An important message from the Justice for Tommy McClain folks

From Justice for Tommy McClain:
justice for mcclain

This Wednesday, at 2:30 PM, newly promoted Captain Stephens will be celebrated (along with others) at the Wharfinger Building.

Who will join us out side and hold up Justice for Tommy tomorrow? They are promoting one of the officers involved in Tommy’s murder to captain! We must not let them get away with this! We will be there early spend a few hours with candles signs anything will help!

I need my friend’s tomorrow. Please come to my house before 2 anytime. I’m making posters going to be there at the Wharfinger Building from 2 till when ever but long enough to make them see that Tommy still has a voice. Please friends i need you

Officers Linfoot and Stephen’s both should be in jail. They murdered Tommy in his own yard with his hands up!!! we had to watch in horror and now they want to cover it up with giving medals and honors to liars and murderers!

Being gunned down in your own yard. There was nothing he did wrong. He raised his hands and they shot

Remember 2:00 pm Wharfinger Building ……. Time to stand up Eureka!

Captain Brian Stephens

Captain Brian Stephens


15 thoughts on “An important message from the Justice for Tommy McClain folks

  1. I take it you’re unfamiliar with what happened if you’re blaming the cops.


  2. Tommy wasn’t murdered. Makes no difference where Tommy was. There was probable cause to control the situation. Your bluster is unwarranted. It is a tragedy he lost his life because of his choice to disregard lawful commands. He made that decision on his own.


    • “because of his choice to disregard lawful commands” it’s you Micheal that is full of bluster. There is no proof that he “disregarded lawful commands” in fact there are witnesses that say he was complying and was shot.
      It does matter where he was was. He was at home and well within his rights to have a unloaded replica BB pistol.
      Lastly this all happen very fast, the cops did wait, they just
      Negligent homicide is murder.

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  3. I wonder if the protest is making the power players in Eureka nervous. Bring your cell phones protesters. Record what happens. Had there been a video of Tommy’s murder things might be different. That’s why this new captain turned his camera away from his actions…it’s called a cover-up. Record, record, record.

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  4. Wow. The same old tired leftist rhetoric. Mention rape to shut everyone up. Typical.
    People who hate the police usually have criminal records or otherwise condone or take part in illegal, socially destructive activities like dope growing, graffiti vandalism, etc.
    Every day millions of Americans go about their routines NOT getting shot by police. Obey the law, contribute to society, you have nothing to worry about.


    • McClain had no criminal record. According to the police, they were looking for his criminal neighbor. Maybe his daily routine, living next to an EPD described ‘flophouse’, was carrying a BB gun so he didn’t get victimized.

      His routine and EPD’S lack of protecting the law abiding citizens in one of the poorer districts of Eureka may have contributed to his murder at the hands of EPD.

      This issue isn’t about republican or democrat. This is about social class. If Tommy lived next to Frank Jager, he would not have had to worry about a druggie flophouse next door. Unfortunately for him, he was working class in Eureka.

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    • I’ve met so many people spewing bullshit rhetoric like you just did about who gets abused or shot by police. Then… they talk to me a year or so later when they (or their innocent loved one) gets hurt, bullied, wrongfully arrested, targeted, or killed. Educate yourself… or walk around in your self-righteous, privileged fog that keeps you from reality and truth. Until you educate yourself (or recognize injustice yourself), there’s no reason anyone should give your willfully ignorant and arrogant comments an iota of credit.

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    • Did Adam Laird engage in illegal activities? He is a cop who was also criminally charged. Remember the cop who STOLE the heroin out of the evidence locker. Remember the cop who was selling badges on E-Bay and lying on the stand in cases. Remember the Fortuna Cop Pitek who was growing marihuana. People in glass houses should not be throwing stones!


  5. I think it’s great that the family of Tommy McClain now has a forum and place to show their frustration with the Eureka Police Department. I don’t think any of the commenter’s here actually know what happened. Unless, there are police officers making some of these negative comments, which would be sickening.

    But, if your brother, or son, or cousin was killed under the circumstances we’ve been told about in this death, you’d be upset. More than upset, you’d be outraged. This vigil is a great way for the family to mourn the untimely death of Tommy McClain, and hopefully some change will come because of their actions. My heart is with you

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  6. You TE people really got the cop lovers on your case here.


    • For a good time, read Chiv’s blog about this, some evil anonymous somebody LEAKED the details about the ceremony at the Wharfinger building to evil cop haters who are going to show up, anonymously and protest for Justice for Tommy…anonymously.
      And be soooo intimidated by Chiv’s demanding that everybody id themselves, and maybe be beaten with anonymous billy clubs and gassed by anonymous tear gas by anonymous police with their badges taped over.

      Congratulations to the deserving promoted ones.

      Good luck Chief Mills, the city still has some money left they say….a few more suits are just what we need I think.

      signed…an anonymous blogger who prefers not to be gunned down in his front yard, or yours.

      I just checked, my Get Out Of Jail Free card doesn’t have a get out of the hospital free clause.

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  7. There were 3 people protesting, not 2.

    Two officers walked by with angry comments. One said, “you don’t want to know the truth”. Another said, “you don’t know the facts”.

    If we had a journalist and community-interest newspaper here they would headline the bitter irony of cops berating citizens for not knowing “facts” that are not yet released by the police investigation, or the coroner 2-months after the incident!

    Every elected Eureka official walked past the tiny protest, averting their gaze, except for Natalie Arroyo who graciously offered her condolences.

    Our media blackout has played a large roll in repressing the local vote, and keeping protests to a minimum. It’s an astounding accomplishment considering the recent “Ferguson riots”, that our community was not outraged that the next officer in charge of the next wrongful citizen death is being promoted.

    How many deaths its this now? What’s the cumulative public monetary costs? Where’s the media interviews of the people that were standing next to Tommy McCain when he was killed?

    How else are we to know that there’s still a bullet lodged in Tommy’s house where 2 children slept?

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