Already Vote yes on Measure Q? This should give you voters remorse

We thought LoCO make this shit up, but no, this is for real!

Measure O money wasted on this drivel

A City of Eureka employee was actually paid to write this fictional story, unbelievable!  (thanks Lost Coast Outpost):

“A mom walks into a grocery store carrying her child. Her arm is sore and she sits him down in the shopping cart she just pulled from the rack of carts just outside the store. Starting to shop she puts fruit, vegetables, and other various products into the cart, while moms [sic] not looking the child starts to lick the cart. As she turns around to see what the child is doing she insists he stop putting his mouth on the cart as there are germs etc.

For further information, please call police officer Eddie Wilson who is the Shopping Cart Czar with problems, complaints and suggestions. He can be reached at (707) 441-4060.

Several murders, crime is rampant, EPD has killed a young man….and this drivel is what your tax dollars are paying for. SAVE your $, Vote no on Measure Q.


5 thoughts on “Already Vote yes on Measure Q? This should give you voters remorse

  1. That’s just plain bizarre. Protecting babies from contracting diseases off of shopping carts is EPD’s major priority? I shouldn’t be shocked…but I am.

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  2. I could call all of this “Kafkaesque” but I’m pretty sure this is too weird even for Franz Kafka.

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