The officer Michael D. Stelzig Jr. Mystery Continues

under the rugIt’s been almost two weeks and the Examiner is still the only source reporting the news about the monumental lawsuit against the City of Eureka.  Daren Borges, who was arrested and allegedly severely beaten by a Eureka Police Officer and brought to the Humboldt County Jail, instead of a hospital, where he later died while in custody.  The lawsuit alleged that “Officer Michael D. Stelzig Jr detained and arrested Daren Borges (“Decedent”) without reasonable suspicion or probable cause, used negligent tactics and unreasonable force toward him, denied, delayed, and failed to summon medical assistance for him….”.  The lawsuit was seeking damages in excess of 10 million dollars.

There still hasn’t been any media coverage or follow-up since our original blog post.   For awhile now, the Examiner staff and some of our contributors have been monitoring scanner traffic from EPD.  We noticed some interesting developments.  Officer Stelzig Jr. (3b76) hasn’t been dispatched to any calls outside of the police station since around the time the claim went to the city.

He has been spotted leaving the cop shop on a couple of occasions. Has he been confined to the station?  We’re thinking it’s a pretty big coincidence that he appear to be on regular duty previous to the claim against the City was filed and now nothing.  So we think that it looks like this threatened lawsuit has caused Officer Stelzig Jr. to be given a desk job or he is on some type of administrative leave.  If that’s the case, it seems pretty late in the game for EPD to start taking the in custody death of a mentally ill man seriously. Or, is this heavy handed protégé of Sgt. Sanchez, in trouble for some other abuse of force?  That wouldn’t surprise us.

Will we get answers to the questions surrounding this unfortunate death or the unexplained status that Officer Stelzig Jr. has been given?…..Probably not.  At least not until a lawsuit has played itself out in the court system for years.  But even then, if there is a settlement the facts behind this death may never come to light.

For some unknown and seemingly appalling reason, it fooled youseems that the local media doesn’t even care or is too afraid to piss off Chief Mills and report or look into the largest wrongful death claim the City of Eureka and their police department has ever faced.

Hey Thad, Ryan, Dan S. or ever changing Channel 3 reporter, what the hell’s going on?


18 thoughts on “The officer Michael D. Stelzig Jr. Mystery Continues

  1. Where is the media on this one? It boggles my mind that if what the TE says is true and the City of Eureka is getting sued for 10 million dollars, yet not one news story from the local media!!! What is going on around here!?!

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  2. The name of this blog is the Tuluwat EXAMINER, yet the content is more like the Tuluwat Whiner of the Tuluwat Shit-Stirrer. Why don’t you place some calls to EPD, the city attorney, the Mayor, etc., and do some examining. Or change your name.


    • I can’t see it now Bloggers shot down in their front yard with a load laptop

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    • Yeah…Mr. Mills, my name is anonymous blogger. Can you answer some questions for me?

      Brilliant idea Examine!

      Instead, why don’t the local non-anonymous paid journalists do their job and ask those questions. How about that? Journalists practicing journalism. What a novel idea!!

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    • Examine:

      Well, your name is “Examine.” So why don’t YOU “place some calls to EPD, the city attorney, the Mayor, etc., and do some examining. Or change your name.”?

      For the reason that you are not a professional journalist and neither are the TE staff.

      The whole point to this little essay was that the professionals (whose mandate is to do exactly what you are saying) are not doing a professional job concerning this issue.

      Ding Ding Ding Dinggggg…. That was the train you just missed.

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  3. Pawns too. I surely don’t trust any of our local police to help me.

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  4. It wasn’t a problem for Mills & company until they got sued


  5. I went back to the earlier article, thanks for that, it’s now up to 18 comments.

    You might add the NCJ story link that was quoted there.

    Then this the only reporting on a 10 million dollar lawsuit against the EPD?…geez!!

    What a crock for media, then, lowly bloggers have to do this?..What a farce!

    Thanks for your efforts TE.

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  6. This anonymous blogger just left a comment in the Justice for Tommy article about Chiv’s current screed about anonymous leakers and bloggers and I think he was also dissing anonymous McClain family members and friends and supporters because they were tipped off by an anonymous someone somewhere, Chiv’s on the case!

    signed, an anonymous blogger, or at least I thought I was, oops! that prefers to not be gunned down.

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    • “Brave Brave John Chiv attacking the McClain family.

      I don’t see Chiv’s post as attacking the McClain family. Not exactly sympathetic, maybe, but not attacking.


    • John Chiv is an asshat. He’s like the good ol’ boy’s Igor.

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    • The only comment I see on John Chiv’s blog is from MOLA. So Yogi and MOLA are the same.

      How many identities do you have? Same people stirring shit, same people responding LOL.


    • Chiv only let’s is own ilk comment. Mola was a one time deal

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    • I was very much surprised that I at last found myself in Mr. Chiv’s comment section.

      I was also surprised on how angry he was. I was even more surprised when I found he was angry with me.

      Things change I guess.

      Anyway… I’m certainly not going to be invited back to Mr. Chiv’s blog. But he might let me sneak in from time to time if I behave myself. Not up to me of course.

      Actually… Mr. Chiv has good reason for being pissed off. This blog (the TE) is fond, both in articles and comments, of calling him such endearments as (for example) “dumb ass” and “ass hat.” I think I should be annoyed if folks referred to me in those puerile terms.

      The difference between Mr. Chiv and myself is I have learned over the years that expressing one’s annoyance just makes the problem worse.


      There’s a way to tell if the commentator is Yogi Beara or me. If the avatar has a picture of a handsome dog… it’s me. If it’s a picture of some strange creature… it’s Yogi.

      I find having the one identity is more than enough to suit my purposes thank you very much “Lowstandard.”

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  7. What a brave showing for those two young women. That took guts to show up and protest while facing the entire EPD. Bravo.

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  8. Stelzig spent much of his first year with the EPD (seemingly) being trained by one of the most violent and aggressive bullies, Eureka Police thug Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez.


  9. It is absolutely imperative to “stir the shit” so we can all get answers. We as tax payers own the Police and any other Government agency. When we believe there is something illegal going on we should all ask questions and demand answers. I’m not going to believe taking another humans life is OK without explanation EVER. The public doing the same thing would be in jail and charged with first degree Murder. Remember, when the Police were called Public Safety Officers. Not so much Safety around here right now.

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