Ryan Sundberg’s re-election must have gone to his head

How dare that recently reelected Supervisor Ryan Sundberg! He actually thought that he had a mandate sundbergfrom the voters to lead the community forward. We guess that being comfortably reelected he must have assumed he was supposed to start showing some leadership qualities.

(From the Mad River Union) Deciding on a new appointment to the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee (McKMAC), Supervisor Ryan Sundberg has said he is “striving for balance to ensure the committee’s recommendations have credibility.” Sundberg went on to say “Kalt represents land use viewpoints that have become politically marginalized due to recent election trends”. But Sundberg said her involvement in the committee will strengthen it. “I want to try and balance that board out and have a wide array of opinions and thoughts on it,” he continued. “I want to have a strong Municipal Advisory Committee so when we get an opinion from them, we know it’s got a wide range of views and it’s something to take seriously.”

This all sounded well reasoned and what you would expect your Supervisor to do. Increase diverse thought so that what flows from the McKMAC reflects the community has a whole and not just a small segment. Wrong! He was put into office by people who only want their view point to move forward. They make no bones about. Dennis Mayo is a more visible example of this power group that exerts so much influence over Sundberg and 4 of 5 Supervisors in office.

It isn’t so much Jennifer Kalt’s ideas they find revolting (and they do find them very upsetting), it’s her effectiveness that scares them the most. Kalt seriously does her homework (She is a scientist as her vocation). She always has her facts straight and can pull up statistics and documents to back everything she asserts. That’s what scares the Ulansey and Mayo types to death.

So Sundberg had the right idea, he just didn’t have the courage to back it up.



11 thoughts on “Ryan Sundberg’s re-election must have gone to his head

  1. Actually Kalt was “non-rehired” by the Forest Service for shoddy fieldwork and record keeping. Just sayin….


    • That doesn’t sound like the Jen Kalt I know and have worked with. She takes meticulous notes and documents everything. Maybe her refusal to “go along to get along” was the problem.


  2. I don’t know her but I see her on TV testifying in front the Supervisors. It’s McMAK’s loss. Ryan you need to put on your big boy pants.

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  3. Does this really surprise you? Furtado and the Millers own little Ryan. What happen to Susan Masten on the Planning Commish?


    • Masten finally quit after racking up the single worst attendance record in Commission history. She showed up at less than 35% of the meetings. She was an embarrassment.


  4. Too bad Ryan couldn’t have Eureka’s Mike Newman “un-appoint” Kalt for him. Newman did such a fine job un-appointing Stillman from the NRCA on behalf of Eureka’s mayor Jager that appointed her.

    Corrupt to the core.

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  5. Furtado buys land from the Millers who is Ryans Grandpa.


  6. He hasn’t had an original thought since — oh, yeah, ever!!


  7. Does anyone believe for one second that Ben Shepherd supported her? He speaks untruths…


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