Surprise! The Examiner agrees with the “Old Guard”

noon whistle

Late great “Noon Whistle” atop Fire Dept.

Right on the heels of the demise of the beloved Arcata noon whistle Arcata Fire Chief Desmond Cowan and the Arcata Fire Protection District (AFPD) is really upsetting folks in Arcata again.

Cowan and AFPD off want to rename the name of Arcata Fire to Mad River Fire…….wtf?

Normally the examiner is pretty hard on the “old guard” but in this case we have to agree with the “old guard”, this makes no sense. The stated reason for changing the name is to avoid confusion. Fire Chief Desmond Cowan noted that there are three different badges with three different names on them used in the department – the Arcata Fire Department, Arcata Fire Protection District and Arcata Volunteer Fire Department. To us simply calling it “Arcata Fire” would be simple and logical.

John McFarland is a 48-year member of the Fire Service, Arcata fire chief, retired and “old guard.” He asks, What’s in a name?

Mad River Fire

Mad River (balloon A) seventy road miles from Arcata


Google “Mad River Fire” and you will discover a tiny little town in Trinity County that is served by Southern Trinity Fire. That alone should cause Cowan to reconsider this proposal.

Google “Arcata Fire” and you will find a pretty impressive fire department serving McKinleyville, Arcata, Manila and Bayside as it always has – and should continue.

arcata patch


4 thoughts on “Surprise! The Examiner agrees with the “Old Guard”

  1. Just call it Arcata Fire please. When I think of Mad River, I think of the little hamlet out highway 36. Yes both Mad Rvier, CA and Arcata, CA at located along the Mad River, but this will cause confusion just like the new name of the airport, which I can’t remember what it is called. It is still called ACV whenever I book a flight.

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  2. How about not changing it and saving money to oh, I don’t know, fight fires and such?


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