Is John Fullerton a liar?


Accountant for the rich, oppressor of Eureka’s working poor

John Fullerton has made it very clear that he hated Eureka’s Measure R minimum wage increase. He said that an increase MUST BE county wide, not just for the city of Eureka.

Fullerton in his own words:

“[The Fair Wage Folks] probably meant well but they made this measure too radical,” he says. “I’m not opposed to a minimum wage [increase] at all — I think minimum wage should be increased. There are right ways and there are wrong ways. Measure R is a wrong way.”

In fact, John Fullerton has put forward a plan for raising the minimum wage in Humboldt:


Measure R (the minimum wage increase measure for Eureka) is a job killer and must be defeated. Some people said “you can’t just say no, what is your plan” So the following is my plan for an increase that won’t cost jobs or cause a serious and sudden disruption to Eureka’s economy.

1) My plan would be for the whole county and not discriminate against any one city.

2) There would be TWO rates. The lower one would be California’s mandated

rate of $9 per hour. Our lower rate would be for the following groups:

– Workers under 21. This will help them get their first job in life.

– Tipped employees like waiters & waitresses. They make more from their tips than they do from their hourly wages.

– People in their first six months on the job. This helps employers during new employees training period when they’re getting up to speed and are not as productive as they will be later.

3) The higher rate would be for everyone else. To give the local economy and employers time to adjust & minimize disruptions it would be phased in as follows;

$ 10 per hour on January 1st, 2015

$ 11 per hour on January 1st, 2016

$ 12 per hour on January 1st, 2017

4) My plan would give employers credit for their cost of providing health insurance and retirement plans. This will greatly encourage employers to offer those plans and wouldn’t that benefit everybody ?


Well, ol’ Johnny boy is backing away from his proposed plan….not unexpectedly.   This is latest statement as it appeared in the comment section of the the North Coast Journal:


“It is a shame that Grant Scott Go-Forth is so perplexed as to why Measure R failed so badly. The answer is obvious to at least 62% of Eurekans. Measure R was an extreme Measure written by extremists with no business world experience.”

“All the other large cities, counties & states that passed minimum wage increases passed responsible increases that are phased in over time & not limited to small cities. It could happen in Humboldt County but not if the Occupy Eureka crowd are in charge.”

“Note to James Decker, you can kiss off any chance of any similar measure passing countywide unless you step aside and let moderates take over.”


This is not a surprise to us. In fact, when push comes to shove, Linda Alexander, John Fullerton, Matthew Owen, and the rest of the No on R bunch are going to back off of their promises to support a county wide wage increase. Why, you ask? Because they totally lied to defeat Measure R and they definitely don’t want workers to get paid more.

So we’re calling you out Alexander, Owen and Fullerton! You successfully killed measure R and prevented a much needed lift for Eureka’s working poor.

So now it’s on you, we all know you own 4 Supervisors, get them to take action on your plan, or show yourself to be the LSOS’s we know you are.


32 thoughts on “Is John Fullerton a liar?

  1. Will be interesting to see if Fullerton, Owen etc come through.

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  2. What a pathetic exercise in expressing a thought. Mr. Fullerton’s well-intended solution is twisted to merely deflect the failure in the original measure to meet the approval of a majority of voters.


    • norcalguy101:

      Two things to consider:

      First; Mr. Fullerton got upset when, the day after the election, the pro R folks didn’t want to talk to him. Putting aside his total fail at timing… did he honestly expect that after the campaign he chose to run that the progressives would just flock to him?

      Two; Mr. Fullerton has included a “poison pill” in his plan, a two tier wage system. I had hopes we had heard the last of Jim Crow after several generations but once again we are being asked to marginalize a portion of our population for no other reason than they being who they are.

      I don’t see progressives going for that (at least I hope not).

      I doubt Mr. Fullerton being sincere. However… I would love to be wrong and pleasantly surprised if he were.

      But if Mr. Fullerton does choose to go ahead with his plan he better expect to be deluged with the tactics against him precisely the same as those tactics he used against Measure R.

      I have a hard time thinking he will have the patience for it (he didn’t have much patience with those who disagreed with him in the blogs).

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  3. Well for one, JF knows about my employment status that I do. Let’s just say JF is kinda like a spagetthi cook. He is not adverse to throwing ideas off the wall and seeing what sticks.

    Maybe JF is a time traveler? I just don’t know.

    I think James, Zack, Verbena and Don should politely knock on the doors of those that feigned interest in increasing minimum wage and document their efforts. This is not a one time deal, it will be an ongoing policy battle that Humboldt’s workers need us to continue.

