Great first meeting last night Natalie, keep it up!

arroyo 1

Last night’s council meeting confirmed what we saw during the campaign; Natalie Arroyo is the big hope for bring change to Eureka. She’s bright, she’s engaged and knows how to work within the system. We can only hope that she becomes the leader on the council. This council really needs her to set the direction and the tone for all of the challenges the city faces

Last night meeting was revealing of the role the individual council members will play. Melinda is going to play the “curmudgeon” of the council now. Marion will continue in her role of “deer in the head lights”.   Linda kinda came out of her shell, but it sure would be nice to see her back in true form. Kim is still in stage fright mode, but she should get better. This is going to be very interesting to watch and comment on.

As a side note, it has become clear that Melinda’s support of Kim over Newman had to be personal. Why? Because she politically sounded just like Newman last night. Now that the campaigns are over, Melinda can start showing where her true beliefs lie, and they seem to be right in line with the likes of Chet and Mike.


5 thoughts on “Great first meeting last night Natalie, keep it up!

  1. Lucky for her, Melinda is no Chet or Mike. Best Wishes, Eureka.

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  2. I had a similar take, except it seemed to me that forward action in addressing these problems will be extremely slow. Thinking that having 15 or 20 beds of transitional housing without any other open camping areas is not going to even put a dent in this issue. The time is now for an action on where houseless people can rest their heads.

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    • yes, slow …and with the politics of it, the cons will be screaming and whining every step of the way, linking everything to it.
      I don’t envy them on this task, I wish them well with it.

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  3. Public toilets, plus public showers and laundry facilities should come way before housing. If people can be clean they can find jobs much more easily. And going to the bathroom in a sanitary facility should be considered a human right in 21st century America.

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  4. Only the comments by Nezzy made any sense to me.

    Chronic poverty and homelessness need to have everything thrown at them, it’s like trying to cure cancer.

    It makes only moderate sense to take more land and build more caged structures, (read: Bantustans, Checkpoints, Strategic Hamlets, etc), in a city saturated in empty buildings.

    If we’re not willing to use eminent domain laws to acquire empty buildings being vandalized and harboring criminals, for re-purposing into affordable apartments, then we should, at least, apply fees for their cost to this community. Being able to write off the losses from empty buildings has gone on long enough.

    We should also attach in-lieu fees for every large home being built that goes into an affordable housing fund.

    The great thing about being so far behind in serving the public-interest is the smorgasbord of proven solutions tested long ago in other communities.


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