It can’t happen in “OUR” part of town

Chief Mills has done a pretty good job of keeping information about crime in Eureka from reaching the citizens. We’ve been hearing for months about violent crime and home invasion robberies happening in the poorer parts of Eureka. These crimes have not been reported to the media, but EPD has taken the reports. The fact is, that only when people raise a stink to the media, or catch wind of violent crime on a scanner, does the police department under Mills do a press release.

For instance, within the past few days a woman was stabbed and robbed in Old Town. Only because someone listened to the scanner and the Lost Coast Outpost reported the call did EPD release information (a day later). The same thing happened with the woman who was stabbed and left for dead at the Adorni Center. If we hadn’t gotten the tip, that crime wouldn’t have gotten any coverage! Then we have the 22 year old gunned down in a neighborhood in the middle of Eureka. Was it or wasn’t it, gang related? Not a peep from Mill’s EPD.

For months there have been whispers of home invasions in and immediately around the City of Eureka. Now, Lundbar Hills is experiencing the types of crime the rest of us have come to expect; including home invasion robbery. Thankfully someone in the neighborhood tipped off the press, forcing EPD to do a press release. Otherwise we wouldn’t be aware of what a colossal failure Chief Mills has been all the way around.

Even with this occasional leakage, Chief Mills figured he was doing a pretty good job of keeping the “right” people happy. Attack the nasty homeless people pushing their worldly belongings in shopping carts, and Eureka will be saved! Right? Warn families about the danger of Hepatitis laden shopping carts, and the citizens will bow to your supreme public safety skills. Right?

Mills with Watson and Stephans

Mills explains the program to his new Captains Watson and Stephens

Not so much…it turns out that not addressing violent criminals who have been doing home invasions on the West Side of Eureka has caused some “blow back”; home invasions in areas that are supposed to be off limits to that type of violent crime. The Brady Bunch hired Mills to protect the neighborhoods of Eureka’s elite. Well, it turns out this brand of deep denial doesn’t just effect the poorer neighborhoods in Eureka, it effects the rich ones too. Mills better be careful. His cops can kill all the poor young men (Tommy McClain) in Eureka with impunity it seems, and the better off in Eureka won’t bat an eye. But you can be sure that having violent crime spill over to Lundbar Hills, or near Sequoia Park, or the neighborhoods that matter like Henderson Center, is going to cause some serious problems for Mr. Mills. We can only imagine how he’s going to put the genie back in the bottle, and contain the violent crime in the poor neighborhoods “where it’s supposed to be”.

This just in:


3 thoughts on “It can’t happen in “OUR” part of town

  1. My bro got robbed at gunpoint with his girlfriend an cousin. Dudes ripped up the house but they didn’t find nuthin cause he don’t deal or grow. He tried to report it to EPD but the cop told him it was a waste of time cause it happens so much and they don’t never catch no one. EPD don’t do shit.


  2. It is time (past time) for Eureka to do a real soul searching. If you don’t the tinder box, just under the surface in many of Eureka’s lower income neighborhoods is going to blow up in your faces. Either you try to gain a real understanding of how frustrated many people are and deal with it or the tipping point will come to your doorstep as it is doing right now in Ferguson.


  3. It’s REALY funny. Almost so much it’s shameful. How Mills wants to speek on the facts. HAY CHEIF MILLS !!!!
    You’re facts are based on your officers delusions


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