    JF’s policy recommendation has huge flaws, like as much as he’d like to reserve non-living wage jobs for the children of his constituents, this would not be constitutional. You can discriminate by age. Sorry. Also, what is up with #4? compensate for benefits? How does that work? Benefits are and expensive cost of doing business on top of wages, if we start giving credits for benefits, I can imagine the wage actually dropping below the state mandate.

    Please keep plugging away Fair Wage Folks. We need to continue to Occupy this economy and R was a valiant and worth while effort. As Mitch! has said, elections are largely popularity contests and we need to continue to demonstrate the insincerity and actual agenda of folks like Pacific Seafood, City Cab, JF and MO (I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing or understanding Linda Alexander’s mo).

    The agenda is simple. Keep as much of the profits going to the job creators. If costs of doing business such as paying a living wage have to be externalized to the tax payer – so be it.

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  4. Everything about this POS media rag, The Tulawat Examiner, is total BS. You are very good about being highly critical if not downright nasty of anyone that doesn’t subscribe to your thinking. And measure R was soundly defeated because the people that canTHINKand not just blindly follow saw right through the highly flawed and poorly constructed measure. But then again what would you expect from the bunch of losers that drafted it.

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  5. Well MOLA42……here is an idea. How about ALL of us in the community of Eureka get together in future months..and exchange ideas and perspectives…then we all find a consensus on a future County Living Wage proposal? And you should talk….the Measure R crowd was very rude to anyone that disagreed with THEM! I was attacked months ago on LOCO and here for simply having issues with the flaws in this initiative. All of the state and city minimum wage proposals that passed…….involved months of many people involved with the final consensus……Measure R was created by a small select few. But I doubt the “fair wage folks” have the patience to adopt their “dictatorial” style…… for a community/city consensus on this cause.

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    • There you go again Johnny Maniac. Always have to make a comment, don’t you? Lol.


    • Johnny Maniac:

      Speaking strictly for myself; if I were one of the folks that attacked you then I apologize. I only meant to be mean to just one anti-Measure R commentator and that was Mr. Fullerton himself.

      I was mean to him because he quite frankly used scare tactics and obfuscation to get his votes. Every time someone in the blogs pinned him down on the real effects of Measure R he squirmed away in a cloud of questionable numbers.

      As for future efforts… I would like to see a dialog about just what the next step shall be. If Mr. Fullerton is willing to be open and flexible about his proposal then we all have a chance to come up with something we can all live with.

      On that point I think we are in agreement.

      You have your doubts Mr. Maniac… understandable. I have mine. I doubt if the folks backing Mr. Fullerton against Measure R will be there for him on a county-wide minimum wage proposal.

      Again, I am not without optimism. I look forward to many pleasant surprises concerning this issue.

      But they will be surprises.

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  6. R was created to punish Walmart by the Occupier People and To Hell with anything else. Smarter voters than you understood this you so losers should have no complaints, Is there anything about this area that you clowns can be happy about. You and your supporters must live a very miserable life.

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    • So Walmart in town is doing very poorly. They haven’t cracked WinCo. There electronics department is a joke. They really do have difficulty sticking there floor. You only have a few people in there store at any time. (People that Mr. Fullerton despises.) I was in Costco the other day. They had lots and lots of warm clothing. All stacked nice. Made sense. November is upon us. They know what product people here want. I remember one time WalMart had a bunch of those floor fans, for like $20. Maybe trey sell well in the South, but here they are not needed. There food selection is awful. I predict they won’t stay. True if Measure R had passed they would have left. We don’t need that store here. It is a run-down flop.

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  7. Far be it from any local media source to point out that Fullerton’s “62% of Eurekans” is actually 62% of VOTERS, in effect, about 18% of the eligible voters and probably 10% of Eurekans.

    Lucky for Fullerton that his lies are repeated so often.

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  8. Johnny – when you have a measure to pass, you do have to be brusque. Both sides are just as forceful as MOLA points out, but we on the left are held to a higher standard.

    I’m sorry you were offended, but I hope you can understand that this is an adversarial system in the end. It’s what keeps us from coming to blows with one another and I’d be more wary of the folks that are being nice to you than those who aren’t.

    Anyway, JM. It’s your time now. What should we do? As someone who voted against R, but believes in a minimum wage higher than California’s for Humboldt county, you have all the cards. What should we do? What and when does that minimum wage look like to you?

