and the winner is……………………….the status quo

The debate for the contested Eureka City Council positions was televised on KEET last night.

Natalie Arroyo clearly out shined them all. She looked good, spoke well and she was very prepared. That said, over all, we were pretty discouraged and unimpressed. There were differences between the candidates, but it would be a stretch to say that any of the candidates painted a clear picture of why Eureka would be a better city with them on the Council.

The part that is so particularly upsetting, there was only one question which even touched on the murder of Tommy McClain. A caller asked if the candidates supported a civilian review board, given the recent officer involved shooting. That was it. The answers were even more disturbing. Newman, Albin and Bergel spoke about how impressed they were with Chief Mills handling of the killing. WTF?

Arroyo didn’t comment about the shooting. Newman equivocated and Albin and Arroyo spoke in favor of “possibly” having a review board. In the stunner of the evening Kim Bergel said in effect, things were fine as they are, and I don’t support a review board. Again WTF?

What was lost in this “political circus” was that a young man was murdered in his front yard by the police. Questions still linger. What is known points to this killing as not only unjustified, but completely preventable. On top of that, Chief Mills is promoting Stephens, the Sergeant in charge, who was responsible for orchestrating the fiasco that wound up with Tommy McClain dying!!

Where is the outrage? Where are the questions? The local media hasn’t stepped up and apparently the Eureka politicians are afraid or don’t see fit to ask the tough questions.

Despite Bergels pitiful performance last night, we know she’s better than that, and we could never support Newman. Albin did well in the discussion last night, but Arroyo is the best hope for Eureka.

Eureka is a dangerous place. Even more dangerous now that no one in power or potentially in power seems to care about the senseless murder of a young man standing in his front yard. A young man who had been celebrating with his family and was contacted by police even though no one had called them.


5 thoughts on “and the winner is……………………….the status quo

  1. I watched the debates and I was pretty disappointed all the way around. On top of the lackluster performances, none of them seemed to have any real plans for the potential of Measure Q not passing! Talk about heads in the sand….

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  2. Albin had the best answers when interviewed for this seat. Of course, the answers were the opposite of his views expressed on his Facebook page before the info was deleted and everyone found out his politics lean toward the Tea Party. He’s registered as a Democrat. How would you ever trust what he says????? What has he done since he’s been in? Push for cruise ships and the east/west railroad. What a waste of a council seat.

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  3. IT seems, that in Eureka, things remain the same. The names may change but the city remains pretty much on it’s same old path. Doesn’t anyone call a spade a spade. Keep your head down and do what the paid help tells you. Sad.

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  4. As long as 16% of the eligible electorate determines the winner, what choice do they have but to try to appeal to both sides to win? It’s the same nationally.

    These are average citizens running our county and towns.

    At least Natalie and Kim’s campaigns are not being funded by the usual right wing bigs.

    For this, they got my vote.

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