… not just those who have stuff worth stealing. Time has shown Community Based Policing has solved problems prisons and jails have yet to put a dent in.

      That… I think… is Yogi Bera’s point. It doesn’t involve hating anyone, especially the police. It involves making the community a better place for all… and the line policeman’s life a bit easier and safer.

      I guess I can see where your vitriol comes from… if only Rush Limbaugh limited his “wisdom” to wailing against the possibility of a black actor playing James Bond in the movies.

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  11. I thought they moved away, because of California’s taxes.

    Who? What? Where?

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  12. What an arrogant prick. The rules are for others not Robbie. So he turns his wrath on the Harbor District because they followed the rules and beat him at his own game. Just move full time to the Pelican State and don’t come back!

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  13. Mola….I’m actually surprised Rush didn’t have anything to say about casting the nappy haired girl as “Annie”. I wonder what the reaction would have been if they’d cast a white man as MLK in “Selma”.


    • Just Watchin:

      “Annie” is below Mr. Limbaugh’s radar… he only cares about stuff that explodes or bleeds.

      And “whoosh” over my head goes your bit about a white man playing Martin Luther King in “Selma.”

      You see… James Bond (and Annie) is a fictional character… he’s not real. Martin Luther King was a very real and a very great man.

      You do see the difference… don’t you?

      To the TE and it’s readers… I apologize for contributing to the off-topic wandering nature of this thread.

      My bad.

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  14. Sucked you right in. It was actually easier than I thought it would be. I’ll go easier on you in the future.


  15. “Nappy”, “You’d probably have to search for days just to find enough to put together one basketball team.”

    Ty Imus or JW for your erudite, insightful, important and not-at-all race baiting comments.

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  16. You’re welcome jonboy. My pleasure.


  17. Don’t arguexwith R Arkley, he’s rich enough to buy his own facts! He has the receipt in his pocket! Right next to his ball that he’s taking home youu progressbusinessfreedomapplepiemurica hating liberals!!!!!

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