“10 Million Dollar Claim” The Full media blackout continues

On Election night, the Eureka City Council rejected the 10 million dollar wrongful death and civil rights violation claim put forward by the family of Daren Borges. Without public discussion.rejected

Where does that leave the citizens of Eureka? Holding the bag, so to speak. Here’s why…since 2010, just 4 years ago, Eureka (and their insurance agent REMIF) have spent over 1.5 million dollars a year average in legal costs and settlements.   Some of you might scoff at this number! But do the simple math yourself.

Martin Cotton II family was paid 4.5 million plus legal costs. Tawnie Hansen was paid in excess of 250 thousand dollars, plus legal costs. Police Chief Garr Nielsen and Sergeant Adam Laird were given large undisclosed amounts of money and cost the City in lawyer fees. These are just from the Police Department.

In the future, Eureka is facing the potential payment for the murder of Tommy McClain. They are facing potential payment for the wrongful death of Daren Borges. Apex drilling has a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the city. The families of several people killed in the unsafe intersections of Eureka are also suing! How long can the City of Eureka’s Insurance Carrier keep paying these huge claims before the bean counters pull the plug?

What does this “perfect” storm mean? It means that even with the passage of Measure Q and extra millions that it will bring in, the city will need even more than those revenues to cover its losses. That leaves the poorest Eurekans to have to pay and pay, indefinitely, for the misdeeds of the city.


20 thoughts on ““10 Million Dollar Claim” The Full media blackout continues

  1. This makes the local law firm Mitchell Brisso Delaney & Vrieze very wealthy. They have an exclusive No-Bid contract to prosecute all the city municipal ordinances. Remember they paid $11K just for a camping case? They also get all the outsourced litigation. I am told that Delaney did such a horrible job on the Martin Cotton case that was a major reason why the city lost. The city needs a real litigator and Cyndy Day Wilson is not. The Tuluwat ought to find out how much they have paid in outside fees. The McClain case will make Cotton look like Small Claims!

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    • Noamount.ofmoneywillbringTommybacktouswewantjusticewewantanswer,wewantsomekindofacknowledgementshowing the dailyshowing the daily remorsemonemoney can’t buy thatand that’s really what we want

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  2. Hey, I know: let’s just keep electing/hiring the same people and expect a different outcome!

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  3. So much turmoil at the cop shop, makes the firemen all look like choir boys. Measure Q money better be watched more carefully than Measure O money.

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    • That’s not going to happen. This time they set the bar really low and were completely upfront about using it for the zoo and general fund items


    • Agreed Joe. There’s nothing stopping the City from even worse management of the money. Measure Q passed without any real public opposition.

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  4. Will any changes be made at the PD? Highly unlikely. The lack of accountability, transparency, and good practices make it a sure bet that taxpayers will be paying for more misdeeds.

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  5. The change will be when Chief Mills gets hired as the COP of Ferguson, MO!

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  6. “the darkest hour is just before the dawn”
    –Thomas Fuller

    Of course, we’ve gone from Bush to Obama to Jeb or HELLary so that still doesn’t answer the question, just how [expletive] dark does it have to get before people actually collectively *do* something? And kicking back, going to the polls, and picking between two go along-get along sockpuppets is not *doing* diddly.


  7. Given how outrageous the Cotton case was, a mere $4.5 million might well be considered a victory…and the lack of any lasting reform–Garr Nielsen didn’t last long–a second victory…


  8. The question is will Natalie be a leader and stand up and say something whether she has the votes or not. So far, I haven’t seen her take a firm stand on anything other than the “Fair Wage Act”. I suppose we will know in a couple months.

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    • You have at least one candidate new to the council. You have at least two others- Ciarabellini and Atkins- in with her. Why all the screaming?

      Never mind that you’re quibbling over the usual filing of lawsuits directed against any city when anything goes wrong.


    • “Never mind that you’re quibbling over the usual filing of lawsuits directed against any city when anything goes wrong.”

      2 men are dead after contact with the police that we know of this year. One family is suing. Your comment is at the very least callous, but could even be considered cruel.


  9. First place prop z money will go…air traffic developement.
    this is public safety?
    To all the people who voted yes, you were warned. That $6million will be divvied up and given to pet projects all over the place and the crime stats will continue to rise. No matter how many deputies or officers are on the streets, with no coherent policies for dealing with addicts and homeless Eureka will remain a pit and the county beyond aswamp of despair.

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  10. Why are Channel 3, LoCO, The Journal and the Times Standard completely silent on this? This is big story no matter what Fred says. The City could go bankupt.

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  11. Why aren’t they being fired why does this continue to happen in Eurekahow come Some things not being done would the citizens rather keep paying money out.
    I dont think that people o humblt would.
    The EPD are sitting prettygetting to keep their job and not paying for killing citizensI got the taxpayers to do that for themsure the police have no complaints would you


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