Ol’ Chet took a beat down, but he went out with honor and grace.

ChetWe don’t agree with Chet Ablin’s politics.  He is Tea Party conservative turned Democrat(?) for the appointment to the Eureka City Council.  However, we have to give credit where credit is due.  Even when we didn’t agree with him, Chet always asked questions and stayed involved.  In fact there were times in council meetings, especially regarding budget issues, where Chet asked tough questions of City Staff while ALL of the other council members stayed silent.

In watching this past Tuesday’s meeting, the two outgoing council members (Newman and Albin) gave their exit speeches to the people of Eureka.  Newman was his usual self…unimpressive and completely smarmy. We think it’s pretty tacky to advertise for the business you work at in your exit speech, but we guess the guy’s gotta make a living.

Albin, however, took the chance to apologize for some of his mistakes and spoke about the projects he had worked on, and that he hoped would be continued in his absence.  Albin came across as…..genuine.  That’s not the norm in politics these days, and has been especially lacking in Eureka City politics.

We are excited about Natalie Arroyo coming on board and are looking forward to some new ideas and ways of doing business.  However, we would be remiss if we didn’t give a tip of the hat to Chet as he leaves office.  Even though we didn’t agree on many things, Chet’s forthrightness and involvement are needed on the Eureka City Council, and we hope that both Natalie and Kim can follow Chet’s example in questioning City Staff and genuinely trying to push forward their ideas.


32 thoughts on “Ol’ Chet took a beat down, but he went out with honor and grace.

  1. What you say about Chet’s forthrightness and involvement and his asking tough questions are exactly why he should have been re-elected instead of turning the seat over to a HumCo democratic central committee plant and lifer non profit schill along with her partner Bergel who comes from the same hat. We need people who know business and how to be fiscally sound instead of a bunch of dreamers that think money falls out of the sky. We now have a council made up of one person that has any business experience and four that have always had their nose in the public trough. God help us!

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  2. Wasn’t there an election? Maybe I’m confused about why Mr. Albin is no longer on the council.

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    • Yes there was an election and the public spoke. Now we have to live with the outcome for 4 years. Chet wasn’t re elected because he made some public blunders and had been an appointee, not elected. I would much rather have a non politician who is fallible than a puppet[aka Linda Atkins. It is time all governments learn to live within their means and run govt as a business which is all it really is.

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    • Lee Chappelle:

      “It is time all governments learn to live within their means and run govt as a business which is all it really is.”

      But isn’t the goal of Government to do all that stuff where there is no profit motive (hopefully) that must be done?

      If we ran Government like a business then how would we justify keeping the streets in working order? Does the Government profit from the streets… where’s the Business Model in that?

      And the schools must be a real boondoggle by the “Business Model Form of Government’s” logic.

      Ideally, Government does those things for us collectively (I know… that’s Socialist) that individuals can not do for their selves. By individuals I mean you, me and everybody else.

      As just an example… one of the great de-regulation disasters of the mid-20th century was when the US Government cut most ties to the Post Office and told them to go out there and make bucks.

      It didn’t work. And it didn’t work because the Post Office’s mission does not support a profit oriented profile. In short… the Post Office hemorrhages money as a semi-private public corporation (or whatever the heck it’s supposed to be) because that mission is one of those things Government is expected to do for the same reason that Government is expected to keep the roads open.

      Am I saying “bring on the irresponsible idiots?” Of course not. We elect people who have varying life experiences… including those in business… to represent US ALL responsibly and with wisdom (well, that’s the idea anyway).

      Business centered Government has had free rein here in Humboldt County and especially in Eureka for quite a while now.

      Perhaps I miss something you see as obvious but so far it hasn’t worked out all that well.

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    • “I would much rather have a non politician”

      And yet when two of them get elected you whine like a lil baby because they weren’t on your side.

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  3. Lee, HCDCC had nothing to do with the shooting star that is Natalie Arroyo, except to endorse her.

    There is an important role for government Lee. We’ve forgotten that thanks to the line you are now using yourself. Private in public used to mean fascism before the right started to try to blame fascism on liberals too.

    There may be a role for a person who has served in the private sector in government – say like Govorner Mitt Romney. He demonstrated how a compromise health care plan could work- at the very least as a first step. It did, now it does nationally. Unfortunately, thanks to talking points and common wisdom like those he at the entire Republican party have done a 180 on what started as their plan – the ACA.

