You’re more likely to be murdered in Eureka than……….redux

chief andy

According to Chief Andy; Violent Crimes are down.

But wait! Didn’t a young white male adult (as yet unidentified) just get gunned down on the street in a residential neighborhood of Eureka?

Don’t get all agitated, folks. Chill, it’s all good. Chief Andy says he doesn’t know whether is justified or not.


Hmm, let’s see, what would be the justification to gun down someone in the middle of the street and not stick around for the cops?  Well, we should trust Andy Mills right? After all, he’s always told us the truth, right?

He’s certainly not going to say the “G” (gang-related) word or remind us that this the fourth murder of the year.  He won’t tell us that all crime is up in Eureka for the year.  What he will do is make sure to author an announcement in the monthly City of Eureka bulletin telling us is that our kids can get Hepatitis C from shopping carts!

Chief Andy may try and disagree, but the statistics are clear.  You’re still more likely to be murdered in Eureka than Los Angeles:


14 thoughts on “You’re more likely to be murdered in Eureka than……….redux

  1. Classic….they call it the old hepatitis diversion! Works almost every time.

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  2. It is really disturbing that he would throw out “it may be a justifiable homicide.” From what can be gathered, the victim was shot and killed in an alley and left to die and to be found by his family. There are no witnesses, no camera surveillance. It was described as a whodunnit. Unless someone describes persons in the vicinity (not many at 4 am) this will be a hard case to crack. What there is NO evidence of is this was justifiable ie code words for self defense. None, and this article points out innocent people would report this to the police. Might have some injuries or wounds and then it becomes an analysis forensically to see if the story is correct. They have no suspect. They have no person of interest. It appears Mills jumps to conclusions and throws out legal statements that he fails to grasp or understand. It makes his conduct in the McClain murder all the more shocking, and probably why Stephens got promoted.

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    • “…Mills jumps to conclusions…”.

      He said it MAY (in other words might) be justifiable. That’s a perfectly legitimate statement since there is was evidence to the contrary when he said that. I’d call that keeping an open mind.

      I wondered the same thing myself. It could be the deceased attacked someone and was shot in self defense and, yes, some people might worry about getting prosecuted so take their chances and leave the area. There’s nothing wrong with considering all potential aspects of a violent crime.

      Funny how MIlls gets criticized here no matter what he does. A press release on the killing isn’t issued within the hour. He’s criticized for that. He makes a fairly innocent comment later on and he’s criticized for that.


    • Funny how Fred the “libertarian” always has an excuse for Mills and almost all local law enforcement heads.

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    • Fred is correct though…all potential aspects should be considered. Maybe it was a suicide and somebody stole the gun. Maybe a police officer shot him and didn’t report it. Maybe someone threw a loaded gun onto the ground 5 blocks away causing the gun to shoot a bullet in the air and then falling onto the victim and killing him. Freds right…forget common sense and logical reasoning, Chief Mills should throw out every possibility to the public even if they’re completely ridiculous ideas.

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    • Like Red Herring is only a fish, right Fred?

      He could have fallen from a plane.

      He could have been killed in San Diego and just dropped here.
      ‘Nothing to see here, move along.’

      Palliative remarks all… hopefully this patina is on an actual serious investigation.
      I’d like to know they were seriously trying find out what happened to me/you/him/her when/if found dead in an alley.

      My first response to reading the article at first was to start singing Bob Dylan’s ‘Only a hobo (but one more is gone)’….

      Chief, I want you to succeed here and help make this a better place…and good luck.

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    • JP 11:08:

      My money is on an old fashion Wild West shootout… two sun bronzed cowboys warily stalking toward each other down the middle of the street in wary anticipation… spurs jingling in the dust and darkness… until one draws, the other answers and the short conflict is concluded in Death.

      I mean, seriously? Chief Mills has no information and the first thing he tells the press is the shooting may be justified?

      I can’t help but think he was still thinking about a certain mishap on Allard Avenue and forgot what he was talking about.


      Chief Mills gets criticized because he says and does goofy things. It’s not the Tuluwat Examiner’s fault he does that. It is the Tuluwat Examiner’s fault that they have the temerity to point out when Chief Mills does say or do something goofy.

      Goofy is not really the right word… nothing Chief Mills does is remotely funny.

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    • I think Mills is on the right track, obviously this evil deed was perpetrated by a feral Shopping Cart.
      We just need to keep an open mind.

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  3. My goodness, it MAY have been a complete accident.
    It MAY have been done by a being from that comet who is more than a little miffed about our bouncing probe.
    It MAY have been a shot fired at random by a Eureka police.
    Hell, Fred MAY have done it himself to divert attention from the failings of the chief.

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  4. Eureka is getting really really bad. I’ve been here 6 years and every year it seems to get worse. I don’t really understand the Chiefs priorities, but it seems to me that real crime should be focused on. Not kids riding bikes on the sidewalk.

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  5. A lot of comments are about Chief Mills poor etiquette. How about the fact that 4 people have been murdered in a town of about 27000??? And that’s not including Tommy McClain. Eureka is dangerous, yet everyone wants to hide behind shopping carts and how nice the Zoo is. What is this Council going to do? Where are some real solutions going to come from. Hiding their heads in the sand is just making things so much worse.


  6. According to news channel 3 the victim was Casey Joseph Campbell. Wasn’t he an 18th Street gang member in Eureka along with his brother (s)? If it’s the same character then the TE got it right when you pegged it as being possibly gang related. And obviously Andy would know that!


  7. News that the victim is Casey Joseph Campbell an 18th street member shows that Mills statements “might be justifiable” and “its a real who done it” are just distraction and obfuscation. I for one, am glad this blog is shining a light on his BS.


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