Please, don’t “f” with Mother Nature.

storm monster

In what has to be one of the more reckless moves we’ve heard of in a while, geo scientists want to take their crazy experiment out of the lab and into the real world. These fools aren’t happy enough with Frankenstein salmon and sheep cloning, now they want to start experimenting with altering the weather. We can’t even predict the weather very well. (example: predicted storm of the century this last week) Who can even say what side effects this insanity may have?

The Economist has an article talking about this crazy concept and claim that these idiots are ready to let this loose on the Environment.

Scientific studies of techniques for deliberately modifying the climate are getting ready to move out of the laboratory

Dec 13th 2014 | WASHINGTON, DC |The Economist

1990 John Latham, a cloud physicist, published a short article in Nature under the headline “Control of Global Warming?” It argued that if low-lying maritime clouds were made a bit brighter, the Earth could be cooled enough to make up for the increased warming caused by emissions of greenhouse gases. The brightening was to be achieved by wafting tiny sea-salt particles up into the clouds from below; by acting as “cloud condensation nuclei” (CCN) they would increase the number of water droplets in the clouds, and thus the amount of sunlight they reflect out into space. Latham calculated that a square kilometre of cloud might be kept bright with just 400 grams of spray an hour. And finding out if it was really that easy might be straightforwardly tested. “It seems feasible”, Dr Latham wrote, “to conduct an experiment in which CCN are introduced in a controlled manner into marine stratus.”


A quarter of a century on, such a test may soon be on the cards. For more than ten years Dr Latham’s idea was almost entirely ignored. Then it caught the attention of an enterprising engineer, Stephen Salter of the University of Edinburgh, who looked at ways it might be made practicable, and a small number of researchers started to pay attention. But the question of whether anyone could actually produce ship-borne sprayers that would reliably churn out particles a ten-thousandth of a millimetre in diameter at a rate of 1,000 trillion a second remained open.

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2 thoughts on “Please, don’t “f” with Mother Nature.

  1. Couldn’t the same end be accomplished by letting graffiti artists spray paint those low-hanging clouds? Envision a whole new era of Noonsets that would really spice up our coastal perspectives.

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  2. Well at least this might give the ‘chem trails’ people something tangible to obsess on.

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