Yurok Tribe taps into the AB 32 money spigot

Yogi Berra directed us thyurok countryis story about the Yurok Tribe participating in this Capitalist based free market hybrid of cap and trade. No one is really sure whether the controversial Cap and Trade market will work to solve our carbon based global warming problems in the end. We can’t fault the tribe for participating since it lines up with their land management vision pretty well.

Tony Barboza at the Los Angeles Times reports about it:

The Yurok tribe has sold millions of dollars’ worth of carbon credits, known as offsets, to some of the state’s biggest polluters. The tribe’s forestry program is one of more than two dozen operations across the nation that has generated offsets for California’s growing carbon market.

The initiative is giving the Yurok tribe a new way to make money while it improves wildlife habitat, expands its forestry staff and acquires land in its ancestral territory near the mouth of the Klamath River in Del Norte and Humboldt counties.

Instead of selling lumber, as it has in the past, Yurok tribe hopes to make money through cap-and-trade

Instead of preparing to sell lumber, as it has in the past, the state’s largest Indian tribe is taking stock of its firs, redwoods and tanoaks to make money in California’s cap-and-trade program.

By managing its forest near Redwood National Park for carbon storage instead of timber harvest, the tribe is generating credits to sell to oil companies and other businesses that must reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of the state’s effort to slow climate change.


Should mean a lot less of this


When trees are allowed to grow, they absorb more carbon dioxide from the air and store it in their trunks, branches and roots. That sequestered carbon, which would otherwise be contributing to global warming, is now a valuable commodity for landowners like the Yurok.

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3 thoughts on “Yurok Tribe taps into the AB 32 money spigot

  1. Hope they’re able to keep track of the money. They pretty much just bought into a financial version of three-card-Monty.


  2. I’m very skeptical of cap and trade but if we see the green diamond lands recover under Yurok control then I like it.

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  3. Thanks TE for this, I’d like to learn more about the cap and trade issue, I have heard a little from both sides and it’s not perfect.

    Jobs available there would include the forester’s who survey the timber, that’s got to be a lot of rough work judging by Bolithio’s adventures in it…and my own wanderings.

    EPA site says ” Market forces spur technological innovation and investments in clean energy. Cap-and-trade is an environmentally effective and economically efficient response to climate change.”

    Environmentalists have said it’s of course not enough and coddles polluters and rewards businesses and scammers and doesn’t force the issue enough.

    I see large tracts being saved and protected and prices of wood products going up and wages of workers in the business going up and perhaps the few mills left will be profitable and the industry stabilized…hahaha, as if.

    Another change if this drives market prices, and why wouldn’t it?…might result in the raw logs to Asia scam being shifted to actual labor and millwork done by the people here instead.

    Washington to MAYBE do this, the title is misleading..”…if Gov Jay Inslee gets his way…”

    “Washington State To Pursue Cap-and-Trade Program”


    Googling cap and trade gets you to “Emissions Trading”..geez, but anyway..

    that’s some deep reading but worth grinding thru it.

    There’s no question this will be a major change in things around here, especially if the city participates in it and Arcata too.
    The closing of the Korbel mill is also interesting in this light….life calls..


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