    One of my pet projects, will be to beat back your refrain. As M42 sugggests, I’ll see you in 2016.

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  4. “Business centered Government” would explain Chief Andrew Mills and why we live in a police state. Which includes the new DA.

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    • I have trouble with believing anything coming from cowards that must use anonymous as their name. If you want to be taken seriously show your real identity


  5. “We elect people who have varying life experiences… including those in business… to represent US ALL responsibly and with wisdom ”

    When you find one of these would you let us know. I’d like to meet them.

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  6. “We shall see”? And people voted for that? You vote for that? No wonder you got a corrupt government that needs a mafia police force. The problem is not the elected and God knows they are a representative problem, it is the brainwashed “idiot” voter.


    • Yes, “We shall see.”

      We shall see if we get what we voted for. And like Mr. Newman and Mr. Albin… if they don’t live up to their hype then out they go.

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  7. Lee Chappelle, frankly I don’t give a pinch of dog crap what you think. No one takes anything said serious on this blog anyway. Guess that’s why you can change to subject…

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  8. So you vote for “hype” Mola? Sounds to me you got the cart before the horse. Fact is then, you don’t have anyone you can actually point to even though you’ve probably been voting for years. That would explain a new police chief like Andrew Mills. Problem is, you can’t vote him out can you? Karma is a bitch, a lesson the American voter is learning the hard way. Welcome to the real world.


    • Now you are just being argumentative for it’s own sake.

      Short of doing the Vulcan Mind Meld there is no way I can really know how a person is likely to perform once they are in a position of power.

      I (and the rest of us) do the best we can to figure out who is most likely to succeed and go with it.

      I can name one (of many) I voted for and came through Aces High: Ray Peart, Fourth District Supervisor (1970’s).

      You only asked for one.

      I’ve been living in the Real World for quite some time thank you very much. And it occurs to me that Chief Mills may need to change his act now that there is a new City Council or he just might be shown the door.

      Again… We shall see.

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  9. In fairness, when an elected position is vacated and the council agrees it is “too expensive” for a special election, whoever garnered the second highest number of votes for that seat should be appointed to fill it and not an individual that merely apeals to the ideological agenda of the mayor.

    Maybe the new council can fix that.


  10. Finally a post I agree with on the Tuluwat. As someone who has supported conservative candidates in the past, I am not surprised Natalie won or about the election results.

    The movers and shakers behind Newman and Albin took a lot for granted. As long as they follow the Ulansey, Marks, Owen game plan they will lose.

    They might want to rethink what support they have left of their base.

    Linda Atkins and HCDCC will ruin the good that came of this election. Bergel only won by 40ish votes. Could have gone the other way.


  11. Every progressive in this county needs to ask themselves what the ballot initiatives should be for 2016.

    Without them, Kim would certainly have lost, as would the first progressive majority in Eureka’s history.

    Thank you Measures “R” and “P”!!

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  12. I was pretty hard on Chet during the election, even though everything I said then was 100% true, I also agree with what you’ve said here in this post Tulu. I think folks like Chet are genuine and I do think he truly wants to do well for the community, …we just disagree on what that would be. But if there was a seat for him in another Ward, I’d be all for having Chet on the council, as part of the minority.

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  13. So now that it is a victory, you show your face Salzman? Wasn’t it just in June that your boy Chris and Ryan’s opponent, what’s her name lost? Your boy Paul got his ass kicked in June.

    Natalie won because your ugly mug was not standing by her.


    • Wow. Such hatred in what seemed to be a pretty mild post. Keep it up right winger!

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    • 300 votes if memory serves. Pretty close against a well loved candidate who played the “I’m the nice victim card. Btw, please pay no attention to my policy decisions as they are already bought and paid for. Thank you.”

      Richard was not an active member of the Sharon campaign. Sharon lost in a landslide, but gave almost 40% of her constituents a chance to vote against another “like me, but don’t ask me to explain policy” candidate. Sharon also did all that with $11K in spending. That’s democracy and courage at work, something Ryan and Virginia only understand in theory.

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  14. JP, ever read your own posts. Hate is what you and this blog is about. Keep licking Salzman’s boots. We will see what your leader Linda and her recruits will achieve. Don’t get so cocky because you won one little election.

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  15. I like Jon and his posts. A while back he was the only source of blow-by-blow reporting on the GP fiasco.

    However, we serve our opponent’s interests when we write about local elections as if they are legitimate. There are no “landslides” when only 30% of the eligible electorate vote.


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