Props to Hank Sims for tellin’ it straight

Starring Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills

Starring Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills

The Lost Coast Outpost did a wonderful job of parsing through the numbers on the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. They even included graphs!

Surprise, Surprise….(not to Examiner readers) crime has been on the rise in Humboldt County according to the 2013 stats. Guess who’s leading the way…..Eureka (the town not the expression)!!!! And even though Mills will try and tell you that this year crime is on a downturn, things could be worse. 4 murders and property crime is on the rise (even though less people are reporting crimes to EPD!)(and the population continues to decline).

But never fear, Chief Mills has found the solution. Cracking down on the criminals is his top priority. He is going to make sure that those criminals who live out of shopping carts and those kids riding bicycles are taken down! He even appointed a Czar to protect your kids from those merciless homeless shopping cart thieves and their Hepatitis C spreading ways! Surely, when these types of criminals are off the streets we won’t have priests strangled and beaten to death, men shot to death in alleys or on Harris Street.

Chief Andrew Mills Keeps Pissing on Your Head and calling it Rain…………………….

Yup, and when Mills tells you that there’s nothing to the Daren Borges lawsuit or the inevitable Tommy McClain lawsuit, just remember what kind of credibility he has, and how far he’s willing to “stretch the truth”.

crime chart

**Interesting side note. When Chief Nielsen was hired Eureka was peaking in crime. Afterwards, crime seemed to go steadily down overall. As soon as he was fired, the graph shows crime going up and up. Go figure.**


3 thoughts on “Props to Hank Sims for tellin’ it straight

  1. So interesting that there is mostly no reporting on this…except here and some less agressive on lostcoastoutpost. Why do we have NO. REAL. MAINSTREAM. JOURNALISM. anymore.?

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    • They have been bought off by “access” to Mills in the form of participating on promotional panels and the like. Don’t piss off Mills, or he might not let you see the inner-workings of EPD!!!

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