Tax Measures and the hypocritical conservative double standard.

These signs recently appeared around the Fortuna area

These signs recently appeared in the Fortuna area

The Times-Standard recently featured a letter from the very conservative and Local Tea Party member Fred Nelson. In his letter, Fred rails against the potential sales tax increase for the county, Measure Z:

“Measure Z is a one half cent sales tax proposed by the Humboldt County for the purpose of maintaining and improving public safety and essential services. The impartial analysis of “Z” states that the sales tax is a general tax and the money can be used for “any legal governmental purpose.” Supposedly an “oversight committee” will be appointed. They have no authority and can only make suggestions.”

In his letter, he attacks Measure Z because of the lack of accountability and the failure of the County to take a hard look at the budget to make cuts in areas that could be cut. Those arguments are totally understandable and those are very valid questions.

The Examiner asks why these same misgivings the conservatives have don’t apply to Eureka’s Measure Q? However, this conservative Eureka resident wrote very little about Eureka’s sales tax extension, Measure Q: “Eureka wants to extend the 1 half-cent sales tax for another five years.”

Really? That’s all you and the local Tea Party have to say Fred? You won’t even comment on whether you support Measure Q. You don’t even comment that Measure Q has been handled in the exact same way that you fear Measure Z will be!   The Examiner isn’t surprised. Local conservatives, especially in Eureka, want to see Measure Q pass. The reason is simple…The Tea Party has one of it’s own, Chet Albin, on the inside, making sure the tax benefits them and their buddies. On top of that, it doesn’t hurt their bottom line because it is a regressive tax that disproportionately effects lower income residents. Local conservatives like the Zoo, support the Chamber of Commerce and Eureka Main Street, and really love having their developed properties given infrastructure at no cost to them (just the taxpayer).

The Eureka conservative mantra is pretty simple. Measure R wage increase…..NO. If we could pay you less now, we would! Measure Q……YES! Taxes are good when they are taken mostly from the poor and benefit the well off!

Humboldt County’s Measure Z which is constructed just like Eureka’s Measure Q. but they don’t like it.

Apparently they haven’t figured how they’ll make a buck off of it, yet.


3 thoughts on “Tax Measures and the hypocritical conservative double standard.

  1. But that’s different! Flimsy bullsh*t reason to follow……

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  2. A real conservative would use both sides of the toilet paper. But how many of them actually do? Nuff said.


  3. “Taxes are good when they are taken mostly from the poor and benefit the well off!”

    Wow. You hit the nail on the head. Sad.

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