Landslides and Justice

homer yelling

The people that contribute to Examiner and the staff have been out talking to folks in Eureka to get their impressions of the Election and the campaign leading up to it.  Some things have become very clear. Natalie Arroyo’s performance at the KEET forum was a game changer for her campaign. The other thing that is now very clear is that Albin’s outrageous behavior had a major effect on the outcome of this election.  To be clear, Arroyo would have won anyway, but the horrible behavior and lack of apology may have changed her victory from an 8 point lead, to a staggering 24 point lead!

Joshua Fritz didn’t get the apology from Chet Albin that he was deserving of, but we think he can still feel somewhat justified by the crushing defeat of Chet Albin.  From Mr. Fritz’s letter:

“Then one individual marched toward me and called me profane names and said that they don’t need “people like me in their town,” and threatened to call the police to have me arrested. He got right up in my face and pulled out his phone to show he meant it.  As it turns out, the people setting up these tents during the Fair were all Eureka City Council Members. Chet Albin was the one who accosted me.   He continued to loudly call me names when Mike Newman came over to find out what the ruckus was about. He took Mr. Albin aside and went looking for an event coordinator to resolve the issue”

Was Albin’s behavior really so egregious…..yes and no.   Had Albin given a heartfelt apology publicly, and fallen on his sword, this would not have been such a huge campaign issue.  In fact, many people might have sympathized with a senior citizen who took too many pills and made a mistake in character.  But after being such an ass, he promised to apologize and then backed off of the deal.  Big mistake.

Unfortunately, it’s a mistake that the City of Eureka continues to do over and over, usually without consequence.  Recently, we’ve seen what appears to be the murder of a young man in his front yard by the Police and the savage beating of man in Police custody resulting in his subsequent death.  Has the City taken any responsibility or apologized for anything…????.

With leadership like Albin, and Mike Newman who also failed to apologize setting the tone of machismo for Eureka, this what we come to expect.

Congratulations to Natalie Arroyo!  Can we now start hoping for better behavior from Eureka officials?



5 thoughts on “Landslides and Justice

  1. Yes Chet’s behavior seems to have actually been noticed by people. All the extended and thorough coverage that the Times Std, Channel 3 and KINS gave to it must have made the difference !! Fair and Balanced missing again…..

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  2. The media tried to blackout the story but they couldn’t blackout word of mouth.

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  3. Natalie Arroyo was clearly the most competent to hold the position. Chet’s behavior just put extra nails in the coffin.

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  4. On Albin, I don’t think it was that incident in and of itself, but rather the implications of a person who couldn’t handle his meds and had no interest in cleaning up his act, eg. going (or professing to going) to “treatment”, the usual strategy. If he couldn’t handle his drugs and didn’t see a problem, people asked themselves, “What next?”. And since Albin bungled it, Arroyo was “next”.


  5. “Natalie Arroyo’s performance at the KEET forum was a game changer for her campaign.”

    Are you serious?

    10,000 eligible voters NEVER vote in Eureka. Only a hardcore minority of the minority of remaining voters are going to schedule themselves to watch the KEET “debate”, the only “debate” in this county, (zip).

    Nationally, 20% of households subscribe to newspapers, and
    If you took the time to watch the auctioneer, coroner, waitress, Realtor, insurance salesman, cop, etc, that run this county and its cities. their KEET “performances” are horrible. There’s not a single talented orator among them.

    The point is that our opponent’s average citizen-candidates outspend our average citizen-candidates in a system so corrupted by money, (nationwide), that it’s too uncomfortable for our institutions to inform us just how naked our “Kings and Queens” really are, exemplified by their 4 to 1 votes over the past generation, a record that Albin sought to be “On Board” with!

    Until local unions, democrats, Greens, students, and ?? finally decide to seriously canvass the majority of neglected and discarded potential voters, progressives will continue being excluded from local elected and appointed offices.

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