Hey Chiv; this is what real bravery looks like


Standing tall for justice: facing down more that 40 armed EPD officers

This week’s swearing in ceremony was pulled off without a hitch. The Wharfinger was packed. It was a full house alright. It was full by direct order of the Chief of Police.

Except for the 3 Justice for Tommy McClain folks standing vigil, there was nothing to stop the outpouring of self congratulations from Chief Mills about his department.

Blogger John Chiv said in complete disrespect to the grieving family members of Tommy, “They have chosen to air their grievances on blogs. Did they ever approach the Chief first? This was not the time and place to protest, much less express grief.” (Wrong Chiv, that was the exact place, after getting fed mostly lies by Andy Mills.)

Well, while the “surrogates” of Mills pontificated on who was “leaking” information to the Examiner (its so much worse than they think), and while the local media was reporting on the lack of a huge protest, they missed three of the important stories that came out of the “Awards ceremony”:

1) Gary Whitmer was given a Medal of Valor for the shooting death of Gabriel Cuevas-Maldonado in 2005. 9 years later, he’s given his award…….???????

2) Michael Stelzig Jr. wasn’t at the ceremony. All light duty officers were there. Officer Linfoot (the shooter) was there, in full uniform and carrying a gun. Where was Michael Stelzig Jr.?

3) The Times-Standard reported, “Mills said he has spoken with McClain’s mother throughout the investigation.” The Examiner actually has been in regular contact with Tommy’s family, and according to them Chief Mills only spoke to Tommy’s mother once and the conversation was very brief. Did the Times-Standard misquote Mills, or was Mills untruthful?



“incompetent and a reckless cowboy” third from the left

To be clear, we don’t have any quibble with the promotions of Watson to Captain and Whitmer or Braud to Sergeant. As far as we can tell they have done a good job over the years and deserve the recognition. Our beef is with Stephens being made Captain. This can only be interpreted as a reward for being incompetent and a reckless cowboy.

We have to honor the bravery of the Justice for Tommy McClain women for having the guts to show up to the ceremony and show their posters. Seeing a family member killed by the Eureka Police Department, and showing up to face all the cops at EPD without a huge crowd of supporters was heroic. We can only hope that the family can now see that the only justice they will find, will be from suing the City of Eureka as the Borges family has done.

brave 2

Thank you Jamie Bowman and Nikki Mottern, for having the guts to face 40+ armed men and asking for justice to be served.


33 thoughts on “Hey Chiv; this is what real bravery looks like

  1. Thanks for this post TE. Chiv’s hatred for the McClain family is troubling, and maybe an even deeper sign of serious issues Mr. Chiv isn’t dealing with.

    Those ladies protesting showed a lot of guts. Sometimes it only takes one or two or three people to change things for the better. Thank you.

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  2. it is very disappointing, but not surprising, that only three demonstrated. That doesn’t diminish the cause at all. Look how few in Eureka continue to participate in elections. People in this town seem pretty beaten down and demoralized.

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  3. hey I’m a realist I have to support my family I knew if got got my picture in the paper my right-wing boss would probably fire me.
    That said I do hope Tommy’s mother calls out Mills and sues the city. that’s the only thing they understand – monetary loss not a mothers pain.

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    • I’m in the same boat as you. I feel pretty guilty. I got in trouble for have an Arroyo sign in my yard, my landlord took down and trashed it. Threaten to raise my rent if I got another. That’s just how screwed up Eureka is.

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  4. Just another POS article from your POS rag totally slanted to satisfy your need to be important and fan the flames of hatred. But then again it serves to give at least me a good laugh to start the day with


  5. Let us compare and contrast:

    While driving through Eureka, whenever an EPD patrol car pulls in behind me, I automatically pull over and park. I’m very careful to use my turn signal and wait very quietly.

    Sometimes the patrol car goes on… many times they pull over with me. So far they have always lost interest and have gone on their merry way.

    In Fortuna… even though I’m a scruffy looking man in a scruffy looking car with scruffy looking dogs hanging out various windows* and joyfully barking at everything they see… when the FPD pulls in behind me I just concentrate on behaving myself (signals, not running over pedestrians… that sort of thing).

    At least the FPD has a sense of humor.

    The difference as I see it… the EPD is a militaristic army of occupation. The FPD is a community police force (I have lived in both places).

    Mr. Chiv and those he supports (adores) don’t seem to understand that “real people” do want their police to change from an occupying force to a community service.

