Hey Mills! This is what real Community Policing looks like……

All over the country people are talking about police overreaction and violence. Here in little Eureka Ca., we’ve had mostly public silence and fear that greeted the news of young Tommy McClain being gunned down in his own yard. One can look squarely at the example Eureka’s Chief of Police Andrew Mills, who has not only condoned this unjustified killing, but promoted the responsible Sergeant Brian Stephens, to Captain. While Mills may have curried favor with the old guard in the department, the signal he sent out to the community was that if you don’t have the right socioeconomic status and live in the wrong part of town, your life is a risk from the people charged with protecting it.

chief at demo

Richmond Chief of Police Chris Magnus stands with demonstrators along Macdonald Ave. during a peaceful demonstration in Richmond, Calif., on Tuesday, Dec. 9, 2014. (K Skinner/Bay Area News Group)


Amid the nationwide tumult over recent instances of police officers using deadly force against unarmed people, Bay Area cities like Berkeley and Oakland have been riveted by impassioned protests that have at times turned violent.

But a different kind of protest popped up in Richmond on Tuesday, and at the vanguard of the gathering calling for a reduction in police violence in communities of color was an unlikely participant: Richmond’s police chief.

“I’ve never seen anything like it, not in Richmond, not anywhere,” said longtime resident Mary Square, who stood on the north side of Macdonald Avenue watching the protesters on the south side of the street. “All these police, and the police chief, holding signs calling for an end to police violence. … I’m going to tell my kids.”

About 100 protesters lined Macdonald Avenue at 41st Street by noon Tuesday, holding signs and listening to a stereo that boomed speeches by Martin Luther King Jr.

Hands up don't shoot

Hands up don’t shoot, all life matters

Police Chief Chris Magnus, who has drawn acclaim for his community-policing approach and helping drive down both crime and use of force by his officers in recent years, was front and center, facing the street while holding a white sign that said “#blacklivesmatter.” The photo quickly went viral on social media, the image of the uniformed chief with the popular hashtag a stark contrast to the anti-police sentiment many associate with it.

“I spoke with my command staff, and we agreed it would be nice to convey our commitment to peaceful protest and that black and brown lives do matter,” Magnus said after the protest. “And to help bridge the gap that we understand sometimes exists between police and community around certain issues.”

Deputy Chief Allwyn Brown, a few paces away, said the chief’s participation sent a clear message.”We get the conversation about use of force, we get it,” Brown said. “This is an opportunity for all police departments, including ours, to look inward and examine our approaches and get better.”

Info and quotes from Contra Costa Times




15 thoughts on “Hey Mills! This is what real Community Policing looks like……

  1. What does Mr. Mills think about Richmond’s training/policy they have enacted that last few years? I would hope and expect the new progressive City Council members would have the courage to bring this subject up to the Chief. I recall that Bergel responded to questions about Mills before the election and stated she stood 100 per cent behind MIlls and his policies. Excellent article TE!

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  2. My 84 year old retired high school math teacher mother and I were discussing all the surplus military equipment that has been given to law enforcement the last couple of years. Mom and I agree that it was a bad idea, and all of it should be rounded-up and given back to the military where it belongs. We don’t need tanks in our municipalities. We also agreed it makes all look like Nazi Germany. Our opinions, of course, but we are not alone in feeling that way.

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  3. Don’t need tanks in our community? You know,Carol, maybe you would not be saying that if there was a major crime in your neighborhood (suspect shooting from inside a house) and the police needed to get in there quickly and safely.

    If you have this type of situation in your neighborhood, I am assuming you would be okay with going and checking it out, without the cover of something large and safe..right? Yeah right… #Uniformed no clue


  4. I really think TE is on to something that Mills is nothing more than a shill for the elites here. Eureka is a HAVES/HAVES NOT community. Richmond does not have that distinction. That is why this Chief felt comfortable in standing with the people. I have interacted with Right Wing Nuts in this community. They really do hate “the people.” If Mills were to show courage like this guy did, his RW paymasters would have him run out of town, it would make Nielsen’s firing look like a drawn out process. The problem is that there are more poor and disadvantaged here than there are elites. It is sad, because everyone that has studied this issue knows that this Community-based non us v. them approach really does work. If you brought in a Chief to do that, then the right wing thug cabal in EPD would revolt. Mills saved himself, but in doing so he has destroyed a city.

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    • Not that different, from wiki:

      In 2004, Richmond was ranked the 12th most dangerous city in America.[44] Those rankings have changed and Richmond is no longer a ranked as a ‘most dangerous’ city, in California or the United States. This is in large part due to the efforts of Police Chief Chris Magnus, who established ‘community policing,’ which involves police officers engaging with affected high crime communities. The decrease in crime can also be attributed to progressive organizations such as Urban Tilth, which gives youth an opportunity to participate in community agriculture.

      so we can’t have a police chief who gets this like Magnus does?

      Why settle for way less?

      Instead we have:

      *bike riders evil, no bike czar yet

      *Guiliani era shopping cart czar


      *prayer breakfasts bumble

      *an EPD raid on an obvious homeless camp a week before predicted winter rains…that camp has been there since a year before last summer, thru two summers…wait til winter?…lovely. I’m sure the long needed clearout was an accident in timing, could happen to anybody.

      *Tommy McClain shooting and ‘investigation’

      What message is that?….

      we’re cruel and we’re proud of it?

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  5. I am quite well informed thank you. And I have had crime in my neighborhood. I don’t think a tank would have made any difference.

    There was all kind of manpower and equipment during the manhunt for Shane Miller and his body was not discovered until a year later 1500 feet from his truck.

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  6. The have’s and have’s not
    Thouse that have rights and thouse that don’t WTF
    The EPD isn’t judge and jury

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  7. Sorry….tanks are not part of the government equipment give away


    • Just Watchin:

      A “MRAP” is an armored vehicle with a turret on top. The EPD has one of those “non-tanks.”

      Technically a MRAP is an armored personnel carrier but close enough (to being a tank) for government work.

      If you want to split hairs and pick nits that’s fine… but it doesn’t change the basic truth of what is being said here.

      But for the record… you are correct.

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  8. Here’s another article, a followup on Chief Magnus’s actions. The comments from people familiar with Richmond’s progressive moves is really interesting.


    One quote from a comment:
    “Crime has dropped significantly in Richmond (16+ / 0-)
    every year since Chris Magnus was hired in 2006. He is also a member of a DOJ advisory panel that is investigating police practices in Ferguson.”

    This should be Eureka. Let’s make it happen….somehow…

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  9. You’re right MOLA. MRAPs and tanks are very similar. They are both made of metal.


  10. I would like to point out. That the Man in the photos. His arms are not fully extended, But his hands are in the air. We are sorry Tommy McClain that the (killer cop) Linfoot shot and killed you. Stephens must have got a promotion for keeping his mouth shut, Allso shame on you Mills for trying to justify this shooting


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