What is Eureka going to do with your Measure Q money?

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Staying below the radar as far as we can tell, the city of Eureka added an “addendum” to the 2014/2015 budget. When did this happen? No one can seem to figure it out from the agenda’s since the June 24th adoption of the city budget. But whatever the case, there were some winners in this year’s City budget, and some losers. The losers are mainly….you, the citizens of Eureka!


In this budget, there are positions added. The Zoo gets a new attendant at $52,000 a year. The City Attorney gets a “Deputy City Attorney” with no mention of the cost.(she really needs the help, seeing that she’s completely incompetent) Obviously the Council has their priorities, one of which is the Zoo. However, they also told us that they want to prioritize Public Safety. What are they doing to make sure Police and Fire are the number one priority? Cut and freeze positions!!!!

That’s right, in the Police Department has a Captain, Lieutenant, and 2 Police Officer positions frozen. On top of that, the Project Manager position was eliminated!!! In the Fire Department, two Fire Battalion Chiefs were demoted to Fire Captains. That’s on top of 2 Fire Fighter positions being frozen. The kicker is that 1 Fire Fighter position was eliminated!!!

Of course, on paper it looks like the City Council has beefed up the Police Department by adding two positions. In reality, they actually cut positions by putting a “freeze” on hiring. Dave Tyson’s legacy stretches through the ages in city hall it seems. Never fill the allotted ranks in Public Safety, and use those budget savings to fund your favorite pet projects like the Zoo. Oh well, the 10% of the registered voters in Eureka that voted for the Measure O extension probably like those types of allocations. After all, you don’t hear about shootings or stabbings on Lunbar Hills, right?


14 thoughts on “What is Eureka going to do with your Measure Q money?

  1. If you had bothered to attend the City’s budget hearings, you would have learned that the cost of the zoo attendant was more than covered by increased zoo revenues generated by the new exhibits.

    Doesn’t fit your frothing narrative though, so let your uneducated hate continue to flow, its amusing.


    • New exhibits that cost $ to upkeep along with public works employees to work on. In fact, why can’t the Zoo cover it’s whole budget from its own revenues, instead of Eureka subsidizing the Zoo with general fund monies?


    • If revenues are so good, why does the Zoo need any $ from the general fund in these tight budget times?


  2. You want facts from the Tuluwat? This blog’s only objective is to incite.

    Such concern about safety, only for select cases.


  3. How dare this upstart blog question the excessive spending on the holy zoo!


  4. Let’s try and stay on topic shall we? The TE made a very specific allegation – that measure Q was paying for the new zoo position. It is NOT – it is being funded through the increased revenues the zoo has produced.

    As far as general fund monies being used to support the zoo – yep, it sure is, and the majority of Eureka voters want it this way; just ask Larry Glass and other zoo detractors who have been resoundingly defeated.


    • The majority of people who actually voted, you mean. That would actually count as a minority, given the number of eligible voters in Eureka. But even die hard Zoo supporters don’t want cuts to police and fire, right?

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    • Larry Glass was not defeated on the issue of the zoo. He was defeated because Marian Brady promised something would be done with the boondoggle called the Marina Center that would provide living wage jobs. She also sent out campaign literature that intimated she was endorsed by the Democrat Party and the people of Eureka didn’t pay enough attention to know the difference between a lie and the truth. Until we cage humans as we do the animals that support the web of life on this earth, many of us will find the cruelty of a zoo abhorrent. The human race is arrogant enough to think we’re wiser and more important than other species, but we wouldn’t be here without them and we’re the only specie destroying the earth.
      BTW – if you really need to see otters. walk the Hikshari’ Trail. The otters don’t perform on demand like they do at the zoo but what an experience to see them in the wild!

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    • The Zoo funded out of the General Fund dance all you want. Thats the bottom line.

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    • Let’s put some extinct animals in the Zoo. They are called Chet Albin and Mike Newman. I know they smell!


  5. FYI, it looks like Kim Bergel has won her race against Mike Newman. So the answer to the question “What is Eureka foing to do with your Measure Q money” is “Whatever Linda Atkins, Natalie Arroyo and Kim Bergel agree that it should be used for.” 🙂

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  6. Maybe now the Mayor can make his own appointments and apologies, or is Brady going to take over for Newman?…..

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