    If that is hate… then I am a hater.

    * My dogs are on harnesses attached to the seat belts. No animals were harmed in the production of this comment.

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    • Haha, yes, I know what you mean..’very careful’..then again you know they will say anything if they really want to roust you, as reported here and all around the country.

      As one of the many many scruffy old fellas with dogs hanging out the windows of my car or truck when driving in Fortuna or Eureka or Arcata.
      Chiv will fry his feet chasing us down to try and ID us all so he can out us on his ‘blog’. Now why he has seemed to want to do that, and more than once…is anybody’s guess. My family’s first guess was their historical one: ‘Klan’ ……but I said ‘Oh, that could never happen here!’. That was back in Alabama! And just just remember all the local Klan there weren’t in the police force then either.’

      Wait, did I just suggest Chiv’s rant was the modern equivalent of cross burning? Hmmm, I’ll have to think about that, maybe it’s a benefit of the modern age, not as messy and just as effective maybe.

      Oh, wait, my DLic. says ‘female’…such confusion!

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  6. This was a well written article, thanks! I too felt the simple image of 3 people was not only brave, but almost more powerful. Two of those were grieving family….not yelling, not disturbing the ceremony inside….simply expressing their sorrow publicly….and wanting questions answered and justice served. As a citizen of Eureka, I was very proud of their courage and action. As for that Chiv character..whatever respect I had held toward him in the past, was lost as a result of his insensitive comments toward Tommy McClain’s family members. He comes off as a very closed minded person.

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  7. Yes, very brave of them. This is a small town, the danger to people for standing up for this and other issues is all too obvious and on several levels.

    I am glad to pat myself on the back for being among the first to post about Chiv’s insane hate filled rant against this family, despicable thuggish behavior.

    Supporting cops no matter what is always a safe thing to do, lots of courage there.

    Thanks again for staying on this TE.

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  8. The local right wing obsession with outing anonymous authors of info has been common for centuries. At least common among oppressors. Anonymously raising grievance’s is more American than….apple pie! Mr. Chiv and his friends should remember our country was founded by popular revolt….and anonymous pamphlet makers. People like Thomas Paine and his anonymous pamphlet “Common Sense”. Good job keeping the flame of freedom alive TE.


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  9. The ladies look like they are respectfully excercising their rights. I certainly hope they were not harrassed or suppressed in any way…..

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  10. Right, like Chiv is an oppressor, lol.

    Has more to do with the basic notion of decency that if you are going to defame and smear in the manner of the TE, you should put your name to it.

    Also, I have seen the TE and its “staff” go after people who have used their names with personal attacks bordering on defamation and beyond, so don’t try and make this a left/right thing.

    Please, please – I am begging you – point out ONE blogger who has used his or her name on the left or right who has been negatively impacted by the supposed evil oppressing right wing of Humboldt County


    • hmm says:

      “Also, I have seen the TE and its “staff” go after people who have used their names with personal attacks bordering on defamation and beyond”

      You’re not a lawyer I see. Here’s the way the law works:

      “There are several ways a person must go about proving that libel has taken place. For example, in the United States, the person must prove that the statement was false, caused harm, and was made without adequate research into the truthfulness of the statement. These steps are for an ordinary citizen. For a celebrity or a public official, the person must prove the first three steps and that the statement was made with the intent to do harm or with reckless disregard for the truth, which is usually specifically referred to as “proving malice”.

      First amendment is still the law in the US, however watered down it has become. Sorry hmm.

      Hmm says:

      “point out ONE blogger who has used his or her name on the left or right who has been negatively impacted by the supposed evil oppressing right wing of Humboldt County”

      When the right was actually participating in defamation, unlike the TE, using libel and slander, one of their own paid the price:


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    • “Please, please – I am begging you –”
      I read and comment on this blog all the time show me the defamation please? Strong condemnation of bad behavior is all I’ve seen

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    • I like this blog and am treated with kindness and respect.

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    • Precisely Carol… he once focused entirely on a blog that benefited the entire community. For that I admired him.

      Really… admiration. I didn’t care if he occasionally spouted off on something I couldn’t begin to agree with. He got out there… immersed himself in the most arcane environment imaginable… the courts… and did objective good service for us all.

      That he did it on his own under his own name impressed me all the more.

      Why he chose to move away from that and into conservative commentary I don’t know (I have a guess or two of course; I always have a guess).

