Onward “Local Government” Christian Soldiers


Holy Redeemer Christian Church of God and Five-O

We value to right for people to worship whatever higher being they believe in as well as not having to participate in religious activities someone doesn’t believe in. That is what has been so troubling about the tenor of Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills. Very early in his tenure, the Examiner was given notice that Mills was leading a Christian prayer breakfast during work hours, and encouraging Eureka Police Officers to attend (even if they were on duty).


The prayer lawsuit against Mayor Jager was mysteriously settled after the City lost a battle to keep Chief Mills from being deposed about his role in religious activity on duty.

Recently, we were informed that during the Sergeants promotional testing at the Police Department a citizen on an oral board asked what church they attended.   Really? I’m sure that question was just an ad lib extra put forward by the citizen, but that goes to show who Chief Mills chose to evaluate the candidates.

Which makes the seemingly innocuous announcement in the Times-Standard all the more revealing about the direction of EPD:

“The third annual Men of Action Conference will be Nov. 14 and 15 at First Covenant Church, Carson and J streets in Eureka. The Nov. 14 event starts at 6 p.m. and the next day’s activities get underway at 9 a.m.

This year’s theme is “Courageous” encouraging the men of Humboldt County to be “men of courage.” The keynote speaker on Nov. 14 will be Tom Thompson, founder and director of Men of Action, and on Nov. 15 it will be Eureka Police Chief Andrew Mills…..

Wives are welcome to come to the Saturday breakfast and service; (but not on Sunday!)”

Chief Mills has encouraged Officers to attend Christian events on duty. He has stacked his promotional oral board evaluators with people who think that attending church is a prerequisite for promotion. Now he is being featured as a keynote speaker at an all male Christian group. The question is…has he encouraged EPD officers to attend this meeting? His past history would lead us to guess that he has.

Obviously, there is a strong Christian influence in local government, and many citizens don’t see that as a bad thing. However, would these same people be supportive if Chief Mills was a Muslim and encouraged his officers to attend Islamic events? How about if EPD oral boards asked which Jewish temple applicants attended? There would be protests in the street, without a doubt.

Then there’s Rex Bohn’s pitiful effort to put “in god we trust” in the Court House.

That leaves us with a pretty clear picture of what the Supervisors and Eureka government are all about. Promoting Jesus and property rights, and not giving a damn about people’s civil rights.


7 thoughts on “Onward “Local Government” Christian Soldiers

  1. Wonder if it was Newman on that panel. Bankrupt, divorced, supporter of the Chamber of Commerce….sounds just like the typical hypocrites that wear religion on their sleeve.

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  2. E Pluribus Unum (our Nation’s REAL motto until the Red Scare unhinged everybody).

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  3. Mills maybe should reflect that another thing Eureka is famous for is sheltering genocidal dictator Rios Montt in the Lighthouse born again evangelical organization when he was out of power.
    He later went back to murdering thousands of Mayans after that rest, incorporating evangelisms in his bloody ‘work’, murdering, disappearing and displacing hundreds of thousands of Mayans in the Civil War that pitted the non-indigenous powerful land owning minority against the feared uprising of the native Mayans….communism and Born Again featured in the philosophies expressed during it, aided and abetted by right wing political groups and their church affinity groups.

    He was convicted of genocide, since overturned….to be retried in 2015.

    ‘ During a meeting with Ríos Montt on December 4, Reagan declared: “President Ríos Montt is a man of great personal integrity and commitment. … I know he wants to improve the quality of life for all Guatemalans and to promote social justice.”[23][24]’..from wiki: Rios Montt.

    He was among us, and not forgotten.



    Worried about ISIS beheading some people?

    Read here about Reagan’s, Falwell’s, Robertson’s buddy’s soldiers beheading Mayan villagers and playing soccer with their heads, in the name of anticommunism and the Word of God and Global Outreach.


    much more here:


    deeper writings about the genocide



    a longer genocide paper



    a poignant comment maybe from the same person as the loco article..maybe an issue, Firpo has resigned the Freed case and her job and joined private practice.

    This is the first I have seen of this issue and Father Freed’s work on it.


    This is perhaps a poignant other fact:

    wiki: ‘Ríos Montt’s brother Mario Enrique Ríos Montt is a Catholic bishop, and in 1998 succeeded the assassinated Bishop Juan Gerardi as head of the human rights commission uncovering the truth of the disappearances associated with the military and his brother.’

    Myryna Mackhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrna_Mack

    Myrna Mack was a Guatamalan anthropologists murdered after investigating and writing about this issue. She was assassinated by a School of the America’s trained death squad in the street in Guatamala in 1990.
    She was stabbed 27 times. Her younger sister then became an activist and got the murderer arrested and sentenced.

    The radio is playing ‘Gimme Shelter’ as I write this…

    …..now they are playing the ‘Sounds of Silence’.

    RIP Father Freed and Myrna Mack Chang.


  4. Are there no “Women of Courage” in the Eureka police dept? I dont live in Eureka, and I dont know if there are or not. But if there are not there should be and THAT is the next thing I’d like to read about here.
    I value this site as an interesting and civil forum.


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