“I cannot in good conscience…………..”

justice for tommyA letter in the Northcoast Journal was brought to our attention and it hit on so many good points we wanted to put it up here. Not only does it hit on what many in the community are feeling about the Murder of Tommy McClain, it also ties in the fact that Eureka is being asked to extend an already misappropriated tax to fund public safety.

Thank you for expressing your opinion Mr. DeAndreis:

My trust in Eureka Police Department has been severely damaged by the shooting death of the young man Tommy McClain (“Unanswered,” Oct. 9). It was tragic because it seemed so unnecessary. All the decisions that led to his death need a serious, unbiased review. Only a civil suit against EPD (if there is one) will in my mind provide an honest account of what happened. Every material action except McClain’s apparent decision “to go for the gun” was made by EPD. However, EPD’s facts around that claim have serious credibility problems. Did McClain receive contradictory orders (“drop the gun” versus “keep your hands up”)? Did he have a hearing disability? I am not as sanguine about the tragic incident as EPD Chief Mills. EPD’s conclusion that the shooting was justified cannot be trusted.

The upshot is that I cannot in good conscience support Measure Q. For Tommy McClain’s sake, I cannot appear to give an endorsement of EPD’s actions by voting for Measure Q.

Peter DeAndreis, Eureka

The Examiner staff couldn’t agree more. Vote no on Q



6 thoughts on ““I cannot in good conscience…………..”

  1. That Q twist at the end was a surprise. But I’ll admit it’s a really good argument to oppose it.

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  2. Well stated position and reasoning for voting no on Measure Q.

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  3. Voting for Measure Q would exactly be “endorsing” all the bad behavior of the Police and the City Council. Don’t do it.

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  4. If officer Mills could and certainly he can answer questions regarding the factsand assumptions are. not facts. myself I would most likely do what is best and vote but if officer Mills is not concerned about the best interest of the citizens of this town then how
    could we as citizens start to think that Mills is conserd about our safety


  5. I realy dont see any justice even in a civil suitit’s the taxpayers money that’s going to have to pay any money rewardedso humble County you’re as much as a victim as tommy was


  6. This is in reply to the letter above. Yes Tommy was getting conflicting stories that night but it wasn’t about dropping any weapon. He had different officersyelling commands at him, either to come forward with his hand’s up, or to stop and get on the ground, he did have a hearing disability, not that he could not hear but that it sounded muffled, all Tommy keat saying was i don’t know why your doing this, what did I do, why are you doing this to me??? When the officer Linfoot came around front from the alley where he was set up waiting just if someone came running through the back he would be ready, he also began yelling commands to Tommy, now I’m not sure about you, but when I have a weapon pointed at me for no appearant reason I know of, my head will begin to kick into overdrive, thinking what the hell do I do…well he didn’t have one but several weapons pointed at him and then Linfoot said to get on the ground. Well if you establish contact between a suspect and Officer don’t you think that the threat is basically through by that time? Well not Linfoot, who has x amount of years on a force. Well after he commanded Tommy to get down Tommy lowered his hands to do so. It was then fear took over this officer and he felt threatened, because he lowered his arms to go to the ground. The threat must have been so intense that this officer of the law feared for his life and other officers because that’s when he decided to unload half of his clip which hold’s 15 rounds. 7 rounds were spent, now this is an officer who I’m sure goes to the firing range now and again, because of policy, and he hit my nephew Tommy only 4 of those 7 rounds, and mind you 2 of the 4 were while my nephew was already down, but “he was still moving” Linfoot says, so the fear was still present, and so did the threat, so he popped 2 more rounds into my then still living nephew Tommy. Then they placed hand cuffs on him. My othere nephew who was upstairs when he heard gunshots in his front yard came out behind his wife. When he ran toward Tommy he yelled at the officers to get Tommy up off the ground that’s when 3 officers taxed him and placed him in handcuffs, he told me when they were doing that, he watched as the police drug Tommy further away from him, he was booked for resisting arrest, later dropped and released, go figure. By the time he got out, Tommy was already at the hospital, and no longer with us. They had Tommys bed where he laid surrounded by officer so no one not even family could get near him. They knew what they were doing, they made sure to get a warrant to return to the house where Tommy was shot, warrant stated locate firearm, which wasn’t the only thing they wanted, they found a replica bb gun, with no clip, which was the first thing Mills showed the public almost 2 weeks after retrieving it from INSIDE the home because he had a bb gun sent to “forensics”….A bb gun. They also took a number if items that belonged to Tommy, a laptop, a tablet, xbox and a number of other little things, my guess, was to do their own background check on this unknown 22 yr old male they decided to murder. THey must have found quite a bit because they still holding on to it till this Monday because now the trial is over so we can have back what was Tommys, they had no warrant to get into those items, those items weren’t from a robbery or theft, and they had nothing to do with what happened earlier the night before, but they were Tommys. He bought those things himself I, he had a full time job roofing, he had no criminal background and wasn’t a trouble maker. He decided he wanted a change in his life so he decided to move to Eureka with his older cousin. The change was really looking good for him, he was really uplifted, having fun and making money!. EPD decided that happiness wasn’t for everyone to pursue, which every Red Blooded American has the right to pursue. Well as I’ve always been told….this is a really hard thing to get over not just for me being his uncle, not for his Father which he was the only boy my brother had and Tommy was the last of my brothers line of McClains. Not just for his mother because it was her first born, but for every person Tommy has ever made contact with, he was so happy, made others laugh all the time, and was just pleasant to have around. We all Love him very much, we’ll all continue to miss him, but who ever has met Tommy, they will NEVER FORGET TOMMY MCCLAIN!!!! We got a partial win but that was just to keep the lawsuit from going to the appellate court, his parents received the same amount the judge wanted them to take weeks prior when the parents attorneys were told by the judge to reconsider because he didn’t see the case winning at trial, now if that’s not bias relaying to a real messege to attorneys who figured to listen instead of stepping up their presenting arguments. The parents don’t care about the money, NO AMOUNT that will bring Tommy or any others that EPD use for target practice, it’s the principle.EPD SHOULD HAVE BEEN FULLY NEGLIGENT, THEY SHOULD HAVE HAD WRONGFUL DEATH, VIOLATION OF RIGHTS, COLOR OF THE LAW VIOLATIONS, EXCESSIVE FORCE AND NUMEROUS OTHERS BUT NO, the jury only settles for negligence, and finds Tommy half at fault, even after everything, so the parents get what was offered weeks earlier before trial, they not only get to do nothing more about the matter, and have to wait and see what happens to Linfoot after his very memorable testamony, and Eureka drops a couple bucks and sweep it under the rug so no one finds out that their police continue taking people out of the living world. It isn’t just Tommy that this is happening to, there’s othere that EPD justify’s killing sort of the same way, when the top of the chain supports the bottom then the bottom never drags on the ground for to long before it’s carried, and the judges are the ones supporting the bottom of the EPD chain. We need someone to step in there and put that chain to the stress test, that way all the weak links get changed out for new better links! Thank you for reading and supportingy family!!!
    Thank you very much
    His Uncle



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