      I know no one loves him on the Left and everybody loves him on the Right; but he used to be able to get beyond that.

      I do miss him.

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    • He doesn’t apoear to have any
      Lady friends… Hmmmm


  11. Steve Watson was the Sgt. when EPD officers beat Martin Cotton to death, August 9, 2007. Gary Whitmer, as you mentioned, murdered Gabriel Muldenado, but he was found liable and had punitive damages levied against him for the death of Martin Cotton. People testified that he ran up to Martin while on the ground being pummeled by EPD officers Justin Winkle and Adam Laird (and others, Josh Siipola?) and kicked Martin with his steel-toed biker/traffic cop boots. He also sprayed a can of pepper spray in Martin’s face, while Marting was on the ground. Whitmer lifted the hood and spit mask the other officers had put on Martin’s head/face, and sprayed within inches of Martin’s face. None of these EPD guys washed Martin’s face off or brought him to the hospital.

    John Chiv kisses the ass of the police, right wing politicians, and the rich. Chiv knows nothing of human or civil rights, nothing of human decency, and will never be in the ‘club’ that he so wants to be in. Just a pathetic cheerleader for the rich and corrupt, and a bad writer.


    • About Whitmer, I meant to say (above comment) that NOT ONLY did he murder Gabriel Muldenado in fall of 2005, but he ALSO was found liable… in the wrongful death of Martin Cotton. Also, Whitmer sprayed PEPPER SPRAY in Martin’s face, as described in the above comment.


    • Watson was not a sergeant then. He got promoted later. Look it up in Google.

      Fact check before posting…


  12. JP, you can use big words but no action.

    The Tulubats and Libtard Jon have no blog other than posts attacking and telling people what to do. No original thought.

    The minds behind Heraldo occasionally had brains, wit and some original thought.

    Real bravery is showing up and standing next to McClain’s family. None of you did.

    No one needs your permission because you do not control others.

    Carol, you are wasting your time with these fools because they denigrate real Democrats, liberals and progressives.

    The hate, the projection from cartoon characters behind a screen who have achieved zip in life. Except suck on government teat and blog all day.

    Don’t answer questions, deflect and attack.


    • Lowstandards:

      And YOUR contribution?

      So far I’ve only seen one from you… the amazing ability to give yourself a perfect “handle” for yourself.

      On one point you are right however. It is sad that the McClain family members stood their vigil alone. It took guts for them to do that… As has been noted here.

      And before you ask the inevitable question, “Why wasn’t I there?”; my reasons are my own and none of your business.

      I’m glad you approve of Carol… so do I.

      So we do agree on a few things. Miracles are possible after all!

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    • I’m glad you agree that what the McClain family did was brave, and that it would have been nice if more people had shown up. Thanks LS

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  13. Considering the 5(?) wrongful citizen deaths at the hands of Law Enforcement in as many years, the recent riots in Ferguson, and the rash of other wrongful police-shootings nationwide, it’s truly astounding that more 3 people failed to show up.

    Even more astounding is how every elected Eureka “leader” wouldn’t simply offer their personal condolences except for Natalie Arroyo.

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  14. Transparent
    Ha when the truth come out the EPD are going to be so transparent there going to be see through


  15. Of course Cheif Mills isn’t taken responsibility for his officer shooting that kid Tommy. He is not concerned about the people in his city.
    His concern is to make his officers look like they are the victims. Justified shooting. Come on realy’ Linfoot (the killer cop) turned in to a pressure case when HE CONFRONTED that kid Tommy. Shot him in two seconds
    Didn’t even take the time to fine out his name
    And then come up with the weakest excuse ever grabed for a unloaded BB gun
    When you had the opportunity to do some real cop work, you folded like a bitch and took out some innocent kid standing in his own yard
    Oh ya “you were afraide if the men in the blue truck came back there would be a armed confrontation and that is a cops moral responsibility”. BLA BLA BLA
    If it’s a cops moral responsibility “”””” then how come you didn’t respond at that moment when SUPPOSEDLY Tommy was arguing with the guy in the blue truck
    O ya your a COWARD.
    If a cops duty is to stop- intervene when they see someone that is considered a threat. Then why were you officers still hiding in the graveyard in the dark.?
    Tommy could have shot that guy
    He was doing a safety check , tapping of the wrist (quote)
    You cops are bold face liers or sociopaths ether one. WHAT HAPPEN TO TOMMY WAS STRAIGHT !!!!!!! WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!!!!!!


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