We aren’t supposed to know about this……..but

With little fanfare, and no announcement to the public, the Eureka Police Department will be having a ceremony celebrating the new Captains and Sergeants that have been promoted within the Departmentepd logo.  Why the secrecy????  Because the Sergeant in charge of the brutal killing of Tommy McClain is now a Captain.  Chief Mills has talked about transparency and accountability in public, but in private it seems he likes to promote thugs to powerful positions.  In fact, if Chief Mills is out of town or otherwise unavailable, Captain Stephens could be the top commander of the police!!

The Examiner has been surprised and disgusted at the lack of public outrage over this murder.  On top of that, the local media seems to have totally written off writing about the tragedy.  The media has been notified that there will be a ceremony, but there hasn’t been any press.

Well, on this Wednesday, at 2:30 PM, newly promoted Captain Stephens will be celebrated (along with others) at the Wharfinger Building.  If anyone is outraged about the killing of Tommy McClain, or the promotion of the architect of Tommy’s murder, Wednesday might be a good time to hold a vigil on Waterfront Drive in front of the Wharfinger Building.  Then, maybe the media will actually take an active interest.


17 thoughts on “We aren’t supposed to know about this……..but

  1. Hmmm, how about maybe the majority of the public have already had enough about the justifiable actions of our law enforcement with regard to the actions of the young man who decided to live above what law abiding citizens live by, which is comply with a lawful command when you are directed to do so by law enforcement ESPECIALLY when it appears like you are armed with a hand gun arguing with another person outside around midnight?


  2. “the young man who decided to live above what law abiding citizens live by”

    I know, the nerve, do be doing whatever it is the officers say he did on his own property under the influence. And past sunset (ie curfew)? Shoot him dead. That is justice all things considered.

    TE, so to be clear, the officer who killed Tommy will be promoted? This really is an outrage. At the very least Chief Mills needed to make sure this officer was not promoted, for a long, long,long time.

    Again, if we are to agree this was a justified killing under the aegis that public safety officers have the right to themselves and their family and our community to protect themselves, we cannot be seen to celebrate a justified but wholly preventable, unjust and breathtakingly tragic death with a public bullet.


  3. Perhaps you can recruit the Occupy/Measure R crowd for the vigil. They’re not doing much right now.


  4. Thanks JP for letting me know. I don’t think it’s as clear that Sgt Stevens shouldn’t be promoted, but I’d definitely think it would send the right message to hold off on promotions for a period of time -especially for anyone in the chain of command that night. It would be a small yet significant symbol of remorse to those the peace officers are charged with serving.

    I don’t expect this leadership, but it sure would be nice.

    Thanks again JP.

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  5. Lib Jon, a message IS being sent, just not the one you’d like to hear. Elections have consequences. Especially for the victors for whom the opposition are illegitimate usurpers.

    Not apologizing to the Wiyot, proposing glorification of the recent national motto, elevating land ownership to a deified status.. Those are all messages sent so those who understand will understand and so those who don’t won’t.

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  6. If chif Mills would have said suspect instead of Tommy MccLain. Its so obvious that they got the wrong guy they were in the area looking for jumping to glide he was a wanted felon with a firearm they were out there for an hour before Tommy and his family go home. Tommy didnt. Reach for grab anything. he was complying with officers he had his hands up


  7. There are only a very limited number of circumstances in which an officer may make an arrest:

    The officer personally observed a crime;
    The officer has probable cause to believe that person arrested committed a crime;
    The officer has an arrest warrant issued by a judge.
    An officer cannot arrest someone just because she feels like it or has a vague hunch that someone might be a criminal. Police officers have to be able to justify their arrest usually by showing some tangible evidence that led them to probable cause.

    Probable cause for arrest exists when facts and circumstances within the police officer’s knowledge would lead a reasonable person to believe that the suspect has committed, is committing, or is about to commit a crime. Probable cause must come from specific facts and circumstances, rather than simply from the officer’s hunch or suspicion.

    The Police Officer Has “Probable Cause” to Arrest

    When a police officer has a reasonable belief, based on facts and circumstances, that a person has committed or is about to commit a crime, the officer may arrest that person. This belief, known as “probable cause,” may arise from any number of different facts and circumstances. For example:

    A police officer receives a report of an armed robbery that has just occurred at a liquor store, then sees a man who matches the suspect’s exact description running down the street near the store. The officer detains and searches the man, finding a gun and a large amount of cash in his pockets. The officer can arrest the man, based on a probable cause belief that he committed a robbery. Tommy was in his own front yard. He was not a threat he committed no crimego back and read that I witness is statement they told him to get on the ground

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  8. matter of offices shooting is not being addressed.
    Tommy MCclain 22y was fatally shot by Eureka Police Department
    September 17th 2014
    This unfortunate occurrence hit the heart of the city. I respect law enforcement and Chief Mills they face difficult decisions protecting the general public and that takes courage.    Although when a senseless shooting happens due to an officer’s inability to rely on his training. The leaders of our city must have the courage to do what is morally right. When accepting responsibility there are no easy answers. But it’s necessary to exhibit personal accountability
    consequently or unconsequently the Eureka police department have done their very best not to speak on the fact. They present themselves in the best possible light. They have shown no concern to the victim’s family or to the people of Humboldt County also it’s just straight crazy to allow the law enforcement agency of Humbolt to call the shots  in an investigation of their own officers  senselessly  shooting civilians.  Sometimes standing against the wrong doing of law enforcement is more important than defeating it. The greatest heroes stand because it is right to do so, not because they believe they will walk away with their lives.
    We need someone that stands for justice to take a personal interest in this matter. And the courage to do what is right.

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