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    • Well LJ….I doubt I “have all the cards”. I am 61 years young and work 2 jobs…one of which is a IHSS position with a disabled senior client. If I had my way…..a new County Wide Living Wage would FINALLY increase the measly $9 an hour wage that IHSS workers receive…the LOWEST in the State. I would be willing to attend meetings and brain storming sessions that work around my busy schedule and would be open to all peoples view point on this cause. I am not interested in “bumping heads” with Starr or Decker….I have discovered in past experiences that they are not exactly team players when it comes to issues that concern them. So I can only hope that some type of “movement” evolves in the County that will maintain civility and open minds, as we all work to bring this cause back on course.

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    • Bill Holmes was the only politically savvy person involved with the inner circle of Measure R. When he became ill and died It seemed like the campaign kind of fizzled out. It had been on a roll before that.
      Owens publicly linking Kim Starr (Verbana) to the Measure was the kiss of death.


      • It absolutely did suffer when Bill died because he was such a force and one of the four pillars of R. You can continue to propagate MO’s hate as much as you like, continuing the marginalization of others in the group of people smart enough to understand inequality, courageous enough to put themselves and their names out there, and passionate enough to continue after taking unfair hits in the media popularity contests. Bill was a gentle yet determined presence. He and his music was an important unifier and force. Verbena and James and later Zack all added their individual strengths (and weakness as we all have) to R.

        The fault in R was not on it’s proponents. Despite what Matthew wrote early, the climb was always high for R as it would be for a significant and real raise in worker’s salaries. The fact that the FWF were not ready for prime time based on what our society likes to see was not determinate in it’s loss.

        What was was a schism in the left where those for GMO bans are not willing to take a flier that their arugula will cost more at the COOP. – That or those on the left who have mutual funds and have their financial adviser and CNBC squak box in the back of their minds.

        Its just under 100 years of anti-Marxist, anti Soviet, anti-labor, talk speech and propaganda that leads smart and caring people on the left to continue to fund and support our dangerous and increasing wealth and income inequity.

        That’s my opinion others may vary.

        Note – I am not a Marxist, Communist, etc. but that narrative is still part of American DNA and it is being used against smart policy that would heaven-forbid look to European models of democracy.

        You know the ones, those that allow for $20+ hourly wages at McDonalds and significant annual time off.

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  9. Fullerton appears to be just a few more steak and martinis away from a ride in an ambulance. No wonder he’s mad.

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    • And, ironically enough… when he does get that ambulance ride he quite probably will be treated by someone earning minimum wage.

      “Irony is so… ironic.”

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    • At Mola – EMTs at City Ambulance make more than minimum wage. There is no “irony” here, only bemusement at you guys smearing someone because he is on the other side of an issue.

      Personal smears Jay, gotta love it. Just shows you have nothing but bitterness.


    • hm:

      I got that info from LJ who used to work for the company that owns the ambulances (from his blog).

      However, if I got it wrong I apologize.

      But irony can still be… so ironic.

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  10. JM – I think IHSS workers are an important part of this. There are legal considerations I’m sure with IHSS, but dispite your personal distain for Verbena and Decker, they were fighting for everyone that was politically feasible. They chose a route of going for a real chunk of change that is necessary instead of simply staying bearly ahead of cost of living adjustments.

    One way this could have been done politically is by focusing on employers of 25 more more. Even that couldn’t be sold with given the rights fear mongering. (yes, adding “killing, radical, and extreme” to every “argument” is fear mongering. That is not hyperbole.

    So I along with Verbena and James do hope you play the IHSS card. I know I speak for them appreciating your hard work and insufficient compensation.

    Don’t hold your breath to get anything near the $12 until much later. If we do follow in the path of those communities passing more fair minimum wages, I hope the rates and increase will be commensurate with those in cities like SF, but I wouldn’t count on it as JF and our conservative BOS will be the ones with 51% leverage around the tables of discussion. Unless of course, the FWF can find a way to propose a county measure.

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    • LJ……well San Jose was mentioned frequently during your campaign…and their increase was only to $10 an hour…but with yearly increase’s matching inflation. So in January the rate will be $10.30. I don’t live in some la la world thinking that Eureka or many small cities in Humboldt are anywhere near the wealth of the San Jose area. Again let me remind you…”It takes a Village”…meaning it is just not the “fair wage folks” with their demanding nature that can contribute toward an increase in living wages in our city/county. People like Fullerton or Matthew can also contribute toward the common good.


    • Johnny Maniac:

      I don’t think anyone is excluding dealing with Mr. Fullerton and Mr. Owen.

      They have the initiative and as the saying goes, “The ball is in their court.”

      Can Mr. Fullerton and Mr. Owen pull it off without the progressives? I don’t know. But I would like to see them make a real attempt at reaching out to their former opponents to shape a plan that will work for all.

      As I’ve said before… in any social setting no one gets everything they want. That means they listen to us, we listen to them and then come up with something that may not be pleasing to each individual but ultimately does the job for everyone.

      It means such things as Mr. Fullerton being able to deal with former opponents… no matter how much he may personally dislike them. It means the Measure R folks being able to deal with former opponents… no matter how much they may personally dislike them.

      This is because I believe when Mr. Fullerton does launch his own Minimum Wage campaign, he will find his former backers are not as enthusiastic for his cause as before and his former enemies being the ones willing to work for it.

      As for Measure R; it’s done, gone and buried. There’s no point for anyone (pro or anti) to rehash that issue anymore.

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  11. * I inadvertantly missed Don someone Bill(and I) happened to hold in very high regard in my list of FWF’s pillars.


  12. JM, “it takes a village” and “demanding nature of the FWF??? I hear some KINS indoctrination in those thoughts. Re: “I don’t live in some la la world thinking that Eureka or many small cities in Humboldt are anywhere near the wealth of the San Jose area.” Don’t forget that if too high, the few local companies that would have had to legitimately lower their wages could have by, heaven forbid, working with their employees.

    M42. Great reply and more generous than I could be after “it takes a village”. I disagree though and see no reason to bury R. It was and is now a proud part of Eureka’s history and I plan to learn a great deal from the work the FWF did in the weeks and months ahead.

    One of the questions is why are people like JM so eager to believe John Fullerton? Why not push our local job creators as hard as they push us for once? You know the drill if you’ve been employed with one – we just need you all to be a little more productive or accept this or that adjustment as we strive to be more productive.

    We have to get the truth of that productivity decoupling from wages around 1978 out there and $10. We should not accept tax payers to foot the bill for local employers who refuse to pay for “benefits” such as food or health coverage. I’m still waiting for John Fullerton to produce a budget for a family on a wage between 9 and 12 dollars. McDonalds tried this once, and it did not end well for them.

    JM, one last thing. You do realize that businesses down in San Jose used the same tactics No on Rers did here? How do you, I or John Fullerton know that $10 is the sweet spot and not $12? Are we really to take their word for it. Have they earned our trust? Or are we just so afraid of them closing shop, we are willing to take their word for it over people many in our community, let’s face it, simply don’t like.

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    • LJ:

      I only mention the bit about the late and lamented Measure R because… quite frankly it’s in the way.

      I don’t believe useful dialog will happen on any future Minimum Wage initiative while we are still rehashing each other’s sins concerning Measure R.

      It’s not that I’ve forgotten Mr. Fullerton and gang’s actions during the last election.

      But my own (and other’s) annoyance with Mr. Fullerton is not worth the cost it would cause in any future effort. And I would hope the anti-R’s will also stop fighting the last election and get on with it.

      It’s not that I thought Measure R was a bad attempt to correct a significant societal wrong… or that anything could be learned from it.

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    • Wow…you sound like such a parrot…have you no original thoughts left in your rants? YAWN…….you are so cliche, you make the left look sad..and me more Right.


    • Johhny Maniac 11:17:

      And you were just a few posts ago complaining about how people dissed you and made you feel sad. I even apologized if my behavior was a tiny bit too rough for you.

      And now you have the Snark out because you have nothing more to contribute but that. That’s just a tad hypocritical, don’t you think Mr. Maniac?

      Take me on point for point if you think your position is so unassailable. In what have I said that “parrots” anyone… in the sense that anything you have said has not already been said by others?

      And on the chance you were talking to LJ instead… what I just said still stands. Show him for the fool you take him for or learn to behave in polite society.

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  13. “EMTs at City Ambulance make more than minimum wage. ”

    Really? That wasn’t true when I worked there. When was the increase? I did hear that the DAR drivers got a substantial increase shortly after I left the cab division, This after a tiny bit of pressure from yours truely to unionize which probably didn’t even register on their radar, but R was known at the time to be on the ballot. Are you sure that R did not force Fred and Jaison to act proactively?

    What is the starting rate for EMTs now btw.

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  14. Thanks TE for your response. I was getting a bit sassy anyway…